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I really did think I would open this page and not have a clue what to write... as its honestly been so so long. Over 2 years in fact! And you might be thinking, why now? Why start blogging again now? Well, in actual fact I am not really sure where the spark for it has come from but I just know its back! 

Over the last 2 years an awful lot of exciting things have happened, and of course there has been some not very good things going on too, but why would I want to bring any of that up on here? So I am going to start this post by doing a roundup of all of the goings on of the last couple of years. The last blog post I brought to you was in Summer 2017 so we are going to work forward from there... 

Autumn/Winter 2017: So, lets start with Nuremberg in the October. Simon took us on a little trip which was a birthday present to me and it was a complete and total surprise where we were going, and I never in a million years would have guessed Nuremberg, it had never really been a place at the top of my list to visit but my gosh it was such a shock and such a lovely surprise all at the same time. The thing about Simon is... he does not do anything predictable, and if people can guess what hes going to do and when hes going to do it - then he wont do it. Me and Simon are truly obsessed with city breaks and thats no secret, you should see our schedules whenever we go anywhere - we literally have every single minute planned from the moment we open our eyes in the morning to the moment we go to sleep at night! We truly cram every single thing we can into everywhere we go! So Nuremberg was no different of course! We had every single day planned, and Sunday October 14th was no different. We got up, got ready, and headed out for breakfast to a little cafe in the market square and then planned to walk up to the castle for the rest of the morning for a look around. We got to the castle, and of course it had a tall tower that OF COURSE I wanted to go up so that we could see views over the entire city... but you had to pay. I suggested this to Simon and he started acting really strange about going up the tower - which I thought was really odd because as I said previously, we LOVE to experience everything that there is to do in a place. I managed to persuade him anyway, so we went up and had a wander around and we kind of didn't really walk around together - we just did our own thing. And then we came down from the tower and started to head out of the castle grounds and back down into the main town centre. Simon then suggested we go up these steps to look over the city from that section of the city - to which I obviously said "yeah ok then". There was already an older couple standing at the part where we were heading to look out over the city - so we just slowly walked towards them and they headed off. Simon and I, being our true silly selves were having alsorts of strange conversations whilst standing overlooking the city, and the last one that sticks in my mind was about water slides (very random I know), Simon went into his bag to get something and I asked if he could put my cardigan in there because it was SO warm that day, he started rummaging in his bag for way longer than required, but we were still having our daft conversation about water slides (HA) and then bam, the next thing I knew is that he was down on one knee (in the mud bless him) asking me to marry him?!? Of course I said Yes! And he presented me with the most beautiful engagement ring I could have ever wished for (better than the ones I imagined in my head for years and years)! So yes, October 14th 2017 was the day I gained a Fiance! And then suddenly our conversations changed to that of weddings and marriage! One question literally meant that suddenly it was now ok for us to talk about it, instead of feeling like weddings were a complete taboo subject.

 I want to go into Weddings SO much more on my blog now that this is a whole other topic we can discuss on here. So I will save all of the details around things I have chosen and people we have chosen for certain roles in a later post! Because honestly, there is SO much I want to share. 

2018: So much exciting stuff happened in 2018! We kicked off the year with our engagement party with all of our amazing friends and family. Then just a few short days after this we headed off to Budapest with a group of friends where I honestly just fell head over heels for the city itself, we managed to do so many amazing things whilst we were there and that's why I chose to go back there for my hen doo - which is happening in 2020 also!!

We also went on lots of family trips in the Summer of 2018 - lodge weekends, camping in Cornwall and many more! 
I also got outdoors A LOT more this year! We did a few hikes in the Lake District including Grisedale Pike, Catbells and Blencathra! I absolutely loved doing every single one, even if I spent a lot of the time moaning about how hard they were - for one reasons or another! 
I headed off on a couple of end of Summer holidays - one was to Ibiza with my bestest friends and one was to Turkey with Simon! They were both absolutely amazing! 

The beginning of September began with a brand new house, and this time - it was our own! And we could do whatever we wanted to it! We bought our 3 bedroom detached house with a big garden - and it was just exactly what we both wanted in every single way! This meant that we spent the remainder of 2018 settling into our new home and started decorating the rooms we wanted to focus on first. I want to also write about lots more home related things here on my blog too - because I have already learnt so much since purchasing our home and we have loved every single second of putting our own stamp on it so far! 

In the Autumn/Winter of 2018 I also went on a couple more trips. One to Berlin with Simon which was absolutely amazing once again - and we crammed SO MUCH sightseeing and amazing German food into just one weekend - it was great! And then I went on my annual girls trip to London which was as amazing as always!

Finally, just one day after coming home from London we went and collected our 12 week old miniature Dachshund, Otto. Any of you OG's who have been around reading my blogposts for a long time will know that I have FOREVER been obsessed with sausage dogs and I have always said that the moment it was possible for me to get one - I would! So therefore when we moved into our own home, I literally started looking for a puppy straight away! I found the most amazing, loving, caring breeder who's lovely dachshund had just had 6 beautiful boy puppies and I got 2nd pick of the bunch, but there was just something about this little black and cream dapple that I was so drawn to I just knew he needed to be mine! He was so so content when I held him for the first time and just fell asleep in my hands - I knew he was absolutely the right one! So at the end of 2018 we spent the majority of our time trying to get used to life with a puppy whilst also getting ready for christmas! It was soooo hard but suddenly everything just clicked and we found a routine that worked for us! I will 100% be posting more about him on my blog, and what life was like with a puppy who was EXTREMELY hard to train. I feel like them tips need to be shared!!!

2019: This year started off a little slower than 2018 but still good all the same! 
One of my besties got engaged and asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding in 2021, which is super exciting! After all the madness of my own wedding in 2020 it means that it can all continue into 2021 which I am sooo excited about!! 

This year has appeared to be the year of camping! Me and Simon have put our tent up more times this year than I would care to count! Its been so good being more outdoorsy though and seeing lots more places right here in the UK with our sausage dog! Its been great and definitely something I want to continue going into 2020 and beyond. 

This Summer we also spent a week in Tenerife with my amazing family to celebrate one of my brothers turning 18! It was honestly such an amazing, fun trip with my favourite people ever!!

I then finished off the Summer by going to Creamfields festival for the millionth time! I swear it gets better and better every single time though! Already super excited for 2020!

Finally, here we are at the very end of 2019 and I have finished off this year by going to Edinburgh for the annual girls trip, a lodge weekend in Lincolnshire with my best friends and lots of plans for the festivities coming up over the next couple of weeks!! 


Hope you all enjoyed to read my roundup of the last couple of years! I hope it has kind of set the scene for what kind of content I intend on bringing to my blog in the future - alongside some of the stuff I used to bring you - pre blogging break! 

So yes, stay tuned for lots more things ; bridal, wedding planning, honeymoon planning, hen planning, puppy training, tips for becomming a dog owner, home and house related posts, nursing posts, beauty and fashion! 

A lot has changed in my life over the last couple of years and I really want that to reflect on the content I bring you here on my blog! My instagram is still absolutely jam packed full of outfit posts and lots of other things I have been enjoying recently to be sure to check that out here. If you have any queries about collaboration or anything else then my email is on my contact page! 



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