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I definitely think food reviews are some of my favourite things to ever do for my blog! I love nothing more than being invited to sample incredible restaurants and write about them here on my blog! OH and of course, bring my fellow foodie (and boyfriend) along too! I also love them even more when they are situated in Sheffield! I feel as though, I really have grown to love Sheffield so much over the last 2 years of living here, but in particular I have grown extremely fond of it over the last month or so, and I think that's because I have been trekking into the city much more frequently and it has made me miss it so much!

In case you did not know, I now do not live in Sheffield anymore. I in fact like in Chesterfield which is roughly a 10 minute drive from Sheffield but still sometimes feels so so far away when you never really have any reason to head into the city centre. I come to Sheffield almost every single day for work, but that is always at silly o'clock in the morning and I drive around the ring round on the outskirts of the city, and so therefore this means I never really truly feel I am in Sheffield. Recently though, I have been heading into the city centre much more often and whether this has been for social things like drinks with friends, or for blogger opportunities like reviewing menus or what not - I have really fallen head over heels in love with the city all over again, and it really has made me realise just how many incredible places to eat and drink there are in Sheffield!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about the Botanist in Sheffield which is situated in Leopold Square, which I would probably say is my favourite place to go for food and drinks on an evening in the city centre. The Botanist as I am sure you are all very well aware, is a very popular cocktail bar but also has an incredible restaurant as well. I had the opportunity to head over and check out their newly launched menu of both food and cocktails - and WOW, was it incredible?!

Firstly I though I would just mention the general d├ęcor of the Sheffield, Botanist! It really is something else! The restaurant is situated on the top floor of the building and what they have done with the space is just incredible! In fact, I think the botanist just suits the authentic features of this building to a tee, and I am not entirely sure that anything else would quite fit the bill like it!

Next, the cocktails. Obviously I was super excited about trying these - because essentially this was why I was invited along in the first place!! I had seen some images on other peoples instagrams of the new cocktails and so I was super excited to try them out! The new cocktails are a section of the menu called 'pots and planters' because essentially all of them come in pots and planters, very botanical ey?! Not only that, but presentation really is key here, as the cocktails also come with dry ice which makes them look even more cool! Everyone loves getting that instagram snap or boomerang of an aesthetically pleasing cocktail right? The botanist is just ticking all the boxes yet again with their new cocktails. Also, another pretty important factor is that they also taste A-MAZING! I tried the peach and apple pot and the pimms tea cup, and both of these were literally incredible! The pimms tea cup arrived in a tea pot and a cup, and the peach and apple pot was the show stopper for me, a orange plant pot filled with beautiful tasting cocktail, herbal garnish and dry ice! I mean, just look at the snaps to see how good it looked! And I'll be honest, it tasted INCREDIBLE TOO!

Even if you decide to head to the botanist and you aren't a cocktail fan, there is still something for everyone in terms of drinks! Soft drinks, mocktails, beers and ales, spirits, wines - you name it, they have it!

Now onto the food...
Me and Simon never normally go for starters but on this occasion we decided to! To start off, I went for the Green Olives, because they taste incredible and I have genuinely never seen a greener olive that these before?! I don't know what they've done to them or where they came from but trust me, they really did not last long! We also decided to share the crispy calamari - which again, was a very good choice! Just the right amount, very tasty and also great as a little bit of a light bite before a big meal! I have to say though, I have had the baked camembert before it is to die for! But unfortunately I could not persuade Simon to share that one with me! (PARTY POOPER)

The came the mains! The best bit lets be honest! Simon decided to go for the lamb kofta hanging kebab, which I have to say - tasted bloomin' gorgeous! You really cannot go wrong with the hanging kebabs! They are a winner if you have never been to the botanist and you are wanting to have something really tasty! You can tell how popular they are simply by looking around the room, as most of the people eating will be having one! I have to say, I usually go for the chicken kebab when I come to the botanist, but on this occasion I decided to go for something a little bit different from my ordinary. I went for the flattened rump because I had had this previously in a different restaurant and remembered just how good it tasted, and to be honest wanted to relive that again, ha! I was definitely not wrong in making the decision I did, it too was incredible! Very tasty, brilliant portion size, great side dishes - and just a fantastic option to change things up from my usual chicken kebab (trust me, I would have been very upset if I had swayed away from my norm and it had turned out to be a bad decision). I never ever have any complaints about the food at the botanist, it is always beautiful! And as I am sitting here now writing this, I could eat everything I have just talked about (which is quite weird considering it is currently 04:20am and I am on night shift).

We decided not to go for puddings in this instance because we were SO full off the starters and mains, but usually I would go for the cookie dough because it is literally to die for! 

I cannot even tell you how much I am already excited for our next visit to the Botanist, I just love the experience as a whole and I really do look forward to visiting every single time! I really do recommend you head down and check out their brand new menu, including the awesome cocktails, and after you have ordered be sure to have your camera ready so you can take some snaps of the dry ice - it doesn't last TOO long! 

I would love to hear what your favourite cocktails and dishes from The botanist are! I would love to try out some new things! Also, I would love to hear in general where you favourite places to eat and drink in Sheffield are! I am planning some new content focussed around Sheffield and I would love to try out some new places to include in my content!

If you want to see what the peach and apple pot looked like in the flesh, dry ice n all - then head over and check out my vlog on my channel which I managed to get some footage of it in action! 

The Botanist Website


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  1. Everything at the Botanist looks great. The cocktails definitely have to be the star of the show though. So glad the portion sizes of mains seem decent.


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