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Today we are talking skincare! A topic which I have actually become pretty interested in over the last few months! For so so long I was a face wipe and face wipe only kind of girl. Ok, maybe sometimes I would venture into using a little bit of Freederm (I still use that and love that by the way) but as a whole face wipes were really all I would ever use in terms of skincare. Its pretty bad really, considering when I was doing this I also suffered badly with acne, I am more than 100% sure when I say that this will have made my acne so much worse! But I seemed to not be able to see the wrong in my ways, and I just thought that skincare always seemed like a little bit of chore, I didn't use my brain and think - lets kill 2 birds with one stone here and even JUST use some face wash when I am in the shower. Instead I just immediately assumed that skincare meant taking an extra 10 minutes out of my day that I didn't really have. 

I guess I have blogging to thank for my love of skincare! It was actually only the other night when I said to Simon 'I am actually obsessed with skincare' and he just kind of looked at me as if I was odd, but I am - I really am obsessed with skincare! I actually truly look forward to night time when I can head up to bed and take off my face, put on all of my lotions and potions and let them work their magic over night! 

Over the last few weeks I have been giving a couple of new products a go, new as in, new in to my collection of skincare! I have been alternating using each of them at night mainly - and I have to say I am pretty impressed! These said products are the Kiehls Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream and the Bare Minerals True Oasis Oil Free Replenishing Gel Cream - two 'moisturisers'/gels I have been giving a little whirl recently. I actually picked these 2 products out of the John Lewis Smart Skincare Edit which is essentially an accumulation of skincare products which have been scientifically led and all of which also have very powerful ingredients individual to your skin complaints. 

I have learnt so much about my own skin over the last couple of years, and these edits are wonderful for categorising products and narrowing them down so that it leads you in the direction of products which are personally good for your skin type. Over the last 2 years I have learnt that my skin is oily to combination, acne prone and fairly dry in places, therefore dehydrated. Throughout this journey of realisation I have tried products which have literally made my skin a million times worse, because someone may have recommended it on their channel and blog, and instead of thinking about which type of skin it is best for, I just jumped on the bandwagon and tried it. Quite frankly I have learnt a lot about wasting money on products which essentially have either made my skin terrible or have barely ever been used. This has taught me to really look into the product a little bit deeper before choosing it. Read about the type of skin it is best used for, read about what formula it is, read about beneficial ingredients, consider the price tag - although I have to say this really does not matter half of the time! 

Over the last couple of years I really have found some incredible products which my skin has LOVED - most of which are cleansers, scrubs, masks, serums, blemish treatments - but not really any moisturisers. I feel as though I am stilling hunting for that moisturiser which I can make a staple in my skincare routine. I have tried the Origins Ginzing Moisturiser/gel and really really loved that, so I would say that is as close as I have got to finding the one - but not enough that I have repurchased it yet! However, it is VERY good. Which brings me on to the 2 moisturisers/gels I have been trying out over the last few weeks. 


The first product I wanted to mention was the above moisturiser/gel. Its difficult to call this product a moisturiser because I guess I automatically think of moisturisers as being of a creamy consistency, when actually I guess thats wrong - in fact they are any product which is designed to apply extra moisture to the skin. I decided to try out this product because lately I have been noticing drier patches of skin appearing on my face, mainly around my jaw bone, and on the sides of my face. My skin as a whole is pretty oily, however I somehow don't think that this means it is hydrated. I mean, it can't mean that? Because I have got dry patches on my face. This product is designed for normal to oily skin and aims to restore hydration - which seems exactly what my skin needs right now. The formula is gel based, which is something I tend to go for now in terms of a moisturiser because I feel as though creams just accentuate the oiliness of my skin. Applying this product instantly makes your skin feel super smooth and also SO REFRESHED. I feel like gels just do that, they instantly add a spice of freshness into your skin! I actually enjoy applying them so much! This one I have been particularly enjoying using at night, because after a long day of work or just generally a full face of make up - all I want to do is refresh my skin! I have noticed my skin has started to look much better over the last couple of weeks, and these dry patches seem to be clearing up! Lets be honest, Kiehls really do nail it with their skincare - I am a huge huge fan of a lot of their products and I think they really do cover all bases with their products! Ie, hydrating products for oily skin! And I would certainly recommend trying this one if you too have a similar skin type to mine!


Next, I have the above product. If you have read some of my recent skincare posts then you may remember I recently tried out the blemish rescue serum from Bare Minerals and absolutely LOVED IT! So, I guess I expected a lot from this product for that reason! Again, I chose this product for the same reason I chose the Kiehls one. I was missing a product in my range of skincare that hydrated my skin whilst not making it any oilier - and so when I spotted this one, I thought it completely fit the bill with its description. Essentially, this product is designed to refresh the skin with a 'splash of hydration'- that sounds about right for my current complaint doesn't it? This product is also designed for oily to combination skin, but is literally my skin to a T! I LOVE the formula of this product! Its gel, but to me, resembles more of a jelly and I find it so interesting. It smells so refreshing, and mildly of citrus which I LOVE. I have been reaching for this product both at night time and day time, and I am really enjoying using it. There really is something about Bare Minerals skincare that I just love, I feel like so far so good with their products because both have I tried so far really have done everything they say on the tin, and have worked the DREAM! Out of the 2 products I have been trying I feel as though this one has worked the best for me so far and I feel like I am maybe onto a winner with this one?! I would highly recommend trying it!

So overall, I would say I am pretty impressed with the above 2 products! And I certainly feel like I am on the way to finding that missing moisturiser in my skincare routine. Moisturisers don't need to be cream based, they can be gel based and YOU CAN USE THEM if you have oily skin! Which is something I have learnt over the last few weeks - because I actually got to the point where I believed moisturisers were just not meant to be used if you have oily skin. Wrongggg! They are! Your skin needs hydration, and oil is not hydration!


Have you guys tried any moisturisers which you have found completely fit the bill for you? I would honestly LOVE to know. Also, I recently filmed a skincare video over on my channel featuring all of them products I was telling you have made their way into my skincare routine - so if you want to know what I have been loving, and using pretty much everyday then head over to my channel and check that one out! Don't forget to give my channel a cheeky subscribe while you are there as well, that always means more than you will ever know! 



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