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Its been a while since I have been invited to sample menus, and oh my gosh I had totally forgotten how much I love it! I mean come on, whats better than being invited along to try out incredible food and drinks? Not much I would say. 

Its also something I really love doing in Sheffield, because I just love my city so much and supporting the companies dotted around the city centre or outskirts because we really do have some amazing places to eat and drink right on our doorsteps! 

Firstly, lets start with where this is? Some of you may be aware that Sheffield city centre has undergone, and still is undergoing a little bit of a revamp. In that, they are completely transforming the Moor, expanding the heart of the city slightly and adding an incredible new complex which includes lots of new restaurants, a new cinema, new shops and MORE. Well if you didn't know then yes, that is happening and wow I cannot believe the difference already! I feel like this has happened super quickly, or it certainly feels like one moment there was nothing on the moor, and the next thing you know, a massive, tall, modern complex has appeared? I am guessing I am not the only one to have barely heard about it, and suddenly found yourself wondering what it was? What was inside? Well, now is the perfect opportunity for me to tell you all about Gourmet Burger Kitchen which is actually situated inside! 

Luckily enough for me and Simon, we spent a recent Sunday sampling the menu of the brand new Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK), and I was super excited for this because as I said previously, it had been a while since I had been invited to sample a menu and so I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it! 

Firstly, I thought I would explain how you can actually find GBK, because it is not the easiest place to spot in the world, and if you had never really ventured down the Moor in Sheffield before, then you may never have known it was there either! There is still lots of building work going on, but one of the buildings which has already been built and is now opened actually houses the brand new cinema complex, this is also the building which GBK is situated in. So, looking straight on at the building from the pedestrian street, you will see Primark on the left hand side of the building, and in the centre is 2 large escalators, one up and one down. Take the one up, and at the top you will find a variety of different restaurants and the new cinema. GBK is situated up these escalators also, and is directly on the right when you reach the top! Its super easy to find once you know its there, and you definitely will never forget about it again!

The interior is very American diner style with the booths and the signs inside, which I love! And it totally reminded me of my recent trip to New York city, and all of the traditional little diners we went into! However, GBK had a little bit of a modern twist, and I really really liked it - it definitely was interior goals with all of the copper work, teal walls, filament light bulbs and quirky objects everywhere - I literally loved it, and found myself taking so many snaps for my instagram! We actually sat in one of the booths ourselves, right in the centre of the restaurant and it was great, very chilled and cosy and as I said, brought all of the NYC feels back to me. 

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty. The menu! There is literally something for everyone on this menu! Meats, veggie options, salads, puddings, drinks - everything. For drinks I went for the Strawberry and Elderflower fizz, because they are 2 of my favourite ingredients and it just sounded so refreshing and exactly what I needed! I was also super surprised to find out that this drink was also bottomless and you could get free refills, which I personally think is amazing because most places charge an arm and a leg for drinks like this, and this one was BOTTOMLESS?! A-mazing! Simon went for something different again, he chose the salted caramel milkshake. HOLY COW!! I had immediate green eyed monster when I tried this, it was absolutely gorgeous, and I definitely did not finish it off when he wasn't look *heeheee*. The milkshakes I would totally recommend, and when we go back I have for sure got my eyes on the honeycomb or banana ones! Maybe both? 

For food we then went for 2 completely different options. Simon went for the ultimate burger on the menu 'the mighty' which was essentially 2 giant burgers, with bacon and cheese - it was HUGE but he absolutely demolished it, and it for sure filled a space in his stomach! I went for a vegetarian option because I simply could not decide, and the moment I see goats cheese in anything, I immediately want it! So yes, I went for the 'Johnny be goat' burger which was mushrooms, goats cheese, onion rings, garlic mayo, peppers and picked onions - oh my gosh it was so tasty! So many different flavours in one bun, and they all complimented each other perfectly. This burger also was not too heavy, so i did not feel like I had swallowed a brick afterwards, unlike Simon who had a serious case of 'I need to lye down and unbutton my jeans' fullness. 

For sides, Simon got the sweet potato fries with baconaise, and yes that is literally what it says - bacon mayonaise, OH MY GOSH - it was gorgeous! And Simon actually said that the sweet potato fries were the best he has ever tasted! Thats quite a bold statement I would say. I went for the truffle cheese fries, because you know me, I am secretly a mouse and anything with cheese on I NEED IN MY LIFE. They were gorgeous, and at the end of the meal I actually just found myself eating the cheese off the top of the fries, because I just love all the cheese! 

Overall, our experience of GBK was a great one! A lovely atmosphere, great drinks, amazing food and very accommodating staff! I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are heading down the moor to explore the brand new complex they have been very busy with. I would even suggest going out of your way to head down and check it out, and head to GBK for a spot of food or even just a milkshake if you are down there! I promise you will not regret it! 

Please do let me know if you have been yourselves and what your thoughts were. Also, let me know if there is anything on the menu which stood out to you, and I need to try next time? 


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  1. Burgers, milkshakes and cheese fries! What could be better than that?! My mouth is salivating looking at the pictures and thinking about it. So jealous!


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