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I have been so so desperate to finally get this post out to you guys, because I just really wanted to talk about how these products have changed the game for me. And by 'the game' I mean, I have added brand new products into my make up routine, which lets be honest - I never thought would ever have a place there! Maybe it just turns out that I had never found the right products to add to my routine! But now I have, and need I look no further! 

Since taking these snaps and originally falling in love with these products, I have actually got my hands on the whole entire sweet peach collection and I have literally loved it ALL! I have to say, I genuinely do not think I have ever loved a collection more than this one, like an entire collection of products that is. Usually there are some products I am just not a fan of, however in this one I have loved them all and that is hands down because it has solely made me fall in love with lip oils/glosses and blushers all together! 

In case you did not know, I have never been a fan of lip glosses or blushers, they are 2 make up products I just simply could not get on with and I feel like I have me teenage years to blame for that. I used to use waaaay too much lipgloss, to the point where I actually made myself hate it in my twenties and never reached for it. The same goes for blusher, I used to wear it a lot and then suddenly just stopped loving it, and I think that has something to stem with me becoming obsessed with bronzer and feeling like I did not actually need to apply a blusher for that reason. However, from trialling this collection I have actually found that I can wear them all, and they completely work for me. Hurrah! 

I have to say also, before getting my hands on this collection I was a complete Too Faced virgin. In that, I had never ever tried any of the products before and so was completely going in blind when I got my hands on the collection to try. Although, not entirely blind because so so many of my favourite influencers out there actually swear by Too Faced products, so I figured I would probably become pretty obsessed with them myself. I was not wrong. I had heard all sorts of comments about Too Faced in general such as 'the pigmentation was amazing', 'their products are the best', 'the packaging is to die for!', 'they do the BEST eyeshadow palettes' and so on... However, I really did need to try them myself to form an opinion, and oh my god - everything I read could not have been more accurate. I am not just saying this because I got sent these products to review either (because sometimes I think people reading may think reviews are slightly biased because we have been lucky enough to receive these products), I genuinely have not ever loved every single product in an entire collection! So Too Faced have seriously killed it with this collection! 

The Sweet peach collection actually compiles of the eyeshadow palette, 'papa don't peach' blusher, lip oils & 'sweet peach glow palette' - all of which I have currently got in my make up collection, and all of which I have been LOVING. I have been recently using lots of the products in tutorials over on my youtube channel if you are interested in heading over and seeing them in action! But for now, lets get onto talking about the 2 products which have changed the game for me and made me fall back in love with certain kinds of make up! Blushers and Glosses!

Firstly, the 'Papa don't peach' Blusher! Prior to getting my hands on this, I had not reached for a blusher for years! Literally years! I never bought them, I never swatched them and I never wore the ones I had in my collection already! So, I am going to be honest - when I first received this, I was not overly excited! I did think though, that the colour of this was very me, very muted and would work well with bronzers, and also the smell of peaches totally made me feel differently! The gimmick works here for sure, I love these products so much more because they smell of peach - I totally fell for it! I tried this product for the first time, and instantly I loved it. I am so glad I actually applied it correctly the first time I used it, because if I hadn't then maybe I would not be loving it so much right now! Since that first time of using it, I actually have used it every single day. Its not even a product which sits in my dressing table, to be used every so often or when I go out, its actually a part of my every day make up routine. I wear it to work, out for nights out, on a day time, ALL the time honestly. And trust me, I have got to really love a product to actually want to put it on at 6am before I go to work! 

I love how the blusher is somewhere between a blush, bronzer and highlighter and I definitely think it has elements of each product factored in to it. I say this because the colour is an element of both blush and bronzed - its peachy coloured and shimmery which makes me think blusher, its kind of similar to colours of shimmery bronzers which makes me think bronzer & also reassures me that this goes SO well with bronzers too and finally its like a highlighter because it has some beautiful gold shimmer running through it which immediately glows the second you apply it! I love it! 

If you are yet to find a blusher you love, or are exactly the same as me, then I would suggest to try this one! Its so gorgeous and I would hands down say that it is currently one of my favourite make up products to use and apply! 

Finally we will talk lip oils, or glosses really! The 2 lip oils I was kindly sent to try out are the shades 'pure peach' and 'peach sicle' and similarly with the blusher, I was not overly excited when I received these. It sounds terribly ungrateful (and I certainly do not want it to come across that way) but I am not a girl who loves blushers and lip glosses, so receiving a package with only them products in made me think 'oh no, how can I possibly write about 2 products I don't like', because I knew fine well that I would have to write about them like 'these are great products but just not for me'. HOWEVER, little did I know I would absolutely love them all!! 

I have to say, I have definitely been reaching for the colour 'peach sicle' more, and I think that is because the colour is very natural and this gloss just looks really healthy and just normal on the lips. I really enjoy applying these products because out of the whole collection I would say that they are certainly the ones which smell most like peach, it is VERY strong and I love that! I reach for these glosses quite a lot now, and particularly on days off, when I am running errands or pottering around - because they are simply so easy to use, wear and apply! They are beautifully pigmented, NOT a sticky consistency which is a must for me, a lovely creamy formula, long jevity & smell incredible - they are such a winning product for me! I love them! I personally think that these glosses have a place in my make up bag this Summer, I think they will be the perfect thing to apply during the day when I am exploring lots of different spots over Europe! They will look incredible when the glorious sunshine rays beam off them, they will also be easy to pop into my bag and will keep my lips feeling supple like you want on them hot Summer days! 

Have any of you had the pleasure of trying any of the other shades? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on them if you have a moment. And similarly, if you are yet to try them - I highly recommend it, as I said especially for the Summer holidays, these will be your summer day time best friend when you are abroad this Summer! I'm excited to wear them already!


And so there we have it. A little run down of the Too Faced sweet peach collection and the products which have ultimately changed the game for me! Let me know in the comments which products have ever changed the game for you! I would love to know! Also, if you would like to read more about the Sweet Peach collection and would like me to review the glow palette and the eyeshadow palette then let me know, and I could do that for you! If not, then head over to my channel and check out some of my recent videos such as TESTING NEW PRODUCTS, & EASY NIGHT OUT MAKE UP because they all feature the products in action! 


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