Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Ok, I kid you not - I have fallen in love with something I never thought I would - colour clashing, and not just slightly, I am head over heels in love with it! I feel like I have to thank Megan Ellaby and her incredibly inspiring fashion sense for this love though, she has showed me, or proved rather, that colour clashing really is on trend, and is completely inspiring me for ways I can incorporate it into my wardrobe. I am not massively brave with fashion, although I am braver than quite a lot of people - I still am just doing this in pretty small and subtle ways, so you know me - of course I am doing this through applying lipsticks with an incredible pop of colour to them! 

For this particular post I wanted to show you how I have been clashing primary colours, 3 colours which you think should probably never be worn or seen together, but they WORK SO WELL, and compliment each other like a dream! Especially if your instagram feed is all about that pop of colour! Mine certainly is! 

As a whole really, my fashion sense is feminine, girly, classic, usually pretty modest, but occasionally does have an odd sexy edge to it by the addition of a piece of lace lingerie poking through the top of my dress or blouse. I have recently been picking up lots of goodies from some of my favourite high street stores ready for the Spring and Summer months, and Topshop is certainly one of the stores I have been focussing the majority of my internet shopping attention on. I simply cannot go onto the Topshop site without finding a million things I love, and need in my wardrobe. So when I stumbled across this beautiful blue/lilac top, I knew it needed to be mine for the upcoming seasons. Its me in a top. Its feminine, cute, classic, girly, pretty - and I just love it so much! How could you not?! The frilled sleeves and neckline also are a massive hit for me, because at the moment I appear to be reaching for everything which has something a little bit frilly on it. I also LOVE the embroidered detailing to the design of the shirt, it has very tiny little holes throughout the whole working of the top, and this creates a beautiful dainty pattern all over. This top was therefore the blue element of this primary colour clashing. And for some reason, this day I just fancied teaming this little number with a really bold lipstick to really make every single colour stand out and pop like it should! 

For lipstick I went for a newbie too, and this was the Laura Geller 'Fifty Kisses' lipstick in 'Ruby Romance'. A matte liquid lipstick which is beautiful muted red colour. This colour is certainly something I have been needing to add to my lipstick collection, to replace all of the darker reds I accumulated throughout the Autumn and Winter. 

The day we shot this look I was fortunate enough to have a bright, warm day to work with. This is a new thing for me, as most days when the weather is glorious, I am at work - which meant that this day I needed to make the most of it, and explore the area snooping out incredible spots to shoot this look. We stumbled across some incredible spots in the Chesterfield area for me to shoot with Simon (my boyfriend and at home photographer), one of my favourite places we 'stumbled' upon was a oil seed rape field. I abbreviated 'stumbled' because I certainly did not 'stumble' across it. In fact, Simon told me he spotted it one day a few weeks back when he was on a bike ride, and so therefore decided to take me there to shoot, because I have been saying for weeks that I really wanted to shoot in an oil seed rape field! Thank the lord we got there when we did, because the surrounding fields of rape had actually started to turn green, and that would have ruined my shot right? So yes, the final addition to this clashing of the primary colours was certainly the incredible sunshine yellow backdrop! A field FULL of oil seed rape! Yellow, blue and red all in one shot - but I am so in love with it, and in fact these photos may well be some of my favourites so far! I love them so much! 

Having seen all of the primary colours in one photo has made me fall in love with them all together so much more, and now this is making me want to wear all 3 of these together far more often! This Summer I definitely think that the colour clash is going to be something you will be seeing a lot more of in my OOTD's. As you are probably aware if you follow my instagram, I wear one particular red top from Topshop A LOT, so therefore I am now thinking about how I can actually team that particular one with some of my other bright pieces to give it a different spin, as lets be honest - its getting a little bit boring constantly wearing it with black jeans - bare with me on this one! I have not yet got any yellow in my wardrobe at all, but this is something I am definitely going to consider because I really do love the colour yellow, and think it is such a fun and bold colour - again, bare with me on this one!! 

Let me know if you are loving this colour clashing trend too? and if you have seen any particular primary colour pieces you think I will love also? I am definitely up for expanding my range of primary coloured fashion pieces and having some more fun over the upcoming months! 

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