Thursday, 27 April 2017


Lets talk silverising, taking away brassy tones, and just generally making your hair feel fabulous again!! So as I have mentioned several times over the last few months, I have been on a serious mission to take better care of my hair this year! This means mixing my products up, trying out brand new ones, using more expensive ones and also using treatments every so often! I have really enjoyed taking better care of my hair by using lots of new products actually, as for too long I fell into a bit of a loop of just being the cheapest shampoos and conditioners on offer and using them religiously. That is all very well and good when you have natural hair which is pretty low maintenance but I would personally say that the moment you put bleach on your hair, it becomes very high maintenance and you need to seriously step up your game to look after it after this! 

Upon talks with my hair dresser she told me that a lot of the silverising shampoos out there are actually pretty damaging for your hair, and in fact the one I had previously been using was up there with the worst. This made me even more excited to try out these OSMO products because I literally had none left in my collection with the brightening element, and so therefore there was actually a huge gap in my hair care collection! 

So, in case you have never used these kind of products before. I will introduce you to them. The OSMO silverising range is a part of the colour mission range, it is sulphate free and is designed to brighten up your blonde and take away any of them brassy/yellow tones that sometimes happen when you have been blonde for a little while. The products themselves actually come out of the bottle purple, which can be pretty terrifying the first time you use them, but honestly this is just an illusion and they do not dye your hair purple whatsoever. 

The products I have been trialling and testing are the above, so the silverising shampoo & conditioner, the protect and tone styler and the violet mask. All of these products are from the silverising range, and I have found all of them to be absolutely incredible also. I have found results from using these products roughly around once a week, and particularly enjoy using them on days where I am possibly going out for an event or for drinks with friends. They really are amazing and have certainly got a comfortable place in my hair care routine. I do tend to chop and change between different hair care products now, as I feel like your hair can get very used to one product and then this can cause it to stop working. 

Another massive plus point to these products is that they are also super in-expensive so therefore that is just another excuse to grab them and give them a whirl! Do you guys have any other hair care products you love? I would love to try them! 

I have also recently featured these products in one of my hair care videos over on my channel, so if you want to see how I curl my hair and the products I use on a daily basis then head over and check out that video! 

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Click here to head over and check out my recent hair care video. 


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  1. Thanks Lauren that's useful to know. My hairdresser recommended them to me too - she uses them herself and leaves them on much longer than specified so she gets a gorgeous subtle mauve tone to her silver hair which I really like.


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