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Hello guys, long time no speak! I have not brought you any posts for some time, but that's purely because I have been so busy with work and things - however, I have not completely neglected you, as I have still be bringing you my regular videos over on my channel, so in case you have missed any, I will link my channel at the bottom of this post for you to head over and have a look! Speaking of my channel actually, I did film a lot of footage from Krakow, and accumulated it all together to create a travel vlog for you all which I have uploaded and has been live on my channel for a little while now! So again, I will link that below for you to check out too! 

In case you did not know, and are thinking "what the hell is all of this talk about Krakow?" Firstly, where the hell have you been? I have been going on and on about Krakow constantly over on my instagram and keeping you well up to date with many different photographs, of the kind of things we got up to in Poland! 

On another note, what an incredible place Krakow is! WOW WOW WOW! I honestly fell in love with the city and Poland in general really! So much to do, see, experience and everyone I came across was so lovely and friendly, and that's no exaggeration! Without getting into too much detail about what we got up to though, I wanted to start off my Krakow blog content by bringing you a little helpful guide of places to eat and drink in this wonderful city! Obviously, I am no expert as I was only visiting for 5 days, but I just wanted to advise you on the places we went to and loved! And so here we go... 

I thought I would start this by going through each of the days we were there, telling you what and where we decided to eat and drink, and what we thought of each place! I honestly cannot say we had one bad meal whilst we were there, we really didn't! Everywhere was absolutely beautiful, authentic, such incredible value for money, and all of the staff were amazing too!! No complaints whatsoever! 


Day one:

Dinner - Marmolada Resteraunt -  Grodzka 5 31-008 Cracow - A very well located polish restaurant, right off the main square in Krakow. Considering we had been in the city for roughly 2 hours, we really did not know where to eat or what to eat for that matter. So when we stumbled across this restaurant we thought we would give it a shot. Simon was desperate to try some Polish dumplings so therefore he went for the meat dumplings with bacon, and I went for the salmon with saffron risotto and Parmesan. MY GOD, it was beautiful. We also got some side dishes each, potatoes and vegetables. I also had 2 beautiful peach bellini's and Simon had 2 pints of Polish beer. The restaurant was very authentic and traditional, but also very easy to navigate yourself around if you do not speak Polish and the staff were wonderful! This restaurant was the initial time we realised just how cheap eating and drinking was actually going to be. When the bill came we could not quite believe that we managed to get all of this food for under £30. I would definitely recommend if you are looking for somewhere to try traditional Polish cuisine and a really low lit, romantic atmosphere - Marmolada really was a wonderful treat for our first night! 

Drinks - Main Square Outdoor Bars - So yes, placed in and around the Main square is several outdoor bars. No, we were not completely out of our minds, of course the bars were heated, and we were glassed in. We were told before visiting that the Main square was a little bit of a tourist trap and would probably be the most expensive place to eat and drink, however expensive in Krakow is our cheap in the UK. Plus, with the views from these bars, you really could not say no. So yes, essentially the bars were placed within the main square with views of the Indoor Market, Cathedral and Town Hall - they were so beautifully lit and picturesque even by night. It was a pretty romantic spot actually, lots of horse and carriages around, and people enjoying a few drinks together with a beautiful view, snuggled under the blankets provided and heat lamps! It really was a picture! Was it expensive, you ask? No, it really was not. I had 2 or 3 glasses of prosecco on the first evening, equally roughly around £3 a glass - that is amazingly affordable! I would highly recommend spending some of your time in the Main Square on an evening, you really do get a feel for the Krakow night life and experience the hustle and bustle of the place by night! It is amazing! 

Day Two: 

Breakfast - Moments Cafe & Bar - 34 Jozefa Kazimierz - Located around 2 streets away from our little apartment, this place just seemed perfect to go for breakfast. Usually, me and Simon tend to stick to what we know for breakfast. So with him its usually a full English and for me its usually something with eggs and salmon. When I spotted these on the menu, I thought we just had to go. Not only did it have the pretty basic dishes we wanted on the menu, but it also had traditional Polish breakfasts including trout and other things! So if you were wanting something a little bit more Polish than bacon and eggs, then I would still recommend trying Moments. In fact, it was so good and we enjoyed it so much, that we actually went back twice! Again, the value was amazing and the portion sizes were incredible! I actually popped some photos of my breakfast on my instagram if you want to see what it looks like! and also I featured some vlog footage in my travel vlog too! So trust me, there was nothing basic about this breakfast! It was amazing and certainly did not disappoint! Drinks were also included in the price for food - so 2 cups of tea certainly got me energised and ready for a day of exploring! 

Lunch - Fabryka Pizzy - 34 Jozefa Kazimierz - Again, located in the Kazimierz area of Krakow (also known as the Jewish Quarter). We stopped off at this little pizza joint for lunch one afternoon and OH MY GOSH, it was so yummy! Me and Simon actually shared a huge pizza which was more than enough for the both of us! Little did we know that this is actually a chain across Poland, and even within Krakow there are at least 2 Fabryka Pizzy restaurants! It was honestly such a lovely meal and the staff were also super nice as well! I would definitely recommend it if you are looking to have some amazing pizza whilst in Krakow! In fact, it was so good we actually visited twice whilst we were there! YUM. 

Dinner - Plac Nowy 1 - 31-056 Krakow - This is actually self described as being the "beating heart" of Kazimierz, and I have to say that there really was something about this place which seemed super popular and hyped! It consisted of 3 floors which had a club, restaurant and then bowling - a pretty amazing complex for everyone who is looking for something to do on a night time in Krakow. We actually visited here on the Friday night so the place was very bustling with locals which made it seem very genuinely popular because if the locals love it, then it must be good! We had a wonderful meal here! I went for the chicken curry and Simon had a beautiful pork and mustard dish which was actually on the specials board, and I have to say - for once in my life I actually think Simon chose the better dish, I wanted it SO BAD after only having one mouthful! Following this we actually stayed for a few drinks which again, did not break the bank - but then nothing in Krakow breaks the bank! After a few drinks we were super tempted to head upstairs for a game of bowling, but it was pretty fully booked until the early hours of the morning - so if this something you fancy doing then make sure you book in advance! I definitely recommend this place for food, drinks and just a general amazing atmosphere!


Day Three :

Lunch - Le Scandale - Plac Nowy 9 - So we actually skipped breakfast on the Saturday morning as we were up super early for the visit to Auschwitz (which I am going to mention a little bit more in a separate post). So when we got back from the trip, we were naturally super hungry so we needed somewhere nearby to grab a quick bite to eat. We scouted around the entirety of Plac Nowy and liked the look of the menu for Le Scandale, plus I was majorly in the mood for pizza again. Similarly to pretty much all of the places we had previously tried, it was amazing value and you got so much for your money yet again! I had a lovely glass of prosecco with my dinner too, which was an added bonus! I would definitely recommend if you are look for somewhere nice for a spot of lunch! 

Dinner - Pesto Ristorante - Kupa 15 - We really did struggle to decide where to choose for Saturdays evening meal, however when we spotted this place and had a peak at the menu we knew it was the one. Simon actually popped in and booked it, because it was only a minutes walk away from our apartment. To me, I thought that this evening was going to be the most traditional meal of the trip yet (for me anyway). I wanted something quite light to eat also, because I was still pretty full off our late lunch. Simon went for the chicken, and I went for the sea bass. I love fish and think it is always such a nice, easy light meal. I was a little bit bewildered when my fish came out whole, as in head, tail, scales - the works. Which yes, I understand is the way fish should be served, but I kind of got put off a little bit. When I actually did get to the meat of the fish, it was beautiful! So so lovely! However, yet again I was left very jealous of Simons choice of dish! The chicken was stuffed with spinach and ricotta and looked absolutely divine, Simon has actually since then said that it was his favourite meal of the trip! And I can understand why, it looked beautiful! I would recommend this restaurant for traditional food, the staff were also really lovely and the venue was also beautiful and quite romantic. Also, it was pretty busy so I would recommend maybe popping in and booking! 

Drinks - Nova Resto Bar - Estery 18 - I am so happy we found this absolute gem of a bar! Very popular with the locals, great music, great atmosphere, great venue - and would highly recommend for drinks on a Saturday night! The drinks menu was HUGE consisting of many different beers, wines, cocktails, spirits - the lot. I spotted my favourite prosecco on the menu which is asti, martini - and when I asked for a glass of it, it was actually on promotion so I got a glass for between £1 and £2 - AMAZING! I would honestly recommend this place so much! 

Day Four :

Lunch - Plac Nowy Market Square - Street Food - It was on Simons list for us to sample some street food in Krakow, so that is what we did. And it seemed that subway, pizza breads were kind of the 'in thing'. I went for a chicken tikka, jalepeno spicy one! Simon went for something which was covered in pepperoni and various other meats! I have to admit, street food isn't for me, I don't like the messiness, and standing the cold freezing my hands off trying to eat a sandwich. I prefer the whole experience of a cafe or restaurant so for me, this was not my ideal lunch. However, Simon seemed to enjoy it and would recommend you try it if you are looking to experience street food too! There are plenty of places to choose from in the market square in Kazimierz, and it was super busy with both locals and tourists so they are obviously very popular and tasty if this is the kind of thing you are into. 

Dinner - Miod Malina - Grodzka 40 - Easily my favourite meal of the whole trip! We definitely finished off the trip with a bang by going to this restaurant, and I have to say the decision to go here was not mine, it was in fact Simons! This restaurant was again super central and very near to the main square in the old town, so very accessible for all of you who are visiting and staying nearer to the Old Town. The actual restaurant itself was really beautiful, and for a Sunday night was also really busy which shows how nice and popular it obviously was. I went for a safer option with my menu choice this evening, and went for the chicken with mozzarella and a side of potatoes, MY GOSH, what a good choice I made - it was absolutely divine! And easily my favourite meal of the whole holiday! Simon went for the Lasagne. We made room for pudding as well because it was our last night and we thought why not. Simon went for the cheesecake, but my pudding was something else! I could have eaten it a million times over, bathed in it, lived off it - the works! It was bloody beautiful. So I went for the chocolate fondant, which was also dark chocolate - my absolute favourite! I also had some bellini cocktails with my food, and the price was again SUPER reasonable! You certainly got what you paid for and more in this place, it was amazing and I highly highly recommend it!! 

To bring my little restaurant and bar review to an end, I just wanted to voice the honestly true fact that we really did not experience one bad meal the whole time we were there! I loved everywhere, the food was amazing and such incredible value as well as good quality! I would highly recommend looking about for quirky, authentic restaurants when you are in Krakow, instead of going for dishes you maybe recognise and can get everywhere - try something a little bit different because honestly I had some of the nicest food of my life! Especially on the final night! 

The final quick pointer I would like to make is that you really need to head outside of the Old Town to experience some true, authentic Krakow. Staying in Kazimierz was the best decision because it allowed us to get involved with the culture a little bit more, and experience life of the locals. You know a place is pretty good if it is filled with locals right? and not just a tourist trap. I will talk about our choice of accommodation in another post about my Krakow experience but for now I am going to leave you with all of the above recommendations for food and drinks in Krakow so enjoy! :)

Don't forget to check out my Krakow travel vlog if you have not already! In that you can actually see what we got up to and also some of the food in action!

Much Love



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