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I am definitely the kind of person who loves to dress up for an occasion, Valentines day is certainly one of them! I love to dress up for the plans that I make over the valentines period and I am pretty sure that I am not the only person who likes to do this! 

The vibes I kind of go for over Valentines usually depend on the plans that I have got! But I do tend to shop for pieces which are either pinks, reds or all black everything! Depending on what you are upto over Valentines, whether it be a date night, going away, date day exploring somewhere, a nice meal, a girls night out, quiet night in - there is absolutely no reason why you should not get dressed up for the occasion! Whether it be a pretty dress, a pop of colour to a black outfit, a tight fitted bodycon dress to show off every curve on your body or whether it be something a little bit special to impress all of the other singletons on your girls night out! Topshop have got you covered (as they usually do with every fashion piece you will ever need). 

As you all know, and will continue to be told - I love Topshop! They are my absolute favourite high street brand! My whole wardrobe is pretty much made up of Topshop and if ever I need an item of clothing, I always find myself on the website falling head over heels with so many of their incredible pieces! When Topshop asked me to choose something on their website for the occasion of Valentines day, I obviously jumped at the chance - I love choosing clothes for an occasion and having a little bit of fun experimenting and playing around with some ideas of how to mix my outfit up and make it look a little bit different from everything else I own. 

This year I have decided to go for the cutesy sort of look. I am very comfortable wearing floaty, cute, floral dresses and I am confident that this shows of my personality pretty well. My valentines plans this year involve a meal cooked for me at home with my better half, but the following weekend we are actually heading off on our travels to Krakow where we will be celebrating Valentines by exploring a beautiful new city, trying out lots of the food out there and sampling lots of bubbles! So this influenced my choice of outfit for this Valentines day because I wanted a dress which was really me, really said 'valentines' but also something I could team with a beautiful coat and some comfy shoes! So that I did! 

This dress would not be to every bodies tastes. And sometimes when I see valentines day outfit ideas, I see people wearing really sexy pieces which show off all of their assets (which is great and if you've got it, flaunt it) but that's just not me - although I am getting a lot more confident with my fashion sense recently. I definitely do not think you should choose your outfits to your other halves tastes whatsoever, but it is always good when your boyfriend/girlfriend likes what you wear and thinks you look good in it. I am the kind of girl who wears whatever the hell I want, and sometimes Simon will look at it when I am showing him a fashion piece and he will give a glare - but when I try it on he actually really likes it, and even if he did not like it, I would still wear it anyway. I chose this dress with my style in mind, not necessarily to impress my boyfriend and certainly not to look 'sexy' in any way shape or form. I fell in love with this because its actually a really beautiful classic dress but some stunning details such as the ombre white to pink colour of the material, the cowl neckline and the wonderful colourful floral print! This is a dress to look 'beautiful' in, because it just looks so classic and really unique! 

So as mentioned, and as you can see above, I teamed the beautiful dress with another essential piece in my current Winter wardrobe and that is this absolutely STUNNING camel coat with fur collar detailing! Everything about this coat just screams luxury to me, I think it looks far more expensive than the price I paid for it, and I honestly know that this is going to be a staple within my wardrobe for years to come! I chose the coat in a very neutral camel colour as it teams with so many pieces, plus I just think camel coats just look so classic, and lets be honest - do they ever go out of fashion? I styled the dress with the coat open, to allow for the detail of the dress to be exposed - why hide its prettiness after all? However it does have some poppers for it you wanted to wear it wrapped up! Also, this coat has some beautiful gold zip hard wear, and pockets which are wonderful for storing your phone or card holders etc! Finally, the detail that I am just head over heels for about this coat is the fur collar! Now, if this is not your style then its very easily removed, however I am obsessed with it, its such a nice faux fur in that its very soft, feels super expensive and is so warm and snug around the back of your neck and face when you are wearing it. It is going to be wonderful to team with this dress in freezing cold Krakow next week! Overall I just feel like this dress is massively complimented by the coat, it adds to it, it takes absolutely no shine off the dress, it just adds more! I would definitely recommend getting your hands on it, and as I said its an absolute style steal and looks so much more luxury!! 

When browsing for my choice of Valentines outfit on the Topshop website, I really did struggle to choose something! There are so many incredible pieces - which I am going to talk about and link you to at the bottom of this post! However, when I spotted this dress I knew it needed to be my 2017 Valentines choice, I just loved it and it really is unlike anything I own already! It is made up of a wonderful floaty silk fabric and feels very light weight to wear. From the neckline of the dress it starts out as being a white colour, however as you work your way down the dress it turns into a really beautiful pink and I just love it - I definitely need more pink in my wardrobe! What is totally unusual about this dress is the floral print which skims across the middle of the dress and works its way down the arms, almost like a vine. You would never imagine that the colours within this print would work, but they SO DO! The colours are some beautiful blues, reds and yellows and they just add something extra special to an already beautiful piece! Words cannot describe my love for this dress!! 

Not only is it my perfect piece for Valentines day this year, but also this dress is going to be so amazing for the Spring and Summer and I really do have the Summer in mind with this piece also! I am going on a cruise this year around the Mediterranean, and so currently when I am picking up dresses I really do have the evenings on the cruise in mind. This material is super airy for the warmer weather so it will be fantastic for an evening on the ship, and also completely appropriate because although its long sleeved, the restaurants are likely to be air conditioned and so therefore this will keep me chill free. I also think this dress would look amazing for an Summer weddings coming up, or even for Summer days out as I just imagine this looking so cute with some high top converse and a denim jacket for a day of exploring in the Summer!! I have so many outfits in mind for this piece to make it work in many different ways and I am so excited for the warmer weather to come now!!

As promised, I am going to link you to some of the other beautiful pieces I spotted on the Topshop website which I thought would work amazingly for any form of Valentines celebrations! I am also going to be linking you to this dress and coat as well because they are too good to be missed!! 

Also, do not forget to head over to my youtube channel and subscribe so you dont miss my Krakow vlog which will be going live following my trip! So excited to explore a brand new city and see what it has to offer! It is somewhere I have wanted to visit for around 8 years and I am so excited to finally have the pleasure of going! 

What are your plans for valentines day this year? I hope that whatever you are upto you have a wonderful day and celebrate with the special people around you! I am such a sucker for valentines day, I just love it! 

Much Love




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  2. Love the dress! And the zip detail on the coat is so flattering, gorgeous!
    Erin | This Old Joy


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