Thursday, 2 February 2017


Typically the new year always starts with the intention of a diet and losing weight, shaping up ready for the Summer! This year I started out by getting on the diet hype, eating better, buying exercise clothes, and just generally starting off with a really motivated mindset! My diet has kicked off to a really good start this year, and as previously mentioned I have completely swapped up my meal style! Throughout the month of January I have also been using this incredible range of products from the bikini blend which is the bikini blend bundle

So as you can see from the above photographs, the bundle includes the premium protein powder, the cleanse supplement and the beauty supplement. The bundle also includes the shaker as well! Which obviously comes in handy when you are making these shakes up! The bundle either comes in the flavour cacao (which I have and is super yum) or vanilla which I would imagine would also be really lovely, but I already have some vanilla flavoured protein so I decided to go for something different. 

As with other protein's I have been using this one as a meal replacement mainly for lunch as its so easy to make and also fills you up! The protein powder contains all sorts of really incredible ingredients all of which are very good for you and it also tastes really really good. The protein has the aim of 'slimming and toning' you and should be consumed alongside plenty of exercise and a healthy balanced diet. Equally you can buy this protein powder on its own for £40.00 if you buy the big packet which is 28 days worth! 

Another part of this bundle is the 'beauty' supplement. This is again a product in powder form which is unlike anything I have tried before. It aims to add a glow to your skin and help it become more clear if you are the kind of person who regularly suffers with blemishes and break outs. The ingredients include antioxidants such as berry extracts, cacao beans, beetroot and more! All of which are incredible for your skin. Other benefits of using this powder include its ability to rejuvenate your skin and hair, slow signs of premature aging, boost collagen, improve acne and spots, and is also vegan, dairy and gluten free! The product sells alone for £25 per packet. 

Finally, the cleanse supplement is used to cleanse your internal system, and that is does. It is filled with all things green including wheat grass, kale, spinach and more! This one is used to cleanse your colon and improve the health of your digestive system, detox the liver and blood from toxins within alcohol, maintain your bodys pH balance, makes you feel more energised and improves vitality, and is again vegan, dairy and gluten free. Again this product retails at £35 for a single packet of it, but its uses are no end and it leaves you feeling pretty refreshed afterwards! 

As if providing you with the products wasn't enough, the Bikini Blend have also provided a designated section on their website specifically for recipes in which you can use the products! For example there are breakfast smoothie recipes, soup and salad recipes, snack and treat recipes! So something for every one, and every meal! I would highly recommend checking out the recipes alongside using the bikini blend bundle and also sticking to some form of an exercise regime, even if it only involves doing something  once or twice a week, every little helps! 

Let me know if you have used the bikini blend and how you have found it also! I would love to hear! Or if you have been using any other supplements, diet plans, recipe books etc to help you along the way - I would love to hear!

Much Love




  1. Never heard or tried this stuff! I used to use the cute nutrition shakes. I'm trying really hard to eat better lately and actually started going to the gym. Well done to you Lauren for getting as far as you have, keep at it!

    Isobel x

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  2. The bikini blend website is down and i need to order. Any suggestions where to go?


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