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So, I know I have already brought you a couple of 'new year' related posts, and the first one of the year actually did have some focus on what I would like to achieve throughout 2017, but I wanted to bring you another post which had some more of my resolutions/goals for 2017 in! 

So, essentially that's what this post is. My very achievable goals and resolutions for 2017, the more 'me' focused ones, and how I am going to work towards achieving and maintaining them this year! At a later date, and to give you all a little break from the resolutions posts, I will also be posting my blogging resolutions and goals for 2017 because I feel this would be something super handy to reflect back on at the beginning of next year and see how much I have achieved! So stay tuned for that one, and without further adoo, lets get into the resolutions for 2017. 


1. SPEND MORE TIME WITH FRIENDS AND FAMILY. This is something I am so so keen to stick to this year. Towards the back end of 2016 I have re-built so many relationships with friends and family and I am very eager to continue this and also build on these further! I really do enjoy nothing more than spending time with friends and family, it is true 'quality time' and this time is never ever undervalued or boring! Even if its just sitting with your Mum with a cup of tea and chatting, or popping in to see your grandparents for 20 minutes! This is something I really want to do more throughout this year! The truth is, you never ever know whats around the corner and I feel like life is so precious and you should never take your loved ones for granted! So this year, I want to spend more time with my family, Simon's family & my wonderful friends - already there are lots of fun weekends planned, holidays and trips away and I really hope the list of plans continues to grow! I am starting this year as I mean to go on, with plans coming up for the next 2 weekends with some of my nearest and dearest! 

2. CLEAN HOME, CLEAN MIND. Is what they say anyway. And I have to say, when I have my home in order I do feel somewhat more chilled out! I am going to make so much effort to make my house much tidier this year, as added mess just adds stress to my life! I think 2016 was probably my least organised year of my life, and I have got no idea why because it was probably one of my most busy years so far! However, I want to change that this year and I want this to reflect in my home. Things need to be in order, have a place and I need things neat and tidy! I guess an added bonus is that now we have a big house, with plenty of space and I am not attempting to cram a lifetime of belongings into a 1 bedroom flat, with my boyfriend who also has a lifetimes worth of belongings! Everything currently has a space, and we are also now very aware of the parts of the house which are on the list as being next to be 'sorted out'. So even though there are still things which need to be finished in our house right now, everything currently has a storage spot, until I get exactly what I want. I am still on the hunt for an incredible dressing table mirror, and some more white storage for my make up to live in, as well as some bathroom storage too! Any suggestions would be very welcome also! 

3. SAVE MONEY. This is a big thing for me this year! Its no secret to anyone that I am rubbish with my money. The truth is though, I have never had money, and struggled my way through university, stacking up a rather large bill on one of my store cards which I am still currently paying off, I have also bought a car since leaving university which has needed several things doing to it over the last year and so therefore money has just been super tight since qualifying really. However, it is also no secret that I 'treat myself' a little too often as well, I am a shopaholic and that's for sure! I buy too many clothes, and too much make up! But this is something I am going to change in 2017. Saving for the big things is a priority this year! Me and Simon are aiming to buy a house in the next 2 years and so therefore I really do need to get my skates on with saving some serious money towards a deposit for a house! This is a huge huge priority of mine for this year, and once I get something in my head I am usually super good at sticking to it! 

4. BUY A NEW CAR. This is something which is definitely going to have happened by the beginning of April this year! I have been aiming to get a new car in 2017 for a couple of years now, and it is something which desperately needs to happen. 1, because my younger brother Jake is buying my old car off me. And 2, because I cannot cope with my car sounding like a rocket about to take off anymore. I just want a nice, girly, QUIET car which I have saved and bought myself and therefore this is something which is happening in the first quarter of 2017 and I am SO excited!!

5. IMPROVE MY SKINCARE. So by this one I mean I am going to seriously up my game with taking care of myself this year! My skin has seriously suffered for years and years, and its about time I took some serious care of it. For a start, I am not getting any younger and my skin will never thank me for using face wipes on it. So therefore I am swapping up the face wipes for some serious skincare products and already this year I have upped my game and got myself an actual proper skincare routine including exfoliating face wash, toner, moisturiser, spot gel etc. I will be writing about my skincare routine more over on my blog this year and I am also super keen to try out more new products so if you know any which are amazing and targeted at oily skin, then let me know down below also!! Or better yet, you are a brand and reading this, feel free to email me on laurenthwaites14@outlook.com as I would love to collaborate on trialling and testing out some incredible new products this year! 

6. IMPROVE MY HAIRCARE. The same calls for hair care this year! You may have noticed that I have entered 2017 with hair which is about 3 inches shorter. Well yes, that's because I killed my hair in the last quarter of 2016 and it needed a huge and drastic cut! It was something I knew needed to happen, and although I was super sad about it, I am so happy with it now and even now, nearly 2 weeks later when I feel the ends of my hair I cannot believe how unbelievably healthy it feels!! So yes, another aim for this year is so take better care of my hair so that it does not need these drastic amounts chopped off! Starting with using better hair products! So I will be trialling and testing more expensive shampoos and conditioners, because I have heard from so many people that cost really does matter with your hair! I am also going to ensure I get it cut and trimmed far more often! So again, if you are a brand and reading this and looking for someone to trial your hair care products feel free to send me an email!! 

7. TRAVEL MORE. This is a goal for 2017 which is already very much in my sights. In that, I have already got a list of travel plans for this year! So, the list of destinations for 2017 include Krakow, Rome, Florence, Nice, Barcelona, Malaga, Cartegena, Gibralter, Ibiza (twice) and hopefully Munich or somewhere similar! I am super excited for all of my travel plans for this year and really hoping that the list of destinations grows throughout the year! That would be incredible!

8. TAKE MORE TIME TO RELAX AND CHILL. I have already really kick started 2017 by doing this! I have taken a fair few days 'off' in the first 2 weeks of January, meaning I don't put make up on, chill in joggers and a hoodie and just enjoy my own company watching films whilst also just leisurely getting little bits of jobs done around the house.  Towards the end of 2016 I found myself getting extremely stressed and not even having enough time to do the things I actually NEEDED to do, never mind chill. So one of my aims for this year is to ensure I spread everything out, get everything done which needs doing, but also fit in enough time to chill out and enjoy winding down more. This could mean giving myself enough time to have a bath, watch some tv, watch a film, have a cup of tea, do some cooking, browse the internet - anything at all that I want. I guess its just about prioritising and ensuring I fit everything in which I want to, rather than stressing out and leaving everything until last minute.

9. START THE CRITICAL CARE COURSE. So, yes that's right - I am committing myself to something else in 2017! Not a bad thing though, but yes it is going to be a hella lot of work but completely worth it at the end and something which I guess contributes to the next step in my career. So, I am roughly around 18 months into my intensive care nursing career, and I am being put forward to start the course in February which is definitely something I have been wanting to do since the beginning. The completion of this course basically means that I will have a broader knowledge base in the world of critical care, and will also mean that I am actually able to do more in terms of providing care for patients too! Its something I am a little nervous to start as I am anticipating a hell of a lot of work, but also I am doing it at Masters level which is going to be pretty tough also! Besides feeling like this, I am also super excited though and excited for this big step in my career! 

10. EXERCISE AND BE GENERALLY HEALTHIER. Towards the end of 2016 I really did realise how unhealthy I had become and how much rubbish I was actually eating! Every single person seems to enter a new year and immediately want to get fit and healthy, eat better and join the gym - but I just want to be a realist and just start being a little more sensible with what I am actually doing to become healthier. I am off to Ibiza with my friends this Summer, and keep thinking about how I am going to feel about my body when I am there if I was to continue eating the way I had been before christmas! Its this that has spurred me on to want to sort out my diet and start to do some more exercise! So far this January I have been eating far far better and I really want this to continue also!! If anyone is following any incredible fitness or diet bloggers to give me some inspo (particularly for recipes) then please leave me some names down below! Would love to check them out!  

And that's them all! My very achievable goals for 2017! I guess its super handy to have this in written format because at the end of the year I will be able to look back on these things and see how much I have achieved! Do you all have any goals for 2017? What are they? 

Again, wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year! Stay tuned for my 2017 blogging and youtube goals! That post will be coming really soon also!

Much Love



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