Friday, 6 January 2017


Although I brought you yesterdays post which was effectively a round up of 2016, and a little bit of what to expect throughout 2017 - I just wanted to bring you a montage of some of the best bits of 2016 in photograph form. Its been a pretty special year, and I am already super excited for all of the plans I have for 2017! So lets take a little walk through memory lane that is 2016...

We had a family gathering for my Pops 70th Birthday! For the first time ever we managed to get a huge family photo and also had the best weekend staying in a lodge in the Lincolnshire countryside. 

I attended my first ever London Fashion Weekend with one of my best friends, Ruth and also fellow blogger. We had a fantastic couple of days in London, sight seeing, spending time together and sampling a few glasses of bubbles. 

I had the opportunity to work with my all time favourite high street brand, Topshop - for the first time. It was honestly the biggest shock to me ever, to be noticed by the PR for Topshop and over the past year have them wanting to work together on so many exciting collaborations! I really hope that this incredible relationship I have built with this insane brand can continue and I am so excited to see what we can come up with together in 2017. 

I had the opportunity to watch my Mum & Step Dad get married after being together for a longggg time. It was easily up there with one of the best days of my entire life and definitely the best day of 2016! It was honestly the most special weekend ever, and it was such an honour to asked to take their wedding photographs also! 

The wedding day memories also include spending the wedding night in the spa with all of my fabulous family, drinking prosecco (and getting a little bit too drunk). Excited for our next weekend away together already!

Bank holiday weekend fun with my best friends at home! I love nothing more than spending May bank holiday at home, its a time when everyone comes together and has a great time and this year was definitely no exception! 

June was rather special as we welcomed a new furry friend into the family, Betty! Who you will have seen lots of if you have watched my vlogs over on my channel! She has grown into the most hilarious, stubborn dog ever and I cannot even tell you how much I love her already! 

Some of my best friends took a little trip to Sheffield for the weekend for my friend Zoes birthday and yet again we made some of the best memories ever. Its always a fun weekend with this bunch and I would never change any one of them for the world. 

I took part in the Sheffield Colour Run which was actually SO much fun! I was expecting to be so tired after, and for it to tell me how unfit I actually was - but, actually there was barely any running involved, only lots of laughs and fun on the obstacle courses! I loved it! 

I watched my incredibly clever clogs boyfriend graduate! He has worked SO SO hard for this, and finally seeing all of the hard work pay off was so worth it! Masters in Aerospace engineering right here! 

I went on a huge family holiday with all of my nearest and dearest for my Step Dads 50th birthday! Again, it was such an incredible 10 days, filled with making lots of hilarious memories yet again! 

Creamfields with my best friends! A yearly highlight! I am already super excited for this year!!

We finally got around to using our birds of prey experience voucher from my Aunty, and wow was it worth it! I had the opportunity to hold an eagle on my arm and it was so amazing (and heavy)! 

We moved into our current home which is a 3 bedroomed 3 storey house, from our lovely but very pokey little one bedroomed flat! We could not be happier with it, and even in the 3 months we have lived here, we have already managed to fill it with so many individual pieces and put our own little stamp on it! I am already super excited to make so many memories in this home while we save for our very own one!

Yet again, I am totally in awe that I am noticed by the incredible ladies at Topshop and had the opportunity to visit HQ again for an exclusive blogger event! As I said above I am super excited for everything that is to come in 2017 with my favourite brand and I cannot thank them enough for all of the opportunities so far!

The one down moment of 2016 had to be losing my precious dog, Tyke. If you have followed my blog and social media from the beginning then you will recognise him. But unfortunately we had to say goodbye to him in October which was honestly one of the worst things ever and even now, my heart definitely still has not healed. 

In early November, a life long dream of mine happened. I visited New York with Simon. The one place I was desperate to visit for as long as I can remember. We honestly made the best memories ever, we fit SO SO much into a short few days, but we literally managed to do everything that we wanted and more! I already cannot wait to visit again in the future, and if you are considering visiting soon, do it - honestly you will not regret it, its the most amazing place on earth! 

In November I also visited London with my family for our annual girls weekend! This snap was taken at Winter Wonderland with my Mum & Aunty. I love London, and I also love Christmas, so when you put the 2 together I could not have had a better weekend! Roll on London 2017 with these ladies!

The christmas parties started with Simons 1920's style black tie party! I absolutely loved getting all dressed up and supporting my incredible boyfriend at his first works doo! 

And then the next night consisted of my christmas party, which was somewhat different. I dressed up as an alien/spacewoman/something intergalactic, and had a fabulous time yet again! So incredibly lucky to have such an amazing work family!

And then came Christmas. Well some of you may know, I worked Christmas day this year but eventually when I did get home I had the most lovely day. The celebrations continued onto boxing day with Simons family also. This is a very snoozy photograph of Frankie, Simons boxer dog - how lovely is she. 

And finally to top off the year, I finished up by having this family photo with my siblings and our other halves. Followed by a meal with 20 of my other friends, and an incredible house party! We certainly welcomed 2017 in in style, with bagpipes, lots of prosecco and laughs! 


I really hope you enjoyed looking through all of these photos and memories with me, I have really enjoyed putting this post together and remembering all of these very special moments from a very special year! Here is to 2017, I have no predictions for what is going to happen this year, but there will be lots of holiday snaps coming up in next years photograph montage!

Happy 2017 everyone! May your year be enjoyable and healthy!!

Much Love




  1. Looks like you've had one hell of a good year! I would love to work with Topshop! Your so lucky!

    Isobel x

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  2. It is very important to be able to remember such important moments and events as they will help you survive the problems and difficult times giving you strength.


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