Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Ultimate Statement Autumn Boot | Schuh

You may have seen one of my most recent posts all about some beautiful embroidered boots I got my hands on from Topshop, I really did go to town on that post all about how much I loved them and how I really wanted to be more experimental with my footwear choices and instead of going for basics and versatile, I wanted to choose options which were a little bit more statement. If the above boots were not 'statement' then I really do not know what is. 

Usually when people think of leopard print boots, they think cheap and tacky? These are so far away from that! They look SO incredible and really quite expensive in terms of the fabric, how robust they are and also the style! I truly LOVE these boots and did the moment I chose them online. 

I was very kindly gifted these boots by one of my favourite shoe brands, Schuh. I love working with Schuh and showing you the incredible products and statement pieces that they have got in stock, including INCREDIBLE boots like the above. These boots are unlike anything else I have ever owned for my feet, they are super statement and guaranteed to get heads turning. I love the beautiful leopard print pattern, but also what makes these so different is actually the texture of the fabric, it is the beautiful faux hair material and just adds to the effect of the boots. Not only that but I really do love the structure of these boots, the fact they have a thick heel is a huge plus point because it makes walking in them so much more comfortable. Also, the overall fit of these boots is perfect, my foot feels so snug inside and this again makes them so so comfortable and easy to walk in! 

I really did have the above outfit in mind when I chose these boots, I really wanted to team them with a really bulky high necked jumper in an incredible Autumnal colour because I thought these 2 things would compliment each other so much! Although I do think that these boots are perfectly Autumnal, I think they would be incredible wearable throughout other seasons too and could be teamed with dresses, skirts, playsuits, etc. 

I would HIGHLY recommend checking them out online on the Schuh website (I will link them directly below). Also just generally check out Schuh's range of boots in general, if these ones are not to your taste then I am more than 100% sure there will be some on their website which will be! And just because I know that, and I love you all dearly I will personally like some of my other favourites below for you all! 

I also recently featured these boots in a 'what I packed for new york' video so you can check them out in there! I can also pretty much guarantee you will be seeing a lot more of these boots throughout the Autumn and Winter too on my blog, channel and social medias! So be sure to follow me on them so you don't miss out of the incredible pieces I have been grabbing recently. I really hope that you have been enjoying my recent posts, I have been bringing you much more fashion over here on my blog and also my channel so I really hope you have been loving it too! Let me know if there are any posts or videos in particular you would like to see! And don't forget to head over and check out these boots in the video linked below!

Much Love




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