Friday, 11 November 2016

Moddershall Oaks Spa

The nature of my nursing job means that I jump at every single opportunity to attend a spa and spend the day chilling out and relaxing! I always end up leaving work with lots of aches and pains, off continually turning patients throughout the day, and carrying out lots of moving and handling. Whenever I am offered the opportunity for a little relaxation and rejuvenation of my body and muscles, I jump at the chance! Especially when it involves a back massage, offer me one of them and I am immediately sold! 

I was recently given the opportunity to spend the day at the beautiful Moddershall Oaks spa retreat in the Stoke countryside, which was honestly such a fantastic opportunity. The spa was roughly around a 1 hour and 10 minute drive away from Chesterfield which is where I live, so I really did not think that this was too great of a distance to travel for this opportunity. Myself and my boyfriend, Simon were invited along to review the spa facilities, have an incredible 2 course lunch and also enjoy a treatment from their limited edition range. Not only was this such a wonderful experience for me, but also for Simon as he has never been to a spa before, and also never had a massage - so this was really a first impressions for him as well. 

When we arrived at the spa between 9am and 9:30am (after only taking one wrong turn on route) we found ourselves weaving down a very picturesque country track into a valley in which Moddershall Oaks was actually situated. It really did portray the very remote and beautiful countryside and immediately it allowed you to feel at ease and completely relaxed. I am a huge country bum, in that I have spent my whole childhood and teenage years living and growing up in a really small town in the County Durham countryside, and so therefore for me, the country is immediately relaxing and is definitely my happy place. 

On our arrival we then wandered down to the main entrance and were immediately greeted and checked in by the super friendly reception staff, and then asked to sit in the lounge/bar area, fill in our documents, order from the beautiful lunch menu and enjoy a welcome drink, which was a very lovely fresh orange juice which was very tart (just the way I like juice). We were then given a tour of the facilities and provided with lots of information about our day and what it would involve, as well as given a specific booking time for our treatments and our lunch. Following our tour, me and Simon then went our separate ways into the changing rooms which were very clean and tidy and also well equipped with showers, changing cubicles, mirrors, hair dryers, lockers etc. We also were provided with individual lockers which had our very own robes and towels inside and we were able to walk around the facilities and have our lunch in our robes which added for that extra chilled and relaxing feel. On the other side of the changing rooms was the indoor pool and Jacuzzi facilities, as well as foot baths, a shower experience with 3 different settings, and an indoor steam room. We gave each of the different facilities a go - my favourite was probably the steam room, I always feel like they are doing some serious goodness for my skin, and I find myself to really be reflective and relaxed when I am in steam rooms - wanting to sweat out any bad feeling I currently have and I immediately feel so much better after! I also really enjoyed doing a few lengths of the indoor poor and this not feeling like a strenuous exercise, instead it was much more welcomed and very relaxing. 

Following a relaxed first half of the morning at the inside facilities, we then decided to venture up to the top of the spa which is where my favourite parts were! The outdoor heated pool/jacuzzi, the sauna and the indoor relaxation lounge! What I absolutely loved about the outdoor pool was how relaxing and serene it really does feel when you are sitting in a piping hot pool, with the cold air and countryside around you - it makes me feel so at ease and so relaxed, I just love it! The pool is also surrounded by lots of relaxing recliner chairs and a fire which is accessible from outside but also the inside relaxation lounge - this definitely added more of a sense of cosiness, there is always something about fires which makes them so relaxing! Usually I am not a massive fan of saunas, but actually I really enjoyed relaxing in this one, I think it had more to do with the fact that the moments between getting out of the pool and running either inside or into the sauna involved you holding your breath because the AIR WAS SO COLD! The sauna was then definitely a welcome surprise because it was so warm and toasty after being outside in the freezing cold! 

The inside relaxation area was just something else as well! It was filled with cosy sofas, blankets, a fire, serene music, net curtains, candles, everything in the world that you could imagine to be relaxing - this room was filled with it! The ladies who showed us around encouraged this to be a place where you just chilled out and relaxed doing whatever it is that makes you feel this way. So this could have been reading a paper, a magazine or a book, chilling on your phone on the wifi or even having a sleep! I also treat myself to a Baileys and vanilla hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows because to me this added to the whole cosiness of the whole room! And WOW IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL TOO!! This was Simons favourite room too, because it allowed him time to chill and all day I found myself listening to him say - please can we go back in that room! 

Whilst Simon enjoyed a little alone time in the relaxation room I also took the opportunity to have a little wander around the gift shop area which was filled with incredible products which could be found around the whole spa and also products used within the treatments! So there were products from brands such as Neom, GHD, Elemis, Vita Liberata and more! Much to my surprise I actually did not purchase anything, I was very well behaved! But I did love having a good mooch around and really enjoyed browsing! 

Next of all was lunchtime - and believe me, we were SO ready for this! My food was everything I want in a spa day lunch, light and tasty and Simon just chose his typical dishes which are quite the opposite of mine, but tasty all the same. For a starter I went for the fresh & smoked salmon tartare which was SO BEAUTIFUL! Simon went for the Leek & Potato soup which was super nice, I had a little taste of it and honestly as far as soups go, it was so lovely! 

For my main dish I went for the baked goats cheese salad and red onion marmalade, honestly this is my ideal lunch dish! It was so beautiful honestly, really light but so tasty with the goats cheese and red onion! I love goats cheese so naturally this dish was an absolute winner for me! Simon went for the steak burger which again, he said was absolutely divine - and I would definitely consider him to be a bit of a burger connoisseur so I definitely trust his instinct. 

Obviously after these 2 dishes there was absolutely no room for pudding - but I did have a little space for a couple of glasses of prosecco which were honestly so amazing! Is there anything better than chilling in an outdoor heated pool with a cool glass of fizz in hand? I think not. 

The last part of our time at Moddershall Oaks involved a 25 minute massage each, we both went for the honey and gold back massage which was amazing! To start off our treatments (obviously I cannot speak for Simon because we were separate) but mine started with an incredible foot and full body exfoliation - which was so lovely! Following this I had a beautiful back massage involving the use of a honey oil - it was amazinggg! I would highly recommend giving this treatment a go if you visit Moddershall oaks! 

In terms of value and cost of the spa days, I will link you to the Moddershall oaks spa section a little bit further down in this post. I was kindly gifted the little luxury spa package which retailed for £105 and included a 2 course lunch, a back massage and a full day in the spa. Simon was very very kindly given the Time out package which included a full days spa and a 2 course lunch - so therefore I had to pay for his treatment, but it was entirely worth it! 

Personally if you go, I would HIGHLY recommend you try the little luxury package because honestly getting a treatment is so worth it, and it definitely just completes a spa day! 

I just wanted to take this huge opportunity and say thankyou to the amazing staff at Moddershall oaks for a lovely and relaxing Sunday! We both had a fabulous time! The food and facilities were amazing and my massage was beautiful! Very much recommend to anyone who lives nearby and wants to give it a go, or even if you live within an hour and a half, I would recommend the trek for it! 

Head over to my video which I will link below, and check out my vlog from the spa day too! 

Much Love




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