Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Marc Jacobs Beauty - @ John Lewis

Apologies for the missing 2 posts last week, unfortunately it was a malfunction with my internet and crossing over between internet providers just did not run smoothly! However, I have ranted enough about that within my 4 walls, so I will not go on about it any more on here! 

Anyway, today I just wanted to bring you a brief little blog post showing you some of the products I have been getting my hands on my John Lewis, now that they officially stock Marc Jacobs Beauty products. Before getting my hands on these, I already owned one product from the Marc Jacobs collection which was the contour palette which I absolutely swear by over and over! I was super excited to receive a surprise bunch of products from John Lewis, to try out and show you guys! I honestly love every single one, some more than others but I really have fallen for all of them and have been using them extremely regularly since! In this post I just really wanted to simply link all of the products for you, as well as pointing you in the direction of my youtube video which features ALL of the products and my first impressions of each and every one. In that video you can see the look I created using each one, as well as which one of the products was my personal favourite! And so for now, I am just going to provide you with a tonne of links down below for you to head over and check out the products and Marc Jacobs beauty range!

Much Love



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