Tuesday, 18 October 2016

An Autumn Look Done Right Using The MORPHE 35T Palette

Firstly, on this post you may well notice that I am trying a little bit of a different layout and trying not to make everything so samesy as previous posts. I really want to mix things up, and I am trying to transform my blog by bringing you posts about products, looks, pieces and places I have been head over heels for! I am really wanting to narrow down the types of content I bring to you on my blog, and want to make it much more professional and informative over here, and then my youtube is the place where we can have a little bit more fun! I hope you are all ok with this, but sometimes I just feel as though my feed gets cluttered with talking about things which I maybe only feel slightly passionate about, and so therefore I miss the window of opportunity for me to talk about things which I am loving at that moment and I am UBER passionate about at that time! I still have the intention of getting plenty of content up for you guys, but instead of rushing to get things done and feeling the pressure of being like "oh crap I have no post for tomorrow" *must dash and quickly put something together* I really want to make content which I am super proud of and worked solidly on for some time! 

I am definitely feeling that one of the ways I could make my content seem better, even just for myself is if I could find a camera wizz to take some photographs for me! Don't get me wrong, my boyfriend and my Mum do a cracking job, especially for people who literally know nothing about cameras, but I really want to trial working with someone who really knows what they are doing, and can help me better my content by incredible fashion and lifestyle photography. 

If you are in the South Yorkshire/Derbyshire or even County Durham area, and you know what you are doing with a camera please feel free to email me on : Laurenthwaites14@outlook.com 


Now lets talk Morphe 35T. Make up is a massive passion of mine. I love collecting incredible products, trying incredible products out and letting you all know what I think, and most importantly applying them onto myself and seeing what I can come up with. As my love of make up continues to spiral, I am gradually finding more and more products I am crazy about - including this new addition to my collection, the Morphe 35T palette! I do not think I could have got my hands on this palette at a better time of year! It is filled with 35 amazing shades of browns, purples and golds which allows you the opportunity to create so many amazing autumnal looks, both appropriate for day and night time. 

If you love shimmers, this palette is for you. If you love mattes this palette is also for you. Its for everyones taste. One of the worst qualities I have is definitely that I over-pack for my weekends away/holidays etc, but since I grabbed this palette - I have literally narrowed down my packing so much! I use this palette every single day without fail! Not only is is already so well used, but also the quality and pigmentation is amazing, the variety of colours is out of this world (I never realised there could be so many shades of brown), but also these are amazingly good value! Luckily for me, this one was actually a birthday gift I recently received for my 24th birthday (check it out in my 'what I got for my 24th birthday' video), but these retail at an amazing £21.75 from Cult Beauty. This equals to 62p per eyeshadow, how amazing is that?! 

I am so happy that Autumn is finally here. I feel like I can have the most fun with my make up throughout the Autumn season. Lets be honest, no base is too heavy, the cool toned bronzers can come out, no amount of highlight is too much, you can experiment with the beautiful golden and brown toned eye shadow, and everyone who is anyone is rocking a berry lip. Autumn looks are just the best! The only thing about Autumn is I feel like you really need to up your blending game when it comes to eye shadows, I am in no way an expert at this and I am forever learning new ways to make my make up look better, however I really do not think you can go wrong with a good set of make up brushes! I am on researching some new ones at the moment and precariously deciding which ones I want to choose to add to my collection next. The current ones I am eyeing up at the Rose Gold Zoeva's and the Iconic London Brushes because they are seriously aesthetically pleasing as well as being amazing according to so many of my youtube favourites.

The amount of Autumn Looks I have actually managed to create with this palette is so unbelievable! If you actually look at the span of colours above then you will be able to understand why the 35T has allowed me to do this. Although very Autumn appropriate in terms of its colours, certain shades from the above could be made very versatile for other seasons throughout the year and some of the golden shimmers could certainly work their way into many Summer looks. 

I guess now would be a really good time to point you in the direct of the other Morphe palettes I am falling for the more I look at them online! So, if you head over to the Cult Beauty website you can actually see the endless choices, but now I am just going to mention some of the other ones I feel are completely Autumn appropriate. Firstly you have the 35P Plum Palette which is essentially a very Autumnal palette filled with plum shades and browns - the plums add a sense of a brighter look and would be perfect for if you love to add a serious pop of colour to any look. However, you must be the queen of blending to be able to pull it off! Next is the 35F Fall into Frost Palette which has the most beautiful range of browns, nudes, taupes and burgundy shades - it is basically the shade of Autumn leaves in a palette! I would love to have the opportunity to play around with these shades and see what incredible looks it creates! The final Palette I am going to mention in detail is the 35OM Matte Nature Glow, now this one is probably my favourite from the 3 mentioned and every time I head over to the Cult Beauty website I find myself drooling over it. I LOVE matte eye shadows and some of the shades in this are SO beautiful I just want it so much! This palette is filled with browns, nudes, neutrals, oranges and red tones - some of which are super unique, and some are so versatile and could be worn through any season, with any look! You can all pretty much guarantee that to see this palette in my collection at some point in the future as I know I am going to be getting my mitts on it before long, and giving in to the temptation! 

As well as the 3 palettes above, there is also the 35OS, 35K and 35O which are again all very perfect for Autumn! 


Have you got any Autumn palettes which you have been head over heels for? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet them to me over on 'whtlaurenlovess'. Also don't forget about all of the blog changes I have mentioned above. If there is anything in particular you love reading about here on WhatLaurenLovess, then I need you to just send me a little tweet or an email on laurenthwaites14@outlook.com and I will be sure to add it to the list of things I will be bringing to you over here! Also don't forget to head over and subscribe to my channel to see this palette in action, as well as lots of fun and exciting content, including challenges, collaborations with some of my lovely youtube friends, lots of vlogs and soon to be Christmas themed videos. Its youtube.com/laurenmaythwaites to head straight over there!

I really hope you have enjoyed today's post, I will be back soon with some more content for you all! Just watch this space is all I am saying! 

Much Love



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  1. Hey Lauren, your photography is fantastic! I love the Autumnal makeup look, so pretty with your hair colour. Great post and great style! :) xoxo Shaz



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