Thursday, 8 September 2016

UK Glamorous Floral Dip Hem Dress

Today I am bringing you yet another short but sweet blogpost about another of my holiday outfit choices for my recent trip to Lanzarote, and this one I have been particularly excited to share with you because I am truly head over heels with this dress! I was searching for something a little bit different when I stumbled upon this UK Glamorous dress on the ASOS website a little while before my holiday. Basically I had been on the hunt for a beautiful maxi dress, but every single one I was stumbling across which I loved seemed to be something which I knew just would not suit me whatsoever. They were all either backless (which I cannot get away with because I NEED to wear a bra) or they were extremely V necked which I could also not get away with for the same reasons as above. So when I came across the beautiful piece I knew I needed to have it. 

I wanted something which stood out from everything else I would wear throughout my holiday because I wanted something a little bit different and special for Gary (my step dad's) 50th Birthday meal and evening. I fell in love with the colours of this dress, the beautiful red with blue flowers was unlike anything else I owned and I was crazy about the dip hem design. I found that I got so many compliments when I wore this and I also felt amazing in it, which is what you want right? I teamed this with some simple black sandals and a simple make up look to not distract away from the beautiful dress. 

My advice if you too are like me, and struggle with finding such beautiful maxi dresses which you just know would not suit your figure, I would recommend this beautiful one - or something similar! Go for something with something a little bit different to them - whether that be a dip hem, some embellishments, a cool pattern or a different colour, find a dress which makes you not even think about the ones you dream of. I know this dress did not even make me think about all of the those low cut ones I had swooned over before hand. I am already thinking about the next time I will get to wear this beautiful piece and in the process of planning 2017 Summer holidays in which this will definitely be coming along for the ride. For me, the thing with Summer pieces like maxi dresses is that I seem to get years and years of wear out of them because I only seem to sport them on my holidays and so therefore do not get bored of wearing them and I certainly don't think about how many times people will have seen me wearing them. 

Which pieces have you been loving this Summer?

Much Love



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