Friday, 30 September 2016

Something About Dip Hem Skirts...

There is something about dip hem skirts which I absolutely love. It could be that I just love how floaty and pretty this particular one is, and how flattering the style absolutely loves, it could be that in the back of my mind I know that this one was an absolute Primark bargain, or it could be that there is something just a little bit sexy about revealing a little bit of your legs whilst wearing something which I feel looks really classic. Whatever the reason, I love them all the same! 

I was actually homeware shopping in my local Primark just a few days ago when I actually spotted some skirts just like this - I was so shocked and surprised because the one I am wearing above is actually from 2015! I saved this outfit for the last day of my holiday, because sometimes I like to think that I save the best until last - and these pieces are definitely some of my favourites ever. I decided to team my dip hem Primark skirt with a beautiful and simple MissGuided black body, which just cinched everything in in all the right places and looked absolutely fab! I think another thing I love about dip hems like the above (because the list is just never ending) is how when the wind catches it, it blows so gracefully and looks amazing! I love anything floaty, I think it just looks so pretty! The material of this skirt is stunning also, its a beautiful flannel style material which is super light and airy - making it perfect for a little trip abroad. 

In case you did not know, I am actually going on a Mediterranean cruise next July. I think outfits like the above would be perfect for days where you head off the boat to explore beautiful new cities and places. It is so light and breathable that it would be completely appropriate for exploring in the heat! I cannot wait to grab some more dip hem skirts for my holidays next year! I really do think they look beautiful! 

If you have any beautiful dip hem skirts, or even just floaty skirts which you think I NEED for my holidays next year then feel free to leave me any links to the items or blogposts down below so I can head over and have a peek!

Dip Hem Skirt Above - Primark

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  1. I love dip hem skirts and dresses, they are so stylish <3 this one from Primark is so cute!

    Kim //


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