Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Napoleons Casino Bloggers Night | Ecclesall Road, Sheffield

So, a little while back I got invited to an event which was actually something a little bit different to any events I have attended in the past, but also different to anything I have ever done in general. There are literally so many positives about this event that I felt writing a blog post would be completely legit and I knew I would have so much to write about. Firstly, I will start this post by saying a huge thank you to everything at Napoleons casino on ecclesall road! I do not think that I have ever been to an event and felt so well looked after! Not only that, but all of the staff made our evening super enjoyable!!

I think what got his event off to a heard start with being a good one was that we were informed about it so far in advance! One of my qualms about blogger events is that we are usually informed about them roughly 1 week in advance, which I find super frustrating because having a full time job alongside my blog means that I quite often have to miss events as my rota is done so far in advance. I am not saying I expect companies to tell me about an event 3 months in advance, but basically just giving me more than 1 week to attempt to change my shift would make a huge difference. So therefore the napoleon event was already on to a winner with me when they asked me 1 month in advance. 

Next, the event was just a winner also! Firstly, I got to attend with some of my best blogging friends, and their other halves! Which was super nice, it was lovely for our other halves to be involved and also meet each other too! We were kept fully up to date of what to expect for the evening as well as information such as where to park, and what the menu consisted of. Another fab thing about the event was actually that they allowed plus ones to attend, because lets be honest - they really did not need to do that but the thought and gesture was so lovely!! I really did love bringing Simon also and letting him have a sense of what blogging events involves, rather than just getting home and telling him all about it. I also loved getting a little bit more dressed up with my blogging girls, because usually event attire includes jeans and trainers. For the event I wore a beautiful summery floral Topshop dress and my trusty favourite black Topshop boots. Everyone who attended also looked absolutely fabulous!

So I actually went along to the event with Simon, my boyfriend (obviously), and my blogging bestie, Aimee as well as her lovely hubby - Jim! When we got to the casino we then met some of my other Sheffield blogger besties, including Helen from the midnight city, Hannah from the sheffielder and Girl eats Sheffield. We were greeted by some incredible cocktails and there was literally one for every single preference. I chose a raspberry daiquiri and numerous amaretto sours and honestly they were so beautiful! Especially the amaretto sours!! 

Now lets talk about the food! We had the opportunity to each sample a 3 course meal choosing from the amazing variety of dishes! For my starter I went for the goats cheese (which incase you guys did not know, is one of my favourite foods in the whole world) it was honestly so so beautiful and super light! The kind of thing I want from a starter is something which is really tasty but also something not too heavy which is going to fill you up before your main meal! This dish was honestly so perfect and everything I ask for in a starter dish! The next dish I went for was the Salmon which again was such a beautiful dish and very very light! I think that there is personally nothing I hate more than a really hefty meal which makes you feel as though you have swallowed a brick, and for me this entire meal was just the perfect amount because there was not too much of it, the fish was beautiful and idyllic for what I enjoy to eat on a night out and also there was an incredible range of vegetables and potatoes to have with it to make it extra yummy! Finally, the finish off I went for the creme brulee which was actually SO GOOD. I wouldn't necessarily say I have a sweet tooth but when I do fancy a dessert it is usually something like this or something along the lines of an eton mess. This dessert was just enough, super tasty and the perfect light end to a light meal! I loved it and would highly recommend trying it if you go to napoleons and have a meal yourselves! You can check out the rest of the menu by clicking here

Finally, to end the evening we actually had a little lesson in roulette. Now I have been completely blind to everything which goes on in casinos and gambling in general because to tell you the truth I am not the luckiest person in the world and never win anything! However I was super intrigued to learn to play roulette and see what the casino was all about. I actually really enjoyed learning how to play and from the lesson I actually managed to leave the evening £20 up which is something completely new for me because obviously as I said above, I never win anything! 

I honestly had the most lovely evening and something really different to what I usually get up to! Napoleons would definitely be somewhere I would visit again and somewhere I would definitely recommend you trying out if you have never been before! You really can make a night of it there because obviously you start off with the food, followed by some drinks and some gambling and honestly I had such a good time! Thanks again to everyone at Napoleons casino for an absolutely incredible evening and something really different and fun! 

Much Love



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