Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo - New Product Review

At long last I am bringing you a follow up post of one of my favourite ranges of products ever! And that is the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo range! I am crazy obsessed with the scent coconut as you guys may well know if you have been followers of WLL for a long time! I am forever bleating on about the scent and how much I love it, so therefore when I got scent the above 2 products (which are the newest to the range) I knew I needed to give them a mention here on the blog! 

In case you had not read it already, I have posted once here on my blog all about the range of shampoo, conditioner, hair milk and treatment which you can check out by clicking here. I found the range of products to be amazing, and honestly just ticked every single box of an ideal hair product for myself and my hair!! The consistency of the products ensured that my hair got the extra moisture it needed and left my hair feeling extremely smooth and full of life. As sometimes blondes can look a little bit dry and tired, this range definitely spruced my hair up and I truly loved it! Anyway - when I was sent these next instalments of the range I knew I would love them, and I just wanted to tell you all a little bit about them! 

So, firstly lets talk all about the light serum spray which in my eyes is quite similar to the coconut spritz which is one of the products I received a little while back. However, the spritz has just run out so therefore this could not have arrived at a better time!! The serum spray is designed to leave your hair feeling glossy and smelling UNBELIEVABLE! I tend to spray this on once I have towel dried my hair and brushed it ready for it to be blow dried. I generously spray this product throughout the bottom half of my hair and then blow dry it and honestly I LOVE the effect it has. It leaves my hair feeling super soft, looking incredible shiny, and smelling unreal! If you love using serums and are looking for a new one to try then I honestly could not recommend this one enough! It is amazing! I will link this below for you to head over and grab also!! 

Next we have the dry shampoo! A lazy girls essential item but I love it! Now, in the past I have used dry shampoos and immediately regretted it and hated them because they leave your hair looking white and worse than it started out. Also they can leave your hair feeling sticky and dirty and just not good as a whole really. I was excited to try this one, regardless of my previous opinions of dry shampoo and I think this because the rest of the range has been amazing in my eyes! Much to my happiness, when I tried it I really did love it! Which is odd for me, I usually hate dry shampoos in aerosol form. I think the smell did it for me, I am not going to lie! I really do love how strong this product smells and it also did not leave my hair feeling dirty and sticky like some dry shampoos do!! 

In summary of this post. I do not think Lee Stafford could ever bring out a product in this range that I would not like! I love every single one of these products so far, and much to my happiness and on looking online whilst writing this post - I have just discovered that there are actually more that I have not yet tried! Including a mousse and hairspray - 2 products which I get so much wear out of considering I have naturally curly and uncontrollable hair! I must try these new ones next! Let me know in the comments below what you have thought of this incredible range of products and if any have stood out to you more than others!! 

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