Thursday, 22 September 2016

It's important to break your own norms...

Something a little bit out of my comfort zone but an amazing outfit all the same. Wearing pieces which display my chest somewhat, is not really something I tend to do very often - in fact I never do it. My chest is a part of my body which I have not very confident about, and I literally would never ever sport a V neck top without a bra - and the only reason I did on this occasion is because the bralet was so supportive that really it acted as a bra in itself. 

Before I wore this outfit on holiday I had to really plan everything. I had to ensure I had something to wear it with that would not put any other part of my body on show, which is why my legs were wellll hidden underneath this black maxi skirt. Another thing about wearing this outfit on holiday is obviously that I really needed to be aware of the shape of the neckline, meaning that when choosing a bikini on a morning I had to be very careful because I did not want oddly placed tan lines as personally I felt as though this would reduce the likelihood of me wearing it. I know what I am like, and when I do not feel 100% in something it makes me so anxious wearing it - to the point that I would probablies take it off and get changed or I would just feel horrible in it the entire time. Anyway, I tanned in a particular bikini for a couple of days purely to get appropriate tan lines for this bralet and when I did wear it I got SO many compliments! I did not feel 100% comfortable in it, but then I knew I wouldn't because I had never worn anything like this before - however, the feedback from wearing this outfit and how much I actually did love it has actually opened my eyes to trying out new ways for me to wear these kind of pieces and feel more comfortable in them! 

If you actually check out my August Favourites video on my channel then you will have heard me talking about a body that I recently purchased from Topshop which is also a V neck design and usually would be entirely appropriate to not wear a bra underneath. However, in order to make it work for me I decided to wear a beautiful laced bra underneath to make me feel comfortable but also add that little bit of extra something. If you have not seen that video yet then you can head over by clicking here. Anywhere more to the point, I wanted to show you this outfit not only because I feel like it probably one I seemed to get most compliments in, but also because I guess theres a message behind what I am trying to say. Its important to break your own norms, mix things up a little bit and push yourself out of your own comfort zone. If you LOVE something which other people are wearing, there is absolutely no reason why you can't make it work for you! So what if I hate my own boobs, I absolutely love the v neck design of pieces and I will wear them and make them work in ways which work for me!!

Both of the above pieces in this outfit are actually pretty old school Topshop, but I will try and find some alternatives for you to grab if you love the outfit! 

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