Friday, 19 August 2016

The Treat Kitchen Confectionery - coming soon to Meadowhall

What do I love more than sweets? Pretty much nothing! They are my favourite naughty treat and something which I am pretty much always craving! I recently received an incredible selection of sweeties to try out from The treat Kitchen which is a confectionery currently based in Nottingham BUT is shortly locating to Meadowhall in Sheffield which is essentially the reason why I decided to bring you this post so I can let all of you Sheffielders know that you can soon grab these amazing treats right on your doorstep!! I will be able to provide you with some more information soon on my twitter as to when the store will be opening! The treat kitchen has been in action since September 2014 and offers a variety of over 300 different sweets, chocolates and fudges! Not only is the variety huge but there are also a range of products which are perfect for vegans and vegetarians, and are sugar free and gluten free. They are also offering confectionery for weddings and candy buffets! Sounds perfect right?! 

So now, lets talk about the incredible products I received from the Treat Kitchen! I got sent the incredible radioactive cherry sours, pear drops & coconut mushrooms which are something from every range of products that the treat kitchen has to offer. The Treat Kitchen stocks traditional boiled sweets which are some of the time all-time classics like pear drops, cola cubes, rhubarbs and custards - we all love a classic boiled sweet don't we! If you know me, then you know I LOVE sour sweets, they are my favourite! I was super excited to receive the radioactive cherry sours as not only are they super sour, but also are cherry flavoured and I LOVE cherry sweets!! The sourness of these sweets lasts approximately 30-40 seconds and if you LOVE sour sweets which make you face go all screwed up and tongue feel funny then you will love these! They are coated in malic acid which is essentially the acid you find in cooking apples! Finally the last of the sweets I was sent were the coconut mushrooms which come under the 'sweet shop heroes' category as they are the range of sweets that everyone loves! So under this range they have well known sweets such as fizzy bubblegum bottles (MY FAVOURITES EVER), gobstoppers, foam bananas and more! Basically the sweets we all know and love! Finally there are the chocolate delights category - which includes Belgian chocolates, truffles and fudges! Sounds the dream right?! I am so excited to have this in Meadowhall and super excited for the opening event which should be REALLY soon! 

If you guys want to check out the Treat Kitchens social media to see what kind of goodies they have in their stocklists then I will leave everything down below for you to head straight over! BUT also don't forget to head over and follow my twitter so you don't miss the information about the store being officially open in Meadowhall, Sheffield! 

Instagram - @thetreatkitchen
Facebook - /Treatitchen

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