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Summer Holiday Make Up Essentials

I'm BAAACK. Ok, so I didn't actually disappear off the scene but I have been somewhat quieter over the last 2 weeks and this is purely due to the fact that I have been away on my holidays to Lanzarote, which I am sure you will all have known if you follow my snapchat, instagram, twitter etc. I will be honest with you, I really intended to have so much scheduled for you all whilst I was away, but before hand I simply ran out of time - so therefore I am goign to be playing catch up a little bit with some of the posts which I really did want to go live before I actually went on my holiday (like this one). 

So, as you can see from the above flatlay, I put together a selection of the make up products I wanted to take on my holiday and wanted to talk you through why I was choosing to take each one! I love reading about peoples choices of make up for their holidays and in the past it has actually inspired me to add some pieces to my collection PURELY for my Summer holidays so I thought why not do this myself! I really do try to mix up my make up as much as possible when I am aware, wearing more bronzer, a lighter coverage foundation and more highlighter (because you can never wear too much foundation when you're on holiday right?). So now, I am going to briefly talk you through what I chose to take away with me this year & I will provide links to everything I talk about too, so that you can head over and grab it yourself! 

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette - Obviously this was a must have palette to have in my make up bag for my holidays! It is the most beautiful shimmery palette for contour and highlighting and what more do you want than glowy skin when you're abroad! 

Illamasqua Precision Ink Liquid Eyeliner - This was a must in my make up bag, not only for my holidays but in general! I have massively fallen in love with this product and it is the first ever high end liquid eyeliner I have owned. I am not going to lye, but I officially think I am converted into being a lover of high end eyeliners as opposed to drug store ones! This one has the most incredible nib for application of the perfect winged line! I just love it! VERY worth a purchase!!

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette - My favourite ever eyeshadow palette so how could I not bring it on holiday with me! It has so many incredible shades in it, from brights to neutrals and mattes to shimmers! Everything and more you could need for your holidays! 

Nars Steven Klein Vengeful Highlight and Blush Duo - I have mentioned this duo on numerous occasions because I just simply love it so much! Honestly, this is the only highlight I have worn for months and it is only until recently that I have branched out and added new ones to my collection! Nothing creates a more perfect highlight for me than this beautiful one! Adding some of this to your cheek bones, brow bone, end of your nose and cupids bow literally is the PERFECT finish to your Summer holiday make up look! I absolutely love it! 

Mac Give Me Sun Bronzer - I actually heard of this bronzer from the incredibly influencial Sarah Ashcroft, and when I saw how it created the most beautiful bronze on most of her videos on her channel, I just knew I needed to add this to my collection of make up for the Summer!! I was definitely not wrong to make this purchase, I used it pretty much every single day on holiday to add that extra bronzed glow to the face! I could not recommend a bronzer enough, it is a must have for your Summer holiday make up looks!! 

Sleek Highlighting Palette 'Solstice' - One of the most recent additions to my Summer make up collection and a very good one I might like to add! Literally the most incredible highlighter palette EVER. The shades are all very different but yet all have the most incredible highlighting effect! The palettes has purples, pinks and golds and its just amazing (I won't go into too much detail about it because there will be a blogpost coming really soon about the whole thing!). But seriously, at less than £10 you NEED this palette in your Summer make up collection!! 

Urban Decay NAKED skin concealer - An incredibly long lasting, illuminating and brightening concealer that you just need in your collection to add to brightening and covering any blemishes you have! I have heard nothing but good things about this concealer which is the reason why I decided to purchase it before my holidays! I have fallen absolutely head over heels for this product too! And yet again I would definitely recommend you all get your hands on it too!! 

Urban Decay NAKED Smoky Palette - Although I am crazy in love with the Gwen Stefani palette, this one has been one I have been reaching for A LOT recently. I have mainly been using the gold and bronze shimmers throughout the Summer and using them as all over lid shades and I have just been loving the effect they give! I used this palette so much on my recent travels to Lanzarote and I am pretty sure it will be a palette I will continue to use throughout the Summer, I just love it!  

Loreal Infallible Fixing Mist - A product which has been well loved and used over the last few months! I use this every single day without fail, its just the best product to ensure that your make up never budges throughout the day! It was an absolute no brainer that I would be taking this away with me to ensure that my make up was super long lasting against the heat of Lanzarote! I used this every single evening I applied my make up and honestly at less than £10 I could not recommend it enough, it is a staple item in my make up routine and an absolute bargain! 

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick - I feel like I could do a whole blog post dedicated to these lipsticks as they have become my favourites and I have been wearing them so so much! Just a couple of days before heading off on my holiday I actually purchased a nude shade of these lipsticks as well as the trusty pink I already owned above. I have to say, I have been LOVING using these lipsticks they are the most incredibly creamy formula and yet super mattifying without being drying whatsoever! You can definitely expect to see a post on my blog soon about these lipsticks as I know for a fact I will be adding so many more to my collection!! 

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara - The ultimate mascara to transform your lashes and one that I have definitely fallen in love with over the last few months! It was a no brainer that I would be taking this away with me - I love it! 

Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes Mascara - This was definitely the mascara I have reached for most over my travels! Its my current favourite and just leaves my lashes looking transformed! I have used this so often recently and talked about it so much that I won't go into it in much detail but basically its just simply amazing and the one I used pretty much every night on holiday! 

NYX proof it waterproof eyeshadow primer - A step of my make up routine that simply cannot be missed, therefore it could definitely not be forgotten for my holidays! I use this every single time I do my eyeshadow and it keeps it in place perfectly, means that it does not crease, and makes the pigmentation so much stronger! Its amazing and I simply cannot recommend getting your hands on it enough! If you head over to my channel then you will notice I use it in pretty much every single tutorial I post! I am obsessed! 

Mac Studio Fix Moisturiser - A product I would say I have re-discovered in my make up collection over the last few weeks! I think it is just the perfect under layer for your make up and it adds to that glowy, dewy look you want when you are away on holiday! I have been using this so much as a moisturiser underneath my make up and I absolutely love it! 

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - This was the foundation which definitely got use most throughout my holidays and this was because it is a very build able foundation which can be worn as light or heavy coverage, and due to having this option I decided this would be the best foundation to bring along with me! At the beginning of the holiday I used it as a more heavy coverage but then towards the end I used less and less for a more lighter coverage and also because my tan on my face became more noticeable and therefore my face was no longer matching my body when I was applying make up at night. 

Mac Prolong wear Foundation - The foundation which best matched my skin tone at the beginning of the holiday but as time went on it just gradually became further and further away from matching the rest of my tan! I really do love this foundation and it was the perfect coverage and shade for the first few days! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade - I don't really know how I got to this point and had not discovered this incredible product! It is the only product I know which can make my brows actually look ok! It is so easy to apply, the pigmentation is incredible and I just cannot get through one single day without using it! If you have not yet tried this product and are looking for a new brow product I could not express enough how much you need this in your collection! It's the best! 

Mac Cosmetics Eyeshadow 'red brick' - Yet another product which I have re-discovered recently and I have fallen head over heels for it! If you want to see how I have been using it then head over to my most recent video on my channel by clicking here and you can see it for yourselves in detail! It is the most beautiful Summer and Autumn shade and works so well to blend into the crease with a variety of other shades! I love it! If there is any Mac eyeshadows you need in your life, it is definitely this one! 

NYX Cosmetics Soft Matte Lip Cremes - I obviously could not go away without these incredible products! Instead of me naming each and every one then you can head over to my recent post featuring them by clicking here

Collection Lasting Perfection Powder - The only compact powder I own and I honestly would never wish for another - the coverage is amazing and its incredibly mattifying and locks in your make up perfectly! When you get a shiny face on holiday the best thing for it is to mattify with an incredible powder, and this one honestly does the trick! At less than £5 you literally cannot go wrong! 

Kylie Cosmetics Glosses in 'Literally' and 'So Cute' - The perfect nude lip glosses which are idyllic for both day time and night time. I particularly enjoyed wearing both of these for daytime when we were off exploring or off for some lunch because not only were they hydrating but they were also a beautiful colour which looked incredible on the lips! If you can get your hands on these I would definitely recommend grabbing them - they are amazing and super versatile! 

Eylure Prolash Individual lash extensions - I am not really someone to wear lashes on holiday but every now and then I have really enjoyed just popping a few of these individuals on just for a little bit of something extra! They are super good value, really easy to apply and look amazing when they are on - definitely worth the purchase!! 


So there we have it, the long list of make up products I decided to take on my holidays this Summer! As I mentioned above, everything is linked above for you all to go over and grab!! There is going to be SO many holiday blog posts and lots coming up on my channel really soon featuring all of this make up and sneak peaks of the looks I created are already over on my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' if you can't wait a little bit longer to see which looks I created! 

Also, heres a little hint of something coming SO soon, but if you have not already seen then I am getting SO close to 100,000 views on my blog! I promised you all ages ago I would be doing something special for you when I reached this milestone so I am going to hint to you now that the product has been mentioned above which I will be giving away to one lucky person, and its a rare product which is pretty difficult to get your hands on (HINT HINT). The give away will be going live on my instagram soon so you NEED to be following me over there to be in with a chance of winning and to find out the rest of the details! 

Also, don't forget to head over to my channel and subscribe in preparation for all of my travel related posts coming really soon!! You can click here to head over and subscribe now, its that easy!! 

Much Love 



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