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Top Summer Lipsticks | Drugstore

Its no secret that I am obsessed with lipsticks, and I love nothing more than bringing you posts here on the blog telling you all about my favourites for particularly occasions/seasons and also just chatting about which ones I have been picking up in general. So, today I wanted to chat to you about some affordable, AMAZING drugstore products which are my favourite for the Summer months, and to be perfectly honest I have been wearing to death. 

You will have noticed from the photography on this post that mainly this list is going to compile of NYX products, some mattes & 1 gloss, but also a couple of other ones from the brands Bourjois & Maybelline. NYX is definitely a new found love of mine, I am forever finding myself drifting towards their products whether it be online or in store and I pretty much immediately head for the lip products (as do most of the other people lurking around the counter). Its no secret that everyone at the moment is raving about the NYX lip products, they are incredible! Especially the soft matte lip creams! The formula of these products is seriously incredible and the colour pay off is amazing!! As well as the NYX products I have been crazy for the other lip products below.. and now I am going to link each one and talk to you about why I love each one! 

NYX soft matte lip cream 'Sydney' - The brightest of all of the shades I picked up! I saw this colour in Boots in Meadowhall and instantly fell in love with it! It is the perfect pink shade for the Summer, the colour is a very build-able pink but I definitely think there is lilac undertones through it! I am super obsessed, it honestly is so beautiful. And like all of the soft matte lip creams it smells DIVINE, like vanilla and the matte formula is incredible - super easy to apply and SO soft on the lips! Its so beautiful honestly, and if you love a pink lip and are missing this from your collection then I highly recommend.  

NYX soft matte lip cream 'Istanbul' - Yet another beautiful pink shade but this time it has much more of a red hint to it as opposed to a lilac. Again, the colour pay off, formula and scent are beautiful. This lipstick is seriously beautiful and would look so incredible with any Summer look you are trying to achieve!! A must for your collection of pinks! 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Stockholm' - The perfect nude and the most incredible dupe for velvet teddy & oxblood by Mac. Out of all of the above lip products this is the one which has definitely had the most use! It is definitely a go to lipstick of mine and is absolutely beautiful in terms of colour pay off and all of the other qualities of the soft matte lip creams. A nude we all need to have on a day to day basis - BEA-utifulll. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'Cannes' - The newest addition to my NYX lipstick family and another absolute favourite lipstick of mine in general now. The colour of this is INSANE! It is a darker, red toned nude and is simply stunning when on the lips. I absolutely love it. I would say its probably closer to being a red than a nude because of the way the colour pays off onto the lips, but I love it all the same! I love wearing it, it looks beautiful on the lips - especially as its a matte, its just beautiful and I highly recommend you add it to your collections. 

NYX Intense Butter Gloss 'Tres Leches' - My one and only NYX lipgloss, and obviously it needed to be a nude. Now, if you follow me on my instagram (whatlaurenlovess) then you will have seen that over the past few months I have been experimenting much more with glosses, which is a little bit of a rarity for me as I tend to steer clear of lip glosses. They kind of remind me of my teenage years where I used to layer it on to such extreme levels that I am surprised it didn't drip off. Anyway, I bought myself the Kylie Jenner gloss in 'like' (you can check out my review here) and since then I have been converted to loving them and so have grown my collection by trying out other brands. The colour pay off is insane, it is very build-able and pigmented, smells like vanilla again & is pretty long lasting considering it is a gloss. Again, this one is in a beautiful nude shade somewhere between the colours of cannes & stockholm. It really is beautiful and now I have tried one of the butter glosses I am so keen to get my hands on some coloured one, maybe a red? If you guys have any recommendations of other butter glosses I need in my collection then comment them below for me! 

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick 'Dont Pink Of It' - The first of my favourites that isn't actually NYX, shock! I absolutely LOVE this lipstick. Again, its a matte finish and it is that perfect pinky nude which I feel I am always searching for! I definitely think that this lipstick is somewhere between all of the shades of the NYX lipsticks, its not nude but its also not pink either. The formula is beautiful, so wearable and build-able and fairly long lasting which is what you want in a matte lip. I really do love these velvet matte lipsticks, they are super beautiful and also very affordable! Highly recommend! 

Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid Lipstick 'Nude Flush' - If you guys follow my social media and are wondering the pink lipstick that I have been wearing in SO many of my recent selfies, then this is the one! I absolutely LOVE this pink shade and have been reaching for it so often! The formula is beautiful and is so long lasting! I have eaten meals wearing this and its still in place afterwards, I would say that's pretty impressive for a drug store matte lipstick! As far as liquid lipsticks go, I am EXTREMELY impressed with this and I can promise I will be growing my collection of the vivid matte lipsticks by Maybelline, they are incredible! The colour of this lipstick actually transfers much brighter onto the lips, but I truly do love it and I have been wearing it so much over the last couple of months!  

If you have any recommendations of any other Summer lipsticks from drugstores that you think I need in my collection then please comment them down below - as usual I never say no to buying a lipstick! I really hope you enjoyed reading the post and I have inspired you enough to head over and purchase some of the beautiful products I have chatted about above! Lets be honest, if you were to buy all of the above it would cost you under £40! 

If you like this style of post and enjoy reading my opinions about my favourite make up products then I would be super keen to start putting together some more posts like this! Again, let me know down below! Also, don't forget to head over to my channel and subscribe as I am always chatting about my favourite products over there!! Also, if you have not checked out my previous post featuring NYX lingerie lipsticks then head over there now and check that one out, I absolutely LOVE them too and you can read about why over there. 

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