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Illamasqua Vegan Product Event | Debenhams, Meadowhall.

So, recently I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the Illamasqua event at the Debenhams Beauty hall in Meadowhall, Sheffield. Naturally, I was super excited about this event - because its not exactly a secret how much I love make up! But also I was excited because it meant having another fun filled evening with 2 of my blogger besties as well as learning all about Illamasqua's vegan products some more! 

Now, I hate to admit it, but Illamasqua is shamefully a brand I own zero products from, I don't know why considering that I really do love them - but following the event I have made what I consider to be a mental shopping list of products which I NEED to get my hands on. 

Firstly, lets talk about the products. So, basically we had a little run through of the 100% vegan products, and what better way is there to demonstrate them than seeing them in action. So, we had a detailed chat about the products and believe me, the list of vegan products and brushes was pretty damn huge! Learning about vegan products was an extremely new topic for me, and one that I have found myself pondering over more recently as I have this ongoing battle with the potential idea of going veggie/pescetarian. Rather than going into that though... lets get back to the products! 

So, some of the vegan products included the skinbase foundation, the powder foundation, cream blusher, eyebrow cake, precision gel liner, hydra veil primer, false lashes and the majority of Illamasqua brushes. The skinbase foundation and precision gel liner were also 2 of my favourites from the vegan range of which were my favourites and are now on that shopping list I was telling you about a little bit earlier! 

Another pretty amazing fact we were informed about from the evening was actually that Illamasqua has also recently been accredited by the PETA organisation. Now this may well be as assumption of mine but I am guessing all of you Vegans out there may already know about the PETA Organisation? Well if not then you too can learn something here - because it is something which I have never heard of either! Now, the PETA Organisation is the 'people for ethical treatment of animals' - of whom are dedictaed to the protection of animals. PETA is a global association which accredites and recognises the work of brands such as Illamasqua - and so therefore for them to be recognised for their work against animal cruelty, this is pretty incredible. 

Illamasqua run on the statement "beauty not brutality" and vow that their products have never and will never be tested on animals. So therefore in order to adhere to this they never support or permit animal testing on any of their products, and so therefore only work with suppliers who also have these values. This quality is something to be valued and it is definitely an honour to be recognised by PETA for this! 

I have to admit, I never even really realised that there was such a thing as 'vegan' make up - but to be honest I do not see why all make up shouldn't be vegan? The values of veganism are fantastic and make up should not necessarily need to include anything that vegan make up doesn't include? If you are a vegan yourself and have never bought any of the beautiful products from Illamasqua I would highly recommend it!! The range is seriously huge, and right now I am sitting with a huge list of the products in front of me, and trust me its 4 pages long!! There are literally products to create a whole make up look in the range, from nail varnish to false lashes - you could literally grab everything you need from this brand! 

Whilst at the event we also had the opportunity to see 2 make up looks being created by the wonderful make up artist (who's name escapes me but she was literally fab). Firstly, she created a beautiful and simple everyday look which really was stunning and allowed for demonstration of the illamasqua products SO well. Lets also take this moment to appreciate how stunning the make up model was too?! Some of the products used to create the beautiful everyday look included the hydra veil primer, skin base foundation, Precision ink eyeliner, cream blusher, eyebrow cake and obviously all of these products were applied using the vegan make up brushes - and trust me this range was HUGE and beautiful too! Also, another wonderful thing about the vegan products and other illamasqua products in general is that they can quite often be multi use. They do not claim to be multi use, however the make up artist actually showed us how to use so many of the products in different ways than their originals. I am a little bit of a sucker for a multi use product when they work so well - and if you don't have the budget for 2 separate products then it obviously works out cheaper to just buy the one and use it for 2 different purposes. For example for this look the cream blushers were used as blushers but also as lipsticks as well as they were very creamy in consistency, and the colour pay off was brilliant but also very build-able for if you wanted a more bold lip! The gel sculpt contour stick from the normal range also was used not only as a gel contour formula but also was used on a brush and brushed through the brows to create a fuller, more defined look - which I LOVED. As you can see from above, the first look really did end up looking so stunning and was super easy to create with so many of these incredible products. 

Following the first look, and just for a little bit of fun really we were shown a make up look inspired by rabbits and just something a little bit more out there and fun! I just love how creative you can actually get with make up and how many unique and crazy looks you can create simply by blending and using products in different ways than normal! Although this look was a little bit more out there and crazy, it also looked extremely delicate and really quite sweet actually. So, the original base of make up remained from the first make up look which was created and then in order to create more 'edge' to the look products were then layered over the top. So using some white liner, the make up artist created a sort of freckle inspired look underneath the eyes in randomly placed dots, and also added this to the tips of the lashes - which looked so cool!! One of the cream blushes was also used again for the lips and cheeks but this time it was a different colour, and more of a pink shade than the one used in the original look. The fabulous thing about the cream blushes is that you can also blend different shades to also create some really individual and unique to you - which is so fab, and the vegan brushes were also wonderful for working with the product like this!! Finally, to finish of this second look and for something truly different, the vegan false lashes were demonstrated but UNDERNEATH the eyes, on the lower lashes which made such a huge difference to the illusion of the size of the models eyes! The lovely Sarah who was walking and talking us through the products also emphasised just how good the glue is which comes with these lashes too, and could not have praised this product more!! Although this look was a little bit of something out of the norm, it really did look a lot more delicate than I was anticipating and honestly did look truly beautiful! 


So, let me emphasise again just how fab the range of vegan products from Illamasqua actually is! And now I have learnt so much about these products I am definitely going to be getting my hands on various different bits and bobs! There is literally a product for everyone and I cannot emphasise that enough. With the veils (primers) there are ones for all different skin types so it is definitely worth heading to your nearest Illamasqua and seeing which one fits you best, personally mine is matte - because you guys know just how much I LOVE a matte finish. There are also powder foundations, liquid foundations and other base products for all individuals! 

Let me know in the comments below if you love any of the Illamasqua products in particular as I would LOVE to know. I have actually recently just filmed a make up look over on my channel which will be going live really soon and it featured 2 of the products which were generously gifted to us at the event, so you need to head over to my channel and subscribe so that you do not miss those in action, they are FAB. Also, if you don't already then you also need to follow my instagram 'whatlaurenlovess' as this is where I post photographs of the products I have been obsessing over, and them in action - Also, when I eventually get my hands on the products on my shopping list I will also be posting photographs over there too! So to stay up to date PLEASE be sure to follow me over there, it always means so much!

You can head over and check out the illamasqua products on various different UK websites too such as the Illamasqua website, Debenhams & Asos - so be sure to click the names of the store to head over and check them out!

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