Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Cute Nutrition Summer Bundle Review

If you follow me over on social media then you will know that I have been using Cute Nutrition for roughly around 6 weeks now, and it is also no secret that I am completely obsessed with it. I decided to make this purchase on a little bit of an impulse buy because I was getting a little bit fed up of looking and feeling like rubbish (in my eyes) and thought if I pushed myself to make some changes to my diet and eating then I may feel a little bit better. We all get that sense of feeling like we can better ourselves before going on holiday too, and I knew that my holiday was looming and I just knew that I needed to do something about the amount I was eating. 

I am a really odd person when it comes to food, and I go through phases of eating bucket loads of rubbish and then eating pretty much nothing everyday - both of which are bad for you. So basically I go through phases where I walk around Morrisons and pick up every single 'treat' in sight - donuts, crisps, sweets, pop etc and then on the other hand I sometimes literally eat nothing. To be honest, I think this is more to do with my body clock and my shifts I do at work, because obviously as I have to change around my sleeping pattern, the times of day in which I eat are completely different too! For example, as I write this I have literally just finished the last shift of 3 weeks of night shifts and in that time I have done over 10 and these were not on the trot, they were intermittent so therefore I had gaps between which means that I have to flip my body clock back to normal again for such a short period of time. When I work nights, I go to sleep at 8 in the morning, wake up at 3, have my tea before going to work and then have a bite to eat at about midnight on my break and then don't eat again until the following day at 3pm. This obviously completely messes up everything about the normal routine of my body and so therefore I don't get hungry when I should. For example, it has just gone midnight after my last night shift and I have just had a bowl of supernoodles because I felt myself getting hungry, yet I know tomorrow is a normal day and I will be eating at normal time? Anyway, this rubbish routine means that sometimes I eat too much within 24 hours and so therefore this leaves me feeling absolutely rubbish about my body and feeling really low because of it. 

This brings me to why I decided to use Cute Nutrition, because its a much more controlled way of getting some nutritional intake whilst also using supplements alongside to give me a little helping hand. Now, I am in NO WAY saying I am a big girl, I'm not at all - I am a size 6-8 on the top and a size 8-10 on the bottom but as a girl I obviously do have concerns about my own body and have certain parts of it which I want to change. For me, its my legs and my bum - they just don't seem to shift weight and it seems to be the place in which I pile weight on rather than it just being globally distributed throughout my whole body. Almost 2 years ago I actually did a protein world meal replacement diet and I could not believe how much it worked, it really did make me shift some post university pounds and I felt so much better for it, so that's what inspired me to try Cute! 

I am pretty good at sticking to things once I actually do get something into my head, and so therefore I have been really strict on myself with this meal replacement diet I have been on for the last 6 weeks or so. It mainly works best when I am on day shift at work because I limit myself with what I take to work, and so therefore I have to drink my shake as I have no other option. So, now I will just talk you through how I use the products and what I eat on a day to day basis. So, for breakfast I have *cue the horrendous gasps* nothing, I have never ever eaten breakfast, in fact it actually makes me feel ill and really sick if I eat anything too early on a morning, so therefore I just skip this step. However, I do have several cups of tea with 1% fat milk, 1 dandelion root tablet and 2 CLA tablets from the Cute nutrition summer bundle. At lunch time I then have 2 scoops of the vanilla protein shake with soya milk and then some form of fruit, I also drink plenty of water throughout the day to ensure I am hydrated which to be honest is quite a new thing for me because I have never really been a huge drinker of water, then for tea I usually have something along the lines of sausage and mash, spaghetti bolognaise etc - something with carbohydrate in because by that point, I am normally gasping for something filling! 

Overall I really do find that I absolutely love using the cute nutrition products, I am really good at sticking to it and find that its one way of losing some weight and eating a little bit better that I actually do adhere to! If you too have enough willpower then I would definitely recommend it alongside eating much better and trying to exercise more! I really do love using it and it makes me feel so much better every single day! 

So now, lets actually talk about what you can grab from Cute Nutrition! I personally went for the 'Summer bundle' which included the shaker, protein powder, CLA and dandelion root and I use it every single day and still have over half left (I have had it for roughly around 6 weeks now). I absolutely love this package and for the way I use it, I definitely think every product is worth purchasing! However, if this is something you do not think you could stick to, there are products for all preferences which include the 14 day tea tox, 28 day tea tox, the detox bundle, all of the separate supplements & proteins if you do not want to purchase a bundle and also the newest products which are the limited edition cocktail tasting shakes which come in the flavours porn star martini and strawberry daiquiri! Personally, I am desperate to try the strawberry daiquiri flavour, I mean what is better than a cocktail flavoured healthy shake?! Sounds like perfection to me! 

If any of you out there have tried any of the cute nutrition products then I would love to know how you too have got on with them! Also if you head over to Sarah Ashcroft's instagram following reading this then she actually has a code for 10% off, which I used and it saved me roughly around £3? I also included cute nutrition in my recent favourites video because I have simply been loving using it so much, so you can check that out by clicking here and head over and listen to me chatting all about why I love it!

Much Love




  1. Are you still using the product? do you mix it with milk or water?

  2. Hi Lauren you are so fucken relatable. I've been working night shift 12hrs as a care for 2yrs. My diet has been non existant. I eat harribos at work . Which I never eat otherwise then crips. I have meal at home between 4pn-6pm. Then eat a snack at midnight or 1pm. Which will be crisps n chocolate. Then eat supper at 3am . Oh i also eat breakfast at 10am. When I'm working all I feel like is a eating machine. Then as you said there is the time schedule in between working and off.

    Anyway did the shake keep u full? I'm going to do the 5:2 diet. But I need to keep a regular healthy diet the rest of the 5 days.

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  5. Hey, Did you find the products beneficial have you used any other products?

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