Friday, 17 June 2016

Look Fantastic Jetsetter Beauty Box

Anyone out there who finds themselves dashing around last minute before a holiday attempting to gather together some essential items you will need whilst you are abroad?! I am pretty sure if I was asking many of you this question to your faces you would all be hesitantly raising your hands up in the air right now, because lets be honest all of the population cannot be that organised (or a little bit of a control freak like myself). Well, Look Fantastic have put together something which could change this and therefore allow you to be much more organised and prepared for your little trip away. Look Fantastic have put together this LFJetSetter beauty box which holds all of the holiday essentials you need with you when you head off on your travels! 

Obviously, the box is not something you take away with you (its a little bit too bulky for that) and also, what we all search for when packing holiday products is the cute little travel minis right? Well this box is filled with them, but not your average products... £65 worth of incredible products which are guaranteed to keep you glowing and looking incredible on your travels!! In this specific box you also get the June Elle magazine which is also travel sized therefore perfect as a beach, poolside or even a read whilst travelling!! So, lets talk about what you get in the box and how they can help you out whilst you are on your travels this Summer! 

Cowshed cow pat moisturising hand cream - Naturally, when abroad your skin dries out and becomes not as supple (or not as greasy in my case) therefore it is always handy to have yourselves a little tube of hand cream available and at reach. This one with cowshed is actually made from chamomile, grapefruit and cinnamon which are some of my favourite scents! 

Dead sea spa magik beauty balm BB cream - The perfect cream for a Summer glow! Containing deep sea minerals and vitamin E to hydrate your skin, even out the skin tone, and also give you that incredibly radiant complexion. It also blends amazingly therefore meaning you won't be too orange or too dark - which is exactly what you do not want on your holidays!!

Naobay natural and organic oxygenating cream moisturizing - Made to keep your skin healthy and protected whilst travelling. This product will leave you complexion feeling soft and radiant as well as hydrated and moisturised - exactly what your skin needs after a long day baking in the sun! 

Tan organic self tan oil - My favourite tanning product abroad and yes, its a little bit naughty but I just love giving my tan that little helping hand, and oil is always the way I do it!! 

Korres Basil lemon showergel - Formulated without parabens, mineral oil and silicones. This zesty and citrus shower gel is guaranteed to wake up and revitalise your skin after a long day in the sun. It is infused with vitamin C and zinc which give your skin that boost of energy as well as keeping it super healthy. 

Caudalie Eye cream - Eye creams are super important for shifting any extra fluid underneath the eyes, and it is important to remember when using eye creams that you must push them outwards from your nose as this is the direction the fluid should move in. This product is infused with copper. silver and pearlisers which illuminates the skin and combats dullness. 

Mr Blanc Teeth Whitening Strips - Super handy and easy teeth whitening strips to take away with you. These peroxide free strips are brilliant for leaving your teeth pearly white and also do not cause sensitivity to the teeth. 


I would highly recommend getting your hands on this box for so many reasons, Look at all of the amazing products provided inside and for the incredible price of only £13.33. This box is guaranteed to solve all of your problems if you are one of these people who leaves everything until last minute, and you just need someone to sort everything out for you and tell you what you need to remember to pack!! 

Look fantastic not only do this incredible box but they also do monthly beauty boxes filled with many different and incredible products worth so much more than you pay for the box!! You can also purchase boxes in subscription form in which it is actually cheaper per month for each box, as opposed to buying one separately each month!! 

Let me know in the comments below if you too love the look fantastic beauty boxes and what your favourite products are which you have managed to grab inside one! I would love to know and I am sure everyone else would too!! 

Much Love


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  1. I've had that Korres showergel before and loved it. Smells so nice! Xxx


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