Thursday, 16 June 2016

Benito Brow Bar - Meadowhall Opening Event

I recently got a very exciting invitation to come along and review and try out the brand new Benito brow bar which has opened up in Debenhams Beauty hall in Meadowhall, Sheffield. I know for a fact that Benito brow bars are placed all over the UK so this is nothing exclusive to Meadowhall only, however I do have to specifically talk about the experience I had at this specific one. 

So, for those of you who have not heard of Benito before, heres a little background for you all!! The first Benito brow bar opened up on 2006 and over the years the amount of bars across the UK has grown now to the point where they employ over 145 members of staff and are situated in selected Debenhams beauty hauls nationwide. Benito mainly focus on brows, however also do treatments for lashes as well as providing complimentary hand massages with every treatment. So, for the brow treatments Benito focuses on threading and threading only - and I actually learnt so much about the whole process whilst attending the event on this evening. Threading is a hugely popular technique of hair removal in the Far East and is carried out by twisting and knotting a piece of thread and moving in rows across the skin pulling the hairs at the root and completely removing them. Each of the benito brow bar ofers a walk in service in which clients can pop in and get a treatment, as quick and easy as that. The prices for all of the treatments are also super reasonable and considering the quality of the treatment, you really cannot complain. So, the treatments offered are as follows: eyebrow shape, upper lip, lower lip, chin, forehead, neck, sides, middle brow, full face, brow tint, eyelash tint. 

I have to admit, up until now Brows have not really been something which has been a particular focus in my make up routine and I have not really given the care and attention they fully deserve. I always seemed to hear others talking about how brows were a key part of their make up routines, but for me I never really got it and at first I just hated the way that drawing them on changed the whole look of my face. Gradually as time has gone on over the last year or so I have become more and more adventurous with products and eventually I have got to a point where my brows are a key focus of my own make up routine and something I definitely cannot leave the house without doing. Up until visiting Benito I just used to tackle my own brows with some tweezers every so often and kind of just went along with the natural shape of them. I had never up until this point been and had a professional look at my brows and tackle them in any way, shape or form - so to be honest when I headed into the Benito event I was a little bit blind but also super excited because I knew that they knew what they were doing and would somehow transform my neglected brows. 

So the photos above are actually of a lovely girl who said it would be ok for me to take some photographs of her having her brows done so that I could talk to you about each of the steps! So, the beginning of the treatment commences by having a discussion with a brow technician about the desired shape of your brows and what you would like to be done. They explain to you in detail how they will be doing your brows, which hairs they plan to remove and also what they would like you to do throughout the procedure. They also sit you on an extremely comfy chair and lye you back flat. At the beginning of the treatment they actually brushed through my brows and removed any make up which was already on them, then used the scissors to trim down any hairs which seemed slightly long. The next step is when the treading commenced. they threaded the underneath, above and between the brows, working along in rows removing hairs as they go. I was unable to have a tint on the day of the event because I had not had a patch test, therefore they also gave me a patch test on this day ready for my next appointment. Following the threading the ladies then rubbed some aloe vera gel over the brows and finished of by showing me the end result and then giving me some education about where I need to grow in order to achieve that perfect brow arch. I literally could not believe the difference in my brows in one simple appointment and I was completely right having my faith in the ladies are Benito - I knew they would transform my brows which were pretty much below mediocre before. 

The photograph directly below is actually one I took before the event in which you can clearly see the shape of my brows and then the one below that is my brows the evening of the appointment and with my usual make up applied. (Usual make up includes Benefit Brow Zings, Daniel Sandler Brow Groomer & Spectrum Collections Brow Brush). 

I have to say, Benito has transformed the way I now see my own eyebrows and I know that this is something I am going to keep up with! I am actually going to be paying the Meadowhall store yet another visit next week for a shape and my first tint, so I am super excited to see the results!! I also vlogged the whole evening of the event, so you can click here and head over to check that out now so you can see what we got up to! I am also loving Benito that much that I actually included them in my May Favourites over on my channel, and I am also very regularly mentioning them in my weekly vlogs - and I can guarantee that they will be present in next weeks as well!! 

If any of you have the same feelings as me regarding Benito then please feel free to leave a little comment below, I am sure my readers would love to know that more of us having been loving them!! Honestly guys I could not recommend them enough, they are amazing!! 

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