Friday, 3 June 2016

A little bit about my absence

If you know my blog schedule, and me for that matter - then you will know that I am SO strict on myself when it comes to posting and ensuring that I have content going up for you guys! I have had a miniature break from everything over the last couple of weeks and there has been a significant lack of consistency here on WLL as well as over on my channel - which I seriously do hate. I thought for my 'coming back' post I would explain to you why I have had this mini break, which definitely was not planned and kind of just went on and on day after day until I felt ready (and had a moment) to sit down and write this post, and edit the videos which have been filming up my memory card for weeks now. 

So, as you guys know - I work as a full time registered nurse on an intensive care unit as my 'day job' even though lets be honest - nursing is no average day job. My shifts have been super inconsistent and to be honest just not really blog friendly over the last couple of weeks. I have also been committing to lots of over time over the last few weeks basically I am saving up for so many different things! 2 weeks ago I was doing split day shifts which meant between my 3 shifts I had one day to do everything I commit myself to, which just simply is not enough time! The week after that I did 4 long days with one day off in the middle, and that day also consisted of packing to go home, a million jobs & trying to film some videos! Then when I finished the shifts for that week (which was over 72 hours in one week by the way) I drove the 2 hour drive back up to Co Durham from Sheffield so I could be home for my first bank holiday weekend off since last August!! So, as you guys can imagine - I was very ready for some much needed rest and rejuvenate time - and even then, I made so many plans for that weekend that I actually never got around to even going on my laptop once. I just needed some me time I guess, to spend time with my friends, not think about any commitments and just enjoy myself really!! and believe me, I definitely did that!! I am pretty sure I am not the only person who has a full time and very demanding job, whilst also trying to figure out how to get all of the content I want, out to you guys! 

I have got so much amazing content to get out to you, some amazing products to review and try out and even that has not been able to happen because I am not kidding when I say I just have not had the time. However, I am now back to it again and so pleased I have finally found a spare moment in my life to write this post and explain it all to you! I have now got a week off work so I will be filming, editing, blogging, photo taking and going to events over the next week - and you guys will be seeing my content again. 

I thought I would ask a quick question also, whilst I am writing this post it may well be a very good opportunity. I need you guys' honest opinion on what you think I should do about my weekly vlogging. The last 2 weeks 'off' have meant I obviously have not been picking up my vlog camera and vlogging my daily activities which has made me so frustrated but at the same time, has given me an opportunity to reflect and think about whether it should carry on? So, this brings me to ask - do you think I should continue weekly vlogging? or do you think I should just so snippet vlogs of exciting events, days or holidays? I really love my vlogging, and I know sometimes its a bit repetitive because of my job and shift patterns but I honestly just love the spontaneity of it, and I have documented so many amazing days and events simply by having my vlog camera on at the time. So, what are your thoughts? I need you guys to comment what you think below. 

The 2 weeks have definitely given me an opportunity to reflect on so many different things as well. I have made lots of decisions, and just finalising some of them in my head - so having the head space to actually think about things other than the next video I am going to film has seriously done me some good (I hope). Some of the decisions I have been contemplating are ones I either did not think would cross my mind, or ones that I thought would be absent from my mind for some time. I am generally really happy with life at the moment, and I don't particularly feel like anything is missing from it - however I do feel like I could have some additions to it that could make (hopefully) positive changes. So, you never know over the next few weeks - these changes could be put into action which is good obviously. 

Anyway guys, I am back and I apologise for leaving you all hanging for a little while. But I feel amazing after my break, even though it was definitely not an intentional break whatsoever. I will now be bringing you, event reviews, product reviews, hauls, favourites, outfit shots, lifestyle posts ETC ETC. and I really hope you are all looking forward to it as much as I am. 

Don't forget to let me know in the comments how you feel about my vlogging too! and head over to my channel and subscribe!! 

Much Love 



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