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Skincare Secrets for Problematic Skin To Achieve That Summer Glow

Glowing, bright and healthy skin is something we all want for the Summer months, especially when abroad and you want to rock the no make up look! However, for people like myself with problematic skin it can be quite nerve racking wearing no make up, because for me, I need it to mask the issues I do have - such as oily skin, blemishes, acne, scarring etc. However I feel as though this year I am in much more control of my skin and now use products which I have found really help me out and help out the complaint that I am dealing with at any current time. 

A skincare related post is something I have been wanting to do for a little while now, but firstly I have needed to find a range of products out there on the market which actually work for my extremely problematic and difficult skin! I describe it as 'problematic and difficult' because I can just never get the balance right between extremely greasy and extremely dry -its never somewhere nice in the middle, its always causing me problems! I have figured out that the way to tackle the issues with my skin is just to go with it at that present time, and use appropriate products at that time which I know will do it some good - even if it may cause it to bounce straight to the opposite end of the spectrum. 

So my skincare story goes a little bit like this... 

Basically, when I was a teenager I suffered with acne, roughly from the age of 14 to 20 and spent them years taking lymecycline tablets, and drying my skin out to the bone with prescribed products! When I reached the age of 21 my skin finally decided to give me a break and became quite tame, it was actually manageable in the sense that I did not seem to have them horrendous painful 'acne' spots any more. My skin then became very unbalanced and ended up being in this 'one or the other' state which I just cannot seem to combat! So basically this means that the skin on my face is either greasy, blemish prone and oily or the complete opposite which is dry and flaky. In my adult years I also appear to have developed eczema which is something I had never suffered from until the age of 22 when I just ended up with horrendous patches of dry skin all over my arms. So yes, I got rid of acne but I developed a whole new bunch of skincare dilemmas which I have been trying so hard to try and get on top of. 

Blogging has done me so many favours because not only does it open up opportunities for me to try out different products to help my skin, but also read others posts and watch their youtube videos which inspires me to buy products which I think will help with my skin type(s). In the last 2 years I have been purchasing so many different products and giving them a little go and seeing what works for me and what does not - believe me the 'what does not' pile is much larger. Today though, I just wanted to talk to you about some of the products which I have noticed a positive difference from and therefore let you in to my skincare 'secrets' and I guess saviours because to be honest, without them I dread to think what state my skin would be in 100% of the time. I think I have finally found a product I love for each different problem I have with my skin - acne, oily skin, dry skin, eczema etc - and now I am going to talk you through each one because I definitely feel that these can contribute to my 'skincare secrets', and I hope that anyone who reads this who has the same issues as me can read this and gain some benefit from the products too!! 

So firstly, I gathered together a few of my favourite products in a bunch which I have used and have worked for me, so these are Lush Cosmetics Mask of magnaminty, Nivea essential care lip balm, Magnitone Barefaced, La Roche Posay serozinc toner, Freederm Gel, Garnier moisture bomb moisturiser & Oilatum cream moisturiser. All of the products above have helped in some shape or form and will be featuring in a HUGE skincare post I am currently working on for my youtube channel which will be live in June. So for this post I am going to focus on the the top 3 products from above, my holy grails & products which have completely changed my skincare routine and made the biggest difference. Each product targets something completely different in terms of my skincare dilemmas, so if any apply to you then I really hope that this post helps you out and points you in the direct of some beautiful products which have worked a TREAT for me! 

Oily Skin

So, lets be honest you will all have heard me raving about this product a million times over if you have checked out my weekly vlogs on my channel. I don't use it very frequently but when I do use it, I know its in times of desperation and I know that no other product I use on my skin is going to work - except this miracle worker. Mask of magnaminty is a lush face and body mask which is incredibly fresh smelling and also very abrasive consistency so is therefore absolutely amazing for that good cleanse and refresh that your skin may require. I can definitely feel from applying this, that it is doing some good to my skin. It makes my skin feel SO refreshed and energised and genuinely does feel like I am getting that ultimate pore cleanse. I have heard lots of incredible reviews of this product from people who suffer with oily blemish prone skin, so I would definitely recommend grabbing it if this is something you suffer with yourself! Lush cosmetics Mask of magnaminty.

Dry Skin/Eczema 

Like I said above, Eczema is the most recent skin complaint I have. I have been battling on with horrible patches dotted all over my arms now for roughly around 2 years and no matter how many products I have tried, nothing seemed to work. I have even been to see my GP about it, and they recommended to use e45, which did absolutely no good. Therefore I have been naturally working my way through the skincare aisles in all of the shops, trying out products which will make the patches disappear, and mean that I can actually wear fake tan and not have accumulative blotches all over and also even just show my arms without feeling concious of the dry patches. The most recent product I purchased was this Oilatum cream which is officially my wonder product!! I just apply it to my arms and the amount of moisture it adds is incredible, which is exactly what I need for my horrendously dry arms! Right now, I am actually looking at my arms whilst writing this and I actually cannot believe the improvement. I had almost given up hope on products you buy in the shops and was about to head back to my GP, but right now I think I have cracked it - I have found my lifesaving dry skin product. Suffer with eczema or dry skin yourself? Definitely head to boots and grab this - it was incredible value and truly does add that moisture to your skin!! Oilatum Moisturiser

Blemishes & Acne

If you have been an avid reader of my blog for some time now, then you will know that this is a holy grail product of mine and needs to be in my possession at all times. Freederm gel is a product I have now used for about 10 years and I literally could not even tell you how many tubes of this I have owned - so so many! If I feel a really nasty, painful spot appearing on my face, I apply this to the area and it masks it and basically 'calms it down' - its not a cure (most of the time) but it definitely does it SO much good! At the end of the day, why would I have repurchased this over and over for the last 10 years if I didn't think it did me some good?! I also have extremely problematic skin, not just the odd little blemish every now and then so this must be good to combat acne spots?! This is my ultimate skincare secret, because if they stopped making this - I truly do not know what I would use on my blemishes!! If you are struggling with acne or spots, I would recommend trying this gel, it may not work for you as it has for me - but if you are yet to try it then I would definitely recommend giving it a go! Freederm Gel


I hope you have all enjoyed reading about my skincare secrets for my problematic skin. Like I said, I will be bringing you a huge video soon over on my youtube channel which features all things skincare, routines, products etc - so be sure to subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on that!! Let me know what your skincare secrets for achieving healthy skin for Summer are in the comments below, I would LOVE to know!! 

Let me know in the comment below if you enjoy reading my skincare posts too!! I really want to bring you more like this because skincare products are something I do find myself trying out a lot, because naturally I do have a lot of different skincare complaints which results in me using SO many products! 

Much Love 




  1. It is a fair world. Whether you are a plain Jane or the beauty queen of your school prom, no one is spared from skin problems entirely! Skin dilemma such as acne, skin blotches and eczema are usually the results of poor diets, lifestyle and improper skincare.


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