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One of the best days of my life so far.

I feel that now would definitely be the right time for me to put this post live because I have been keeping these photos under wraps for some times now, and I am definitely feeling like I should share them with you all. So, as some of you may know if you subscribe to me over on my youtube channel, that my Mum and Gary (my now Step Dad) recently just got married (7th May). They very very kindly asked me to all of their wedding photographs which I thought was the most amazing opportunity but also a huge honour because it meant that they actually thought my photography was good enough to capture some memories of a lifetime. 

It is not very often that you get to see your own Mum get married, so to be involved with this was pretty special. Myself and my family have been through a hell of a lot over the last 10 years or so - there has been laughs, tears, arguments, fall outs, holidays, good times, hard times - you name it it has happened & to see the result being that Mum & Gary finally tied the knot, is pretty amazing! Again, if you guys know me then you may know that my family consists of 8 people - my Mum & Gary, Myself, James, Jake, Matthew, Zoe & Liam - and we have been through so much its scary but now we are all in a place where we actually all get on, enjoy spending time together & therefore because of this it really could not have been a more perfect time for the wedding to happen to be honest! 

So for this post, I have basically put together some of the photographs I took from the day (not all of them because we would be here all day), and I also wanted to kind of chat to you about some of the things that went on, where we ate and all about outfits and the cake etc! 

So, again if you follow my channel (which if you don't then you definitely need to) then you may know that we spent the weekend in lodges in Lincolnshire, in a little town/village called Woodhall Spa which is so beautiful! We stayed at a lodge park called Bainland Country Park which I will be doing a little blogpost on really soon, because I just love it so much!! So, on the morning of the wedding myself and my brother James, Zoe, Laura, Poppy, Liam & Simon decorated the entirety of our lodge, blowing up balloons, pinning banners and just making it generally very wedding-ified. This is because Mum & Gary wanted the evening to be super casual and simply wanted just a little gathering back at our amazing lodge which involved my Nanna's incredible buffet food, drinks, family & the hot tub. 

Once we had done all of the decorating, had some breakfast and chilled for a little while, it was time for the mission of getting ready to commence. One of my favourite things ever about going out or going to an occasion is actually the getting ready. Some people despise getting ready but I actually really enjoy it, I enjoy taking my time on every single detail of my look for the day and my outfit to make sure that everything looks as good as it can. I will now just go through all of the girls outfits and link you to each one. What is quite funny/amazing about my family and the group of us, is that our fashion and style is all completely different so therefore I thought this would be the PERFECT opportunity to talk you through each of the ladies outfits from the day, and also link you to my Mums beautiful wedding dress. 

So, we will start with myself (I am pretty sure you can pick me out of the above photos) but basically I wanted to go for a very classic style for the wedding and also in terms of my dress I wanted to go for something I had never really worn before. I decided to go for this Asos dress from the wedding section of their site, which is absolutely amazing if you have not already checked it out & literally has everything and anything you would need for a wedding right there. I went for a pink midi length dress with off shoulder design which was super flattering and the most beautiful shade of pink. I decided to team these with some classic pointed toe nude leather Topshop heels which I absolutely loved and were also incredibly comfortable. For that touch of something glitzy and to add a little bit more detailing I decided to add an Asos Box clutch bag with jewel embellishments which was incredibly beautiful but extremely delicate (this being that one of the gems actually fell off before I even used it) so therefore lots of care needs to be taken when using it. I teamed the outfit with some nude pink lipstick & very glowy and highlighted make up - which if you want to see a tutorial for, I can do this and pop it over on my channel for you all (let me know in the comments below if you would like to see this). 

Next we will talk about Poppy's outfit and if you look above at the photographs she is the girl with bobbed ginger hair. I fell absolutely head over heels for Poppys beautiful dress, it was so stunning! I think it was the colours to be honest, they were so complimentary to each other and the metallic flowers just looked so beautiful! This dress was actually from the Luxe Collection at Dorothy Perkins and what a brilliant find it was!! It was also a bandeau design which I think is such a beautiful trend for a wedding because its very classic and quite often is not seen on pieces unless its for occasion wear. Poppy teamed this with a beautiful pink headpiece which was also from the incredible wedding section of Asos, and some nude courts which she already had! This outfit was so beautiful and again, very classic. 

Next, we will talk about Zoes Dress (Zoe is the brunette wearing the light blue dress). This dress was really out there for Zoe, shes the kind of girl who wears black for absolutely everything, so to see her wearing a colour was really quite special!! This dress was so beautiful and simplistic, and this made it perfect because you can add so many accessories to it, to make it look even more beautiful. The design is 'bandage style' and was also midi and high necked. I really like midi dresses for weddings, I think that they look very elegant and classy and make the outfit that little bit more classic. The colour of the dress was also super beautiful in 'mint' and Zoe teamed it with some Dorothy Perkins Mushoom coloured lace up heels which were so nice! The colours teamed up fantastically together and also the detailing of the shoes added to the simplicity of the dress to make that beautiful combination. Zoe's dress was also from the wedding section of Asos at the incredible value of £40, and could definitely be very versatile and worn for other occasions such as the races, christenings, balls & proms etc. 

Laura (blonde with blue dress) is also the kind of girl who would reach for a monochrome piece on a usual occasion. So, again to see her in a colour was also something special. This dress was such a beautiful fit, colour, design and material and really was super flattering, showing off Laura's lovely tanned legs! This one was actually from the Chelsea Girl range at River Island. Laura teamed this dress with some beautiful lace up statement shoes from Public Desire, which literally sells some of the most beautiful and flattering shoes!! Her outfit really did look stunning, and super duper Summer appropriate! 

Now, lets move on to talking about the bride, my beautiful Mum. For her dress she just wanted something simple, not too 'out there' and something short(ish). The whole day was really quite casual in the grand scheme of weddings, so she wanted a dress that would just fit perfectly into the theme. When we set out looking for dresses together, we stumbled across Monsoon Bridal which has such a beautiful range of dresses for all different themes and styles. We then came across this beautiful high neck lace number which I thought would look amazing on her, and would look unique enough but also would fit into the more casual theme of her wedding which is exactly what she wanted. 

She decided to go for the 'willow lace bridal dress' which was actually reduced at the time she bought it, which was definitely a win win. This dress was crafted from beautiful ivory floral lace with a high neck and capped sleeves. It was a midi length design which was non restrictive material and had a leg split which could be cut if this is what the individual bride desired. My Mum actually decided to cut hers because we were doing lots of walking that day, and she did not want to feel even slightly restricted. She looked absolutely stunning, to the point I had tears in my eyes when I saw her on her wedding day (but I refrained from crying because my make up would be destroyed).

For her hair and accessories she went for some beautiful sandals from River Island which matched the dress perfectly and also looked perfect on the beautiful Summers day. For flowers she used her friend Sues beautiful bouquet of wedding flowers from just 2 weeks before, as the 'something borrowed' element to her wedding. It had the most beautiful colours in amongst it and really was a lovely gesture from Sue and an addition to my Mums wedding attire. She then wore some jewellery she received from her sister which looked perfect with the other parts of outfit. My Mum honestly looked so incredibly beautiful for her wedding day and if I had not have done my make up when I saw her standing there all ready, I would have cried my eyes out!! 

So, in terms of the day - the whole occasion took place down in the lovely Lincolnshire which is where my Grandparents live! The entire family stayed in some beautiful lodges in a town/village called Woodhall Spa and this is where everybody got ready on the morning of the wedding. Following this, the guys and girls went their separate ways and met up in the afternoon at the registry office where Mum & Gary tied the knot. It was a beautiful little ceremony, very very emotional and there was so much feeling in the room it was quite unbelievable. Even people who were not expecting to feel emotional, felt it - and I think this came as a huge shock to everyone! Following the ceremony we then went outside, and watched the newly wedded couple come out, throwing lots of confetti and smiling lots! Then we went on for some photographs which I had the pleasure of taking for my Mum & Gary which is honestly the biggest honour ever! 

For the afternoon we then went on to a little pub called the Durham Ox, which my grandparents and brother & Laura have actually been to before, so they knew it was super lovely! We all had a private part of the pub, lots of drinks, amazing food and access to the beer garden which was so good because it was honestly the most beautiful day! To me, the Durham Ox was kind of a little bit of a special touch because yes, we were not all in Durham BUT we are all from County Durham, so I felt as though it had a little bit of home involved in the day which was just lovely (but I always do think of little sentimental things like that). Once the cake cutting and everything like that was all done and dusted we then headed back to our lodge for a mini party and it was a much more chilled atmosphere with the drinks flowing, less formal clothes on, hot tub & buffet food made by my amazing Nanna. 

It really was one of the best days of my life so far, and it was such a beautiful day for 2 amazing people who deserve everything & more! We have definitely created some amazing memories as a family over the last few years & this was the icing on top of the cake for each and every single one of us! 

You can head over to my channel by clicking here and watching the wedding weekend on one of my weekly vlogs! Don't forget to subscribe while you are over there too!! 

Much Love 



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  1. Such a lovely post, all the ladies look amazing! I love that dress you have, it's so pretty but something a little bit different!
    Hope everyone enjoyed the day!
    Rachel // Rachel Ellen


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