Friday, 13 May 2016

Nyx Lingerie Lipsticks Review | Exotic & Honeymoon

You know me and you know my obsession with lip products - therefore, when the NYX Lingerie collection not only launched but also became easily accessible here in the UK, I just needed to jump on board and pick some up! Before purchasing these 2 lingerie lipsticks, I actually owned zero matte liquid lipsticks, so I guess it was kind of a little trial for how I would get on with liquid lipsticks in general. I naturally chose one shade which was a nude, and one which was a red - because you guys all know I love my nude lipsticks (especially dark ones) and I also have been searching for a new red lipstick, but something which wasn't particularly bright. I definitely picked up 2 perfect shades and I am so pleased with how I have found them!! 

So, firstly I picked up the shade 'honeymoon' which is the most incredible dark nude. I LOVE my dark nude lipsticks, I think they compliment my pale skin in the right way, I suit them and I love them with blonde hair! The lipstick itself goes on so easily - its super smooth and just the most beautiful consistency! The applicator itself is quite large which I can imagine if you have quite small lips would be quite difficult to not mess up on some occasions, however I have found it to work perfectly for me as my lips are rather large anyway!! 

As this was the first time I had actually ever tried out liquid lipsticks myself, I was preparing myself for them to be extremely drying as I had heard this as a general statement about them. However, I have found different ways to ensure that they do not bleed or leave my lips looking dry as time goes on with me using them! I have found a top tip is to apply some lip balm prior to applying the liquid lipstick and this seems to prevent it from drying and flaking which it may possibly do if you apply directly onto dry lips. I do not feel like the lip balm effects the product itself because it still dries completely matte, it just means that it lasts a little longer and doesn't bleed whatsoever. I have to say, these NYX lingerie lipsticks have fast become some of my favourite products to use on a day to day basis and I find myself using them SO regularly! From my experience of 'honeymoon' I know I definitely need to pick up some more nude shades, they are so perfect and I absolutely love them!! If you guys have got any of the other nude lingerie lipsticks, let me know in the comments below which ones I NEED to pick up! 

If you read above then you will know that I was looking for a more subtle red lipstick from the Lingerie collection and prayed I found it with the shade 'exotic'. I definitely did! This red lipstick ticked all of the boxes I was hoping for in a red liquid lipstick - and I have fallen in love with it! It is actually now one of the only red lipsticks I use, and that is a pretty bold statement to make for a lipstick connoisseur. As you can see from the above close up shots, the lipsticks go on so perfectly, no bleeding or cracking (don't forget the lip balm hack) and I think it has truly given me confidence to wear reds again. In the past I have been put off wearing red lipsticks because I always find that they bleed out or rub off and look far worse than any other colour of lipstick when they do this - so therefore I have taken to just completely avoiding them! I was really risking it when I went for a liquid matte lipstick because of the reviews I have heard in the past, but this NYX lingerie lipstick has completely converted me and made me fall in love with reds all over again. It has also inspired me to want to give other 'colours' in the collection a go - so, again if you have any recommendations of colours I need to go out and grab then please let me know in the comments below!! 


Overall I have completely fallen in love with this collection of liquid lipsticks and know for a fact I will be adding both to my collection of NYX products and also matte liquid lipsticks. I am literally obsessed with buying NYX since buying these lipsticks and trying them out, and now my collection of products has somewhat grown!! If you have not tried any of the NYX products then I seriously recommend you head down to your nearest NYX counter now, and grab some bits - or even just have a snoop. I think the counters are in stores such as boots, selfridges etc, here in the UK -So there is guaranteed to be one near you!! 

Much Love 


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  1. I've recently picked up some of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and I absolutely adore them, the Lip Lingerie Lipsticks are next on my list! Honeymoon looks like a gorgeous nude, they both look beautiful with your skintone x

    Ami | perksofbeingami

  2. These are so lovely! I love the red shade, it's so nice and muted and unlike anything I've seen before.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

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