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Loreal Infallible Base Products Review

It has occurred to me recently that I have developed a little obsession with face products, and particularly foundations. I am forever finding myself browsing websites looking at new releases of products to give a whirl, or physically browsing the shelves in shops grabbing new bits and pieces to try! I definitely think my obsession with foundations is one which will benefit me in the long term and this is because I struggle with my skin so much, especially at the moment. I have gotten to this stage where my skin breaks out at particular times of the month, I have a permanent struggle with eczema and dry patches, I do loads of night shifts which definitely has a strain on my skin and so therefore I need to use products which I can see an improvement in my skin, rather than just masking what is going on. 

All of my favourite beauty bloggers and youtubers have been attending various different launches and events featuring the new and hyped Loreal Infallible collection, and so therefore I felt very intrigued by the range of products - especially the face ones at the moment! I have read nothing but amazing reviews about the products, from bloggers who I truly trust are honest with their reviewing and therefore this enticed me to go out and purchase the above products and give them a little whirl. 

I recently purchased the Loreal Infallible 24 Hour Matte Foundation, Infallible Sculpt Contouring Base Foundation & The Fixing Fluid and I have been intermittently using each of the foundations, teamed with the fixing spray over the last few weeks. 

To start with, I purchased the Infallible Sculpt foundation as this is one in particular which I heard many of my favourite youtubers talking about. Firstly, I got the perfect colour match of this shade which is obviously a winning factor. I really enjoy wearing this foundation, it glides onto my skin perfectly, and leaves my skin feeling very fresh although very covered. I would personally say that this foundation is more of the dewy out of the 2 I have purchased, but this one definitely has a special place in my make up routine where I know it is definitely going to have permanent placement. I have deemed this foundation as my daytime one for the Spring, as it leaves my skin feeling so healthy and fresh and is the perfect base for daytime make up. I definitely feel a sense of 'glow' from my base when I use this foundation, and although I have already got quite oily skin on my face this definitely does not accentuate that further, it actually compliments my skin. I have never really been a fan of a foundation which makes my skin feel dewy because naturally my skin is so oily and I hate it, but this has taught me to enjoy that natural glow more and I really have been loving using it! In summary, the infallible sculpt has been a winning daytime foundation for me and if you too have got oily, spot prone skin then you too may learn to enjoy your natural glow more if you use it! Another winning factor to these products is the value. I cannot believe such an amazing product retails at £8.99 which I think is absolutely amazing! If you want to see this foundation being used in the flesh then you can actually see me using it in one of my recent tutorials over on my youtube channel, on my Daytime Spring GRWM, and also in a recent Weekly Vlog

The second foundation I grabbed from the infallible collection is the 24 hour Matte Foundation and I had heard so many people talking about this that I simply needed to give it a go!! I have heard so many of my fellow blogger friends saying that they have switched up their make up routine by swapping their favourite high end foundations for this Loreal one, and because of hearing this I needed to see what the hype was all about. I have to tell you, I have fallen in love with this foundation. It is everything I want and need in a foundation. Matte, Long Lasting, Amazing value for money and a perfect colour match. I have to admit, usually because of my skin type - oily and acne prone, I usually prefer to use a mattifying foundation because it masks all of my imperfections and the things I do not enjoy in my skin. I usually never sway away from my Estee Lauder double wear because I am yet to find a foundation which locks in all of the oil for hours and hours - until I found this one, AND its 'drugstore'. Lets be honest, it can get pretty expensive buying your favourite high end foundation over and over again - so its always amazing to find a drugstore foundation which you love just as much and working exactly how your favourite high end one does.  I literally cannot fault this foundation at all, and if you too have oily skin and love a matte base then I would definitely recommend you give this one a go too!! You can all definitely expect to see this foundation much more in make up tutorials on my channel, and here on my blog - so make sure you head over and subscribe to my channel to stay up to date!! 

And finally, on to the fixing mist! I have been hunting for a product like this for so long but been looking for a specific set of criteria before I committed to the purchase! These criteria included inexpensive, actually works, does not leave any residue on your face, keeps crease worthy make up intact - such as eyeshadow! Its quite funny actually, because when I actually purchase this product I was with my Mum and she asked me what it is.. I told her and then stated I had been looking for a product like this because I had been fixing my make up in place with hairspray (cringe moment) but it worked, and due to my oily skin I was finding that my make up was not lasting very long and my eyeshadow was creasing after a couple of hours. My Mum was absolutely horrified that I used hairspray on my face, so this definitely confirmed that I needed to make the purchase of the fixing mist and actually try out a purpose built product! Anyway, I have been using this product religiously over the last few weeks and I have truly fallen in love with it!! I have so much more confidence when I go out for the day or night with eyeshadow on, that it is going to stay in place and not crease or wear off. I have to admit, the first time I wore this I panicked because it left some salt like residue on my face in blobs - but I later discovered that this is because I did not actually shake it beforehand which is what you need to do in order to mix the product thoroughly. So my top tip for this would be to ensure that you shake it prior to using!! All in all, I have fallen in love with this product and it holds a special and sole place in my make up routine now as it is the only product I own like this but also I am so happy with the way that it works!! Again, you can definitely expect to see this as a staple item in my make up routines over on my channel

I definitely want to move on and try some of the other infallible products such as the contour and blush, mascaras and lip products! They all look incredible, and if the 3 products above are anything to go by, then I know I am going to love the rest of the range!! I will link all products below for you to head over and purchase if you want to give them a go! 

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  1. I am desperate to try these three products, especially the 3-4-2 in Boots is bribing me xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  2. Great review - I really want to try the matte foundation now! I hope they have my shade.

    Neelam // www.neelamjayna.blogspot.co.uk x


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