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Changing up your Interiors for the Summer | Cushion Edit | Yorkshire Linen | Collab

There are literally so many changes you can make in your day to day life to make you feel more Summery and your surrounding reflect the season outside. Not only can you mix up your fashion, footwear and make up but you can also mix up your home-ware in order to bring some of the Summer into your home and brighten up your living space! I have seriously been swooning over so much homeware recently, and always find myself on beautiful interior websites looking at potential things I can add to my house in each of the Seasons to add a little dusting of what is going on outside into my home. Summer is easily the most fun Season to shop for, in terms of everything. Summer Fashion, make up and definitely home interiors - everything is so fun and bright and lets be honest these 2 things make your mood instantly lifted! 

One thing I am particularly obsessed with collecting is cushions or pillows, and changing up my pillow cases to reflect the seasons. I feel like they can change the look of a whole piece of furniture entirely, and you really do not need to do anything other than changing up a pillow case to make something look so different! For example, all year around you could keep the same white throw over your sofa, or at the bottom of your bed - and then simply just change up your cushions and it changes the whole look of your room! Its amazing, and can also be extremely affordable depending on your preferences!! 

Personally, I love anything bright and can definitely see the benefit in having a white throw on your sofa, adding a beautiful bright cushion as the statement piece and then surrounding it by more neutral shades or colours which are intertwined in the design of the bold one itself. Upon receiving the email from Yorkshire Linen about a collaboration for interiors I found myself scouring all of my favourite online stores, creating looks and mood boards of different designs I would choose to put together and display in my home which are completely Summer inspired. Therefore, below I have created 4 different collages of cushions I think would look idyllic together, all of which demonstrate the Summer in interior form to me, and all which can suit different kinds of individual taste! I have scoured from favourite stores, some of which are have higher prices tags and some of which are incredibly affordable and I recommend you check them all out and see which one is your favourites!!  

Blue & Champagne: 1. H&M Mint Green Patterned Cushion Cover. 2. Yorkshire Linen Co Ribeiro Chenille Complete Champagne. 3. H&M White and Copper Patterned Cushion Cover. Suitable for you minimalists out there! Rose gold, copper and champagne colours are very on trend at the moment so this will make your home look effortlessly chique whilst also looking very Summer inspired. The beautiful Yorkshire Linen champagne cushion cover adds to this trio beautifully as it brings in the golden summery tones and is definitely a very versatile design for all seasons, not just the Summer!! 

Bold and Bright: 1. H&M Floral Patterned Cushion Cover. 2. H&M Here Comes The Sun Cushion. 3. Anthropologie Quatrefoil Cushion. For any of you (like me) who love anything statement, bold and bright - this selection of cushion covers would be perfect for you!! I am obsessed with each and every single one and love how incredible they all look together! 

Feminine and Floral: 1. H&M Satin Cushion Cover. 2. H&M Grapefruit Patterned Cushion Cover. 3. Anthropologie Bisbita Pillowcase. I love this display of cushions also, if you are a person who loves your home to look very feminine but also portraying the weather outside, then these are definitely for you! I love the variety of textures in this trio and definitely think the white cushion from Antropology would finish everything off perfectly and tie the incredible materials and patterns together perfectly! 

Random but Perfect: 1. Anthropologie Woolen Pom Cushion. 2. H&M Crab Cushion Cover. 3. Anthropologie Folding Fans Cushion. Yet again, I think these cushions are perfect together - although really they are a complete mismatch. I love mismatching at the moment, such as colour clashes and what not! I think all of these cushions look so chique although they literally look like they have been randomly popped together. They would love so perfect displayed on a white throw, either on your bed or sofa! I LOVE THEM! 


As mentioned above, all of these cushion covers are a variety of different prices for those of you looking for interiors in different price brackets. I personally love absolutely every single one I have linked above for you all, but for me its always and bright and bold - Especially in Summer!! As some of the above are just cushion covers, you should also head over to the Yorkshire Linen website and grab yourselves some plain cushions by clicking here and then adding your own pillow cases to them for super good value. You can be guaranteed a bargain with Yorkshire Linen 20x20 cushions in the UK along with other sizes, as well as good quality!! (I am going to be placing a very cheeky order myself shortly).  

If you guys enjoyed this interior post here on my blog, let me know in the comments below and I can do some more of these kind of posts for you involving different kinds of interiors such as accessories, bed spreads, throws or what not. I will be moving house in the next few weeks so I am super excited to start looking for some more goodies to fill up my new home & therefore would really enjoy doing more posts like this to show you all what I am currently loving!

Leave me any comments or suggestions for future interior posts down in the description box below!! 

Much Love 



This post is a collaboration with Yorkshire Linen Co. 


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