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Top 7 Spring Lipsticks

Lets be honest, I am lipstick obsessed. My collection now consisted of over 80 different ones, and I know for a fact that this number is just going to grow and grow. I thought I would bring you all my top 7 Spring Lipsticks and tell you why I am loving these particular ones. I am not the kind of girl who has a 'comfort zone' with lipsticks, so this pretty much means I am willing to try any shade. They are the one product I will spend any amount of, and buy several different ones in very similar colours. Although I do not have a comfort zone, my favourite shades of lipstick to wear are definitely nudes. I think they suit me and I just love them so much, especially mattes. 

If you are looking for some inspiration or incredible Spring lipsticks then you have definitely come to the right place, I am a true lipstick connoisseur and have chosen my top 7 which I will link below for you all so you can go and check them out! I have also decided to link any blogposts/instagram posts or youtube videos I have got which I am wearing any of the chosen lipsticks so you can actually see what they look like too!! I am always showing you my current favourite lipsticks over on my instagram which is 'whatlaurenlovess' and my snapchat which is 'whatlaurenloves' (Shameless self promotion but hey ho) so I would love it if you went over and followed me on those!! 

Now I am just going to name and link all of the products below (Going left to right from the very top photo) :

1. Kylie Jenner Lipgloss in 'Like' - For obvious reasons I am unable to link this product because it is near enough impossible to get your hands on!! I never really wear lip glosses and they haven't really been my 'thing' for a long time but I LOVE this one in a dark nude so I am excited to rock a gloss for a little change!! I also have not actually worn this yet either, so I have no photo to show you. - Kylie Cosmetics Website

2. Mac Vegas Volt - I love this lipstick, it is my first amplified Mac Lipstick and I love the finish so much!! It is the most beautiful bright pink shade and I am obsessed with wearing it at the moment! It also makes your teeth look so white which is an added bonus. I am wearing it in a previous Topshop Blogpost and you can grab it by clicking here

3. Kiko Glossy Dream 201 - I cannot wait to wear this beautiful lipstick some more in the upcoming months. It is the perfect nude/peach shade for the Spring and I love it! It is very close to a nude which I obviously love but is so bright and glossy which gives off such an incredible healthy shine to your lips!! Kiko products should never go unmentioned, they are absolutely beautiful & I am lucky enough to live within arms reach of the Meadowhall store, so on my next trip I have the full intention of stocking up on Kiko products as they are such amazing value as well as being so incredible!! and if you appreciate good packaging Kiko are your people!! You can grab it by clicking here and you can check it out on my instagram by clicking here

4. Mac Whirl - I hope you all did not expect me to get through this blog post and not include a dark nude. Yes it may not seem very 'spring' like in terms of colour, more autumnal - but lets be honest you can wear nude lipsticks any time and this one is just so beautiful I would wear it all the time if I could!! It is a matte finish which is my all time favourite as you also know. Dark nude lipsticks look great to tie a daytime outfit together perfectly, and I can totally see this being a lipstick I am going to be rocking all year round. Check it out by clicking here and purchase by clicking here

5. Estee Lauder Lasting Shimmer Candy - This lipstick is one I added to my collection at Christmas time as Simon's parents bought me the most incredible Estee Lauder gift set which included so many amazing products! This lipstick was a set of 3 and obviously now its Spring time I thought it was time to start sporting it, which is exactly what I have been doing, and loving. It has a beautiful glossy finish and leaves your lips feeling incredible! I have to admit though, it claims to be 'long lasting' and I have not found it to be the most long lasting lipstick I own - but hey ho, I don't mind re-applying a few times throughout the day. Click here to see me wearing this just 2 days ago, and here to purchase

6. Topshop Mind Your Manners - This lipstick is definitely one of my favourites at the moment and I think that this is because it is so close to a nude but still very pink! It has a very glossy finish and goes on to the lips so effortlessly, I love it. Topshop lips are becoming some of my favourites to own, and this one in particular has definitely been a game changer for me! I love it! This lipstick will definitely be coming with me on my holidays this year as I think it will look lovely with a tan and will be the perfect finish for days spent in the heat! Click here to check this out on my lips and here to purchase

7. Chanel Rouge Coco 39 Paradis - This was my first ever Chanel Purchase and when I first got it I used to only ever use it on special occasions because I never wanted it to get worn down. However, now I wear it as much as I like because I think my appreciation for it needs to be shown on a regular basis! This product has a beautiful glossy, healthy finish and is the most beautiful pink/salmon colour. I love it! It is also very buildable so depending on the colour you want to achieve you can layer it to make it more pigmented and darker. Click here to check it out on the lips and here to purchase.


I hope you have enjoyed getting a little insight into my current Spring Lipstick favourites, I definitely feel as though this collection is going to grow over the next few months so if you want to keep updated on new favourites then don't forget to add my social medias and follow my snapchat if this is what you like to stay up to date on!! 

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  1. Mac Vegas Volt looks so out there and bold that I love the look of it! The Chanel one looks absolutely gorgeous, both the shade and packaging xxx

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