Friday, 8 April 2016

Going from Day to Night in Topshop Florals - Dresses Campaign

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my blog for today's post! I am seriously loving doing fashion related posts here on my blog at the moment, as I have said numerous times already. They are definitely posts which get me so excited to shoot, find the perfect setting and ensuring that the weather is perfect so that the shots look the best they can!! 

Today I am so excited to say I am bringing you another Topshop Collaboration. Topshop are just the best when it comes to collaborating and I just loveeee working with them as they have been a life long favourite store of mine! It really makes me think about how far my blogging has come, how much it means to me and makes me rekindle my love with Topshop fashion every single time I scroll down there website (which is virtually every single day). 

The lovely ladies from Topshop recently just contacted me regarding getting involved with the dress campaign and wanted me to portray the versatility of Topshop dresses to you guys. This obviously made me jump with excitement and I hopped straight on board!! So, therefore here we go - I have brought you a post all about how to dress this beautiful floral Topshop dress up for evening wear and down for day time wear. All links will be at the bottom of the post for everything I am wearing so please continue to read as see what I have been teaming this dress with and how I think it should be worn! 


If you have got to this point by now, then it probably means you have just had a scroll through all of the above photos having a peak at how I have styled this beautiful dress completely for daytime attire. This beautiful 'retro floral doll dress' is absolutely beautiful and totally on trend this Spring. I definitely feel like this dress is completely appropriate for daytime due to having a high neck line, and long sleeves. The pattern and design allows for it to be so wearable for the season also, as it is very lightweight material and also very bright which is completely identical to the kind of scenes you begin to see outdoors in the Spring. 

For daytime attire I decided to put this with some small (and technically flat) heeled black boots with gold detailing and a thin camel trench coat (which is from Primark but I will link a similar Topshop one below). I feel as though adding a camel trench and simple black boots dresses down this dress appropriately whilst not taking any attention from the beautiful design of the dress. This definitely makes it much more of a casual outfit and I absolutely love it!! 


In order to make this dress completely appropriate for night time I simply removed the jacket & replaced boots with some beautiful camel leather heels!! This made the dress not only night time appropriate, but also wearable for wedding attire, occasion wear for the races etc, christening attire and just generally perfect for Spring wear. 

Not only does the beautiful pattern add attention to this dress but also the detailing to the neckline which is button and ruffled. The material is thin viscose which is perfectly wearable for both the warmer days and the cooler days. This dress is not usually something I would tend to get my hands on, but it is the kind of thing I admire from afar - so I am super happy I chose this one as I am obsessed with it!! 

Topshop really does have some beautiful dresses in stock at the moment for you all to get your hands on, and SO many of them are super versatile and wearable for so many different occasions. I would definitely recommend heading over to the topshop dresses section and check out what they have, there are so many beautiful ones!! 

I envisaged this dress to be photographed in a beautiful garden, surrounded by flowers and blossom and just really portraying the perfect image of Spring. Luckily enough for me, my boyfriends parents are extremely enthusiastic about their garden and have SO many beautiful plants and areas of their garden which are so picturesque and just beautiful. I could not have thought of a better place to take the photographs, I felt like I was a part of the garden wearing this beautiful piece! 

Check out the links below for the products I have used to create my outfits in this post, and you guys need to get your hands on this beautiful dress - I am obsessed with it!! Also, I just want to quickly thank the lovely Martha from Topshop for giving me the opportunity to be on board with this campaign - it always means so much to work with Topshop, who have been and always will be one of my favourite fashion brands! 

Comment me below if you too are enjoying my fashion posts, I really am loving doing them for you!! 

Much Love



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