Monday, 14 March 2016

London Life in That Bargain Primark Trench

Its approaching Spring, and I definitely could not blog at this time without mentioning this trench coat to you some more, and showing my sheer appreciation to Primark for it! I would definitely go as far as saying that this jacket is my favourite now, and I can definitely see myself wearing this plenty more throughout the Spring and maybe even into the Summer as something to throw on over an outfit. 

Obviously there is lots and lots of different trench coats out there which all (to be fair) do look pretty similar, just with different price tags. I had been on the hunt for one for a long time, but when I spotted it in Primark for an incredible £14.50 I knew that it was the one I needed as my wardrobe staple! 

The material is so soft and incredibly thin and light which is exactly what you want in a transitional pieces, because at the end of the day in Winter it can be layered up on top of beautiful jumpers and in the Spring it will be a beautiful additional piece to drape over any outfit. 

I literally could not recommend enough heading in to Primark and grabbing this jacket for yourselves, at £14.50 you really cannot go wrong - it is literally a style steal! I just thought I would write this post as I have mentioned this a few times in m recent vlogs and fashion hauls over on my channel and wanted to demonstrate to you all exactly what it looks like! Have no fear guys, this will be appearing in several more look books here on my blog & my channel so keep your eyes peeled for how I have been styling it!!
Let me know if you have already grabbed this for yourselves and leave your blog posts below of how you have been styling it too!! I would love to see!

Much Love 


Go over to my fashion haul here to see me chatting some more about this beautiful trench. 



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  2. I am sure that the material is so soft and incredibly thin and light at the same time. I'd like to get the same one for me!


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