Friday, 18 March 2016

Khaki on Khaki Ft Style Heist & Nike

I don't know about you guys but I am seriously loving spending more of my time photographing fashion related posts for my blog! I am going through a little phase of experimenting with my style and I am really enjoying this look. Edgy fashion featuring items like bombers and trainers has never really been something I thought I would edge, but honestly I am loving this at the moment! I am definitely going to have to add many more bombers and trainers into my wardrobe this season, I love how you can team both items with different outfits to completely mix it up! At the moment, I am also loving khaki, I think it is the most amazing colour to wear and is totally on trend right now! I own so many pieces which are khaki right now that its unbelievable, but honestly I am going through a phase of wearing basic colours instead of patterns at the moment - which I am totally crazy for right now! Styling basic colours right actually is not easy, everything has to match perfectly. 

I am crazy for the khaki on khaki combo I have got going on here! I am usually into the more girly, sweet girl sort of fashion but I am obsessed with this boyish trend and think it looks incredible sassy - and believe me, I don't portray sassy very easily, however, this outfit does that for me! 2 staples everybody needs in their wardrobe - a bomber and a pair of trainers. No, they do not have to be khaki, they can be any colour but honestly adding a pair of decent trainers & a bomber will have your style on point right now! 

The bomber I own is a Style Heist one and I am crazy about it, its very warm and padded, waterproof, khaki, amazing value for money & SUPER on trend and I am crazy about it!! I need this in every single colour! The trainers in these photographs are actually some bargain buys I found on Depop which were literally brand new! I was so luck to grab them for just £20 - I do love a good bargain!! They are literally everything I would want in a trainer, khaki, Nike and partly suede - I absolutely love them!! These trainers have basically made me completely obsessed with this style of footwear - I need so many more pairs of trainers now so that I can create more casual outfits featuring them!! 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post and my frequent fashion posts here on my blog! I really am loving shooting them and putting them together for you all to read and enjoy! If you guys have any other recommendations of clothing items I need to get my hands on which fit the description of the more edgy style I am going for then please leave your recommendations below of things I NEED. Also, leave any fellow blogger's whose style is similar and you are loving below too!! I would love to check them out! 

Khaki Bomber - Style Heist
Purple High Neck - Primark (Similar Here)
Black Jeans - Forever 21 
Nike Trainers - (Similar Here)
Michael Kors Bag - (Similar Here)

Much Love


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  1. I love your bomber, I have one too in black and it's the warmest thing ever. I love yours in khaki, you look gorgeous! Xxx

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