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Topshop Patent Leather & Shirt Dresses for LFW.

Welcome to a brand new fashion related post guys!! I definitely do not do enough of these kind of things, and fashion has always been something I have been passionate about so I would definitely like to push myself to do many more look book posts like this for you all!! I have always been a little bit adventurous and creative when it comes to outfits and really enjoy playing around with different pieces to see what would go together, and trying on different styles to what I would usually go for - it's something which has always excited me but at times also made me really nervous too!

Having a blog and this platform to express my creative said has definitely given me even more confidence to try out different outfit ideas, and this is definitely one of them - and surprise surprise I have fallen in LOVE with it. 

So if you have been keeping up to date with my social medias and my youtube channel recently then you may have seen that I have been working very closely with Topshop who asked me to choose some pieces from their website to put together as an outfit for London Fashion Week which starts this weekend (EXCITING)

For a long time, Topshop has been my absolute favourite brand - before starting my blog I was constantly browsing their website looking for new things I could possibly purchase for daytime and parties (which were very few and far between), but now I have the opportunity to attend events such as LFW it means I get to browse the website even more and look for pieces to team together to create an unreal individualised outfit. I feel very lucky! and also very overwhelmed that I am now working closely with a brand which I have loved throughout all of my teenage and adult years!

So now onto the outfit. 

I wanted to really play around with my creativity and style here. I wanted something sophisticated, sexy, an element of winter fashion but I also wanted to incorporate a sense of the Spring arriving, and the weather starting to improve slightly (a girl can dream, right?).
Shirt dresses are not really an item I have ever really reached for before, but as I wanted to go for something which had a sophisticated element about it I thought I would give it a go. and I could not have been happier with the way it looks!! I went for the incredible navy blue polyester shirt dress as one of my staple pieces for this LFW outfit. What I love about this piece is that its very laid back and cool, as well as look super chic and sophisticated. I really do feel though it is very flattering and allows for all of the focus to be on your legs! I went for the navy blue colour because it is easily my favourite colour to wear, you can guarantee that when I go to pick clothes I always reach for blue even though I am forever telling myself to try something different! I feel as though this shirt is an extremely transitional piece as the sleeves and colour allow for it to remain appropriate for the colder weather, but the fact it looks so good with bare legs means that it is irresistible to wear as part of a Spring outfit too!! 

Following on from the bare legs it leads me to what is at the bottom of them - these INCREDIBLE open toe leather boots. I have always been a little bit too comfortable with my choice of boots, meaning that I always go for the black leather ones - which is absolutely fine & I still love them no matter what - but this time, I decided to go for something a little bit different and oh my days, these beauties have definitely made me so happy that I did! So, they are the most amazing leather in a beautiful bordeaux/burgundy colour, have a 3.5 inch heel and are super comfortable! I was quite nervous for these to arrive actually, because in the excitement of ordering them I completely forgot to look at the heel height.. so when I did (before they arrived) I noticed that the heel may be a little bit too high for me to be comfortable in all day at LFW? However, I kid you not, they are SO comfortable and would be no problem as an all day boot! The open toe element to this shoe means that they would be appropriate as Spring wear but also very versatile in that the colour would be dreamy as an Autumn and Winter shade! 

I am so happy I chose this beautiful colour of boot to team with the Navy Blue shirt dress because the colours compliment each other perfectly and although both may not be Spring/Summer shades, the style allows for them to be extremely wearable and versatile. 

Accessory Wise. I went for a pair of aviator shades (also from Topshop) and a black clutch bag. Aviator shades are my go-to and always look insane with all outfits, again adding that sense of sexiness whilst keeping an outfit very sophisticated. Sunglasses are a must for LFW, well most days really because they really are that finishing touch that ties every single outfit together perfectly. I also think that sunglasses choices say a lot about a person. 

I went for a plain black clutch because I did not want to draw any attention away from the key pieces of the outfit - plus you literally cannot go wrong with a black clutch bag. This one is also Topshop and is Leather with gold detailing. You have to also make sure if you are attending LFW that you choose a bag which is able to hold all of the necessities such as purse, phone, camera, make up, tickets, etc. 

All in all, I could not have been happier with how this outfit ended up looking! Its exactly how I pictured it to look, but better! If you are looking for a last minute outfit for LFW then I would recommend grabbing any of the pieces in this outfit, or the whole thing! It can be such a struggle to plan outfits for such highly talked about fashion events such as London Fashion Week, so if you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed by the whole thing or just a little bit stuck then I have put this outfit together so you can gain some inspiration from it - making your life so much easier! If you like the look, but want to play around with the colour scheme a little bit then click here to see the Topshop shirt dresses, and here to see the ankle boots. 

I will link below all of the pieces I have mentioned, as well as the Topshop website so you can go over and check out any of the pages we have talked about above!! Also, I would just like to take this opportunity again, to thank Topshop for this incredible opportunity and allowing me the chance to put together an outfit for LFW which is completely my own ideas. You have allowed me the ability to really play around with my creativity and style and definitely proven to me that it pays off to test your confidence sometimes and try different things! 

I really hope some of you have taken some inspiration from this outfit for your LFW outfit choices or even just for a general outfit choice!! Let me know in the comments below if you have purchased any of the pieces, already styled them yourselves or just have any general feedback for me! 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and enjoy London Fashion Week if you are attending! If you are not going however, then be sure to come over here to my blog at 1pm on Sunday (UK time) as I will be live streaming the Topshop Unique a/w 2016 Fashion show on my next post! You definitely do not want to miss that!!

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