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The Mussel & Crab - Tuxford Review.

For today's post I have decided to bring you all a little restaurant review. Very recently myself and about 16 other members of my family went for a meal to 'The Mussel & Crab' for my Grandad's 70th birthday. The restaurant is situated on the outskirts of a little village called Tuxford, Nottinghamshire and a stones throw away from the A1 motorway! I felt the need to blog about the meal we had here because it was literally the most beautiful food I have ever tasted. 

So basically, the Mussel and Crab is predominantly a fish restaurant, although they definitely cater for meat eaters and vegetarians too!! In fact, it was so difficult to choose what I wanted to eat from both the fish and meat dishes, they all looked so so incredible!! Its funny actually as because there was so many of us I can honestly give you a true review of the place and tell you it caters for everyone's taste buds. Certain members of my family are complete lovers of Fish dishes, and others could not think of anything worse - therefore the range of food that we actually sampled was huge. Starter wise we went through the choices of Tomato soup, mushrooms, cold crab, fish cakes and scallops. Mains we went from roast beef (Sunday Lunch), Fish & Chips, Duck, Roast Chicken & Thai fish curry. Followed by puddings which ranged from chocolate fudge cake, crème brulee & cherry cheesecake. The food truly was beautiful, the staff were very attentive and the service was just 10/10. It really was an incredible meal and I don't think I have stopped talking about it since. 

So now, I am just going to tell you a little bit about the food I actually had myself. Now, I would say my choices of food are either for those of you who know you love fish and seafood in general, or those of you who just like to experiment with trying different things. I definitely come into both of these categories, both loving fish & wanting to try new food all of the time. So, lets go in order of the photos above and start with my starter. Now I am not usually a person to choose a starter, but with fish dishes I do tend to find that they are very light and don't fill you up too much which is exactly what you want in a starter. I went for the Scallops for my starter, one reason for this is because I had never tried them before and really wanted to, and another is because the dish just sounded incredible. They were served in a white wine, lemon juice, and garlic sauce with diced tomatoes and smoky bacon and I cannot tell you how amazing they truly were!! They were so light, beautiful flavours and just the perfect starter portion for me, they really were incredible and I cannot wait to eat them again, wow!! The photograph definitely does not even do them justice for how beautiful they were!

Next, I went for yet another fish dish for my main. This time it was something which I also thought would be quite light, the Thai green fish curry with rice. The fishes included in this dish were cod, prawns and salmon and it was so beautiful! It also included the average thai curry vegetable and was topped with cucumber slices. It was just unreal honestly and so perfect for anyone who loves curry, light food and fish. It also did not leave me with that heavy feeling in my stomach like you sometimes get, I definitely felt as though a pudding could be squeezed into my tummy even though I had already had 2 courses!! So, this leads me on to the pudding - I went for the crème brulee but making this choice was extremely difficult because there really was a lot of things to choose from on the menu, many to which would have been perfect for my taste buds!! Anyway, I chose the crème brulee and yet again it did not disappoint, it was so beautiful and came with a side of berries which were the perfect extra. 

All in all then, I would highly recommend if you are in the Tuxford area to give this place a go! Also, if you are travelling up the A1 the Mussel and Crab is extremely accessible to get to (you can actually see the motorway from the pub) and all you need to do to get to it is leave the A1 at the East Markham and Tuxford junction and it is literally just on a road leading from the junction roundabout. If you want to know more of the details about the postcode and location then here is a link to the page on the website where you can check it out - Click here. I will leave the website link below for you to check out but honestly it is 100% worth the visit if you are in the area!! 

Thanks again to the incredible staff at the Mussel and crab for being so accommodating to so many of us and for letting us sample your incredible food! We had the most lovely afternoon



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  1. The mussels look lovely! My mouth is watering just looking at them :)


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