Monday, 1 February 2016

Naked Smoky Palette | Golden Bronze Daytime Look

I am completely loving how beauty related my blog and social media channels appear to be at the moment, and what is even better is how much you guys seem to like my posts about beauty. If you follow my twitter 'whtlaurenlovess' then you may have seen a recent poll I posted stating what kind of things you would like to see more of my on YT channel and the majority said 'beauty' related posts. So I have figured that since you guys wanted it, I should just start doing much more all round beauty posts - including right here on my blog! 

So I don't know if you have noticed but nude seems to be my thaaang at the moment. I am crazy for nude eyes, nude lips, a decent contour and whatnot. I just love this kind of look at the moment! Another thing I have been crazy for is the Naked Smoky Palette by Urban Decay which is why I have been using it so much recently to create different looks to show you all here on my blog! The last one I brought you was more of a silver metallic look but this time I am bringing you a bronzed look which is daytime appropriate (or night time, if this is the kind of look you go for on a night). So basically, now I am just going to walk you through the colours I have used and if you don't have the Naked Smoky Palette then I am going to suggest a few other drug store products you could get yourselves so you can create this look!! 

I won't walk you through my make up base, because basically (and here is a hint) you can maybe check out how I do my base in Sundays upcoming Youtube video. Anyway, lets move on to talking about my eye make up using the Naked Smoky palette - my favourite palette of all time! So, for the base I have used the shade 'combust' which is an incredible matte colour almost somewhere between a peach and a nude (Get similar here), I popped this all over the lid just for a something to work on top of. Then, I went in with the shade 'dirty sweet' which is a shimmery shade from the palette (get similar here), this colour is so beautiful and is a gold. I used this one all over the lid, mainly focussing on the middle of my eyelid and the inner corner slightly. After packing on the gold shade I then went in with 'radar' (get similar here) using an angle brush and a piece of cotton wool to get a brief line to the outer corner. I worked this into the crease and then straight through to the outer corner, gently blending it into the golden shade in the middle. I made sure I packed this colour on enough so that a smoky effect was created and I would be able to blend the colours later. Once I was happy with the shading of the outer corner I then damped a smaller brush and went into the inner corner with the shade 'high' (get similar here) which is a beautiful champagne colour, and the idea of this was basically to lighten up the corner of my eye and really add some depth to the smoky effect I was going for. Once I was happy with how illuminated the inner corner was, I then went in with a fluffy brush and blended the combination of colours together, which also smoothed out the crease and did not make it too harsh. 

Although there is lots of shimmery colours involved in this look, I do feel it would be completely appropriate for daytime glam - especially paired with a nude lip like this one I had, using a Rimmel Lip liner in shade 'cappuccino' which is a new favourite of mine also, AND so incredibly cheap!! If you wanted to dress the look up for an evening, then you could maybe add a red lip, or add some glitter to the inner corner such as this Barry M dazzle dust

Let me know in the comments below if you have decided to grab any of the products I have used or recommended above! Also, don't forget to click on all of the links for the drugstore dupes for the shades I have used, and check them out if you don't have the smoky palette! 

I am already so excited to experiment some more with this beautiful palette, and know for a fact that it will be one which I hit pan on the colours extremely fast! 

You can grab yourselves the Naked Smoky palette here

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