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Lush Valentines Collection 2016

I am definitely feeling that my obsession for Lush products is becoming a little bit uncontrollable at the moment. I really am crazy head over heels for all things Lush, and love nothing more than trying out loads of their different product. So, following the Christmas blogger event I attended in December I accumulated lots of different products - mainly bath bombs and bubble bars but obviously these have run out now. I absolutely love Lush because it caters for all of the big events throughout the year, such as Valentines, Easter, Christmas etc, and to me that just makes the perfect excuse for a haul of products to be purchased. I have now made a decision that at all times I need a supply of Lush products in my bathroom which can be used at any time I fancy - Valentines is the perfect time to grab the most girly and feminine of Bath products, and therefore that is what I did. 

I decided to grab myself a select few of the Valentines products, and the ones which caught my eye in particular - so really, I am showing you my ultimate favourite ones here! Some of these products I have actually tried before, and some I haven't - so for those I know a little bit about I will give you a mini review! 

Sex Bomb

Ok to first I bring you the Sex Bomb, which can be seen in the photograph below with the beautiful rose in the centre. I have had this bath bomb a couple of times before, and I just absolutely love it. It smells SO beautiful, very floral and feminine and is essentially made of many ingredients - one of which is supposed to be an aphrodisiac (whit whooo). This makes your bath the most incredible pink colour, very girly and appropriate for Valentines in many different ways. Some of the ingredients in this bomb also have a calming effect, and are supposed to have the capability of relieving stress & anxiety which is definitely what you want to add to your bath to make it extra relaxing.  Buy Sex Bomb Here 

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Before I begin, I have not yet tried this and I already know it is going to be my favourite bath bubble bar ever. And this is simply because Rose Jam is easily my favourite ever Lush scent, so much so that I actually tweeted Lush requesting a reed diffuser to be made of this beautiful scent! Rose Jam is literally made of the most incredible ingredients such as Lemon, rose & geranium oil and honestly it makes the most dreamy smelling concoction ever! So, we all know what bubble bars are - basically you break a little bit off, rub it into your hands & rub under warm water and then you have beautifully colourful bubbles! I don't know if I will even be able to bring myself to use this one because I just love being able to smell it every time I walk into my bathroom! (Hint hint - if anybody ever wants to get me a present, get me something rose jam scented from Lush and I will literally love you forever). I literally could not recommend you trying this bubbleroon more, it smells so dreamy and is completely irresistible in my eyes!! Buy Rose Jam Bubbleroon Here

Unicorn Horn

We all love the Unicorn horn, or at least I have read a lot of people saying that they do! It smells super floral and feminine again and WOW just look at the incredible colours!! Its another bubble bar, so will last ages and will leave your baths the most magical looking, dreamy places! This bubble bar is lavender scented and has other ingredients which are designed to boost your serotonin levels in the brain which boosts your mood and makes your feel happier. We all need a little magical unicorn horn in our lives! Definitely worth grabbing before the Valentines Collection is gone! Get the Unicorn Horn Here

Lover Lamp Bath Bomb

Yet another beautiful bath bomb I have added to my collection. This is a beautiful white bath bomb with red hearts inside. I got a little surprise actually, when smelling this one I actually realised it smelt orangey which I really was not expecting. Anyway, from look at the ingredients list this bath bomb actually contains orange oil which is actually designed to enhance your mood and leave a fresh smell in the air. I really really like this bath bomb and cannot wait to use it. The little red hearts definitely make the cutest little Valentines touch too!! Get the Lover Lamp Bath Bomb Here

If you haven't already then you definitely need to get down to your nearest Lush shop and grab some of the Valentines products, they really are beautiful and if you are reading this and looking for inspiration for a Valentines gift then these really do make cute little pieces to give to your loved ones. Also, you can get gift sets which have a variety of the different bath products in which would be perfect to give to someone who loves Lush products! If you cannot get down to the shops, then why not go over to their website and check out what they have got! I have linked all of the above products and the website below. 

Let me know if you love any of the Valentines products in particular and recommend that I grab them before they are gone! Also, let me know if you go ahead and buy any of these products - I would love to know what you think in the comments below!!



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