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Building up confidence to attend bloggers events

Blogger's events can be equally exciting and scaring things. Especially if its your first ever one. This could be also as a new blogger, or a blogger who has just never attended an event before. I attended my first event back in October 2014 when I had only been blogging 2 months and since then have attended a variety of different ones in many different cities across the UK. 

I have to admit being absolutely terrified to attend my first one and felt a little bit like I was being fed to the wolves because it was an event which so many big bloggers went to, and really I was alien to the whole thing and knew nobody. I have decided to do this post for all of you who are considering attending your first event and are absolutely terrified or just curious of what to expect, because basically I wish I had been able to read a post similar to this when I was on the lead up to my first event. I can imagine for some people blogging events or social situations will never get any easier, and no matter how much advice you are provided with they will always make you super nervous - but even if these tips help slightly then that is good for everybody! 

1. Put it out there on your social media that you are attending the event to see if there are any fellow blogger's attending. I always find, even now, that I feel a lot less anxious about an event when I have spoken to some other people attending beforehand, especially the ones I go to down in London. I also just love asking around and getting an eye for who I will be meeting at the event, both familiar faces and new ones! What I also like to do is arrange to meet people before actually going to the event, so this usually involves meeting up for a coffee, at the train station or even just outside the building so we can go in together. I can guarantee that this will make you feel less anxious about walking in to an event if you are walking in with a group or even just one other person, yes it may switch the nerves to thinking about meeting up with a stranger beforehand but that's definitely worth it to relieve some of the anxiety about entering an event alone. 

2. Arrive on time, or early but not late. To me, arriving late would not be something I would do anyway - unless of course it was for unforeseen circumstances such as transport issues or what not but for some of you it may happen regularly. Anyway, personally I think that being late to a blogger event is something which should be avoided if you are already feeling nervous about it. I don't think I could think of anything worse than walking into a room full of strangers, so basically I would definitely recommend to make sure you are as organised and prepared as possible to arrive on time. If you are travelling this may mean arranging your trains so you have plenty of time, getting an early tube, setting off to drive and park in good time, planning your route to the building, planning which tube stop to get off at and walking route, etc. 

3. Think about the positives of why you have been asked to attend. Yes, bloggers events are nerve racking and sometimes its so difficult to think of anything else but your nerves on the build up and particularly on the actual day, BUT what you really need to try and remember is the reasons behind why you have personally been invited. If you are nervous and feel quite negative because "your following isn't very big" or "your blog is not that popular" or "you don't live in London" then just remember, that company chose you!! I was definitely guilty in getting swept up in feeling this way when I attended my first event, like I said before, there were so many 'big' blogger's there and I just felt like the least successful person there, in some ways that is what made me super nervous, but also kind of like I should not have been there? This I now know, is completely wrong - I had absolutely every single right to be there just as much as those big blogger's, and was chosen to have the same opportunity as them! This mindset has now completely made me feel differently about attending blogger events for this exact reason, because now I just get excited about the prospect of who I will meet there instead of making silly excuses for myself like I did at the beginning such as saying things like 'I dont understand why I am here, I only have 500 instagram followers' - it really is not about that at all, the companies choose you because they want to work with you and obviously enjoy your content. Otherwise why would they bother inviting you? They don't have to at the end of the day! 

4. Consider that other people are probably in the same boat. Similar to some of the reasons above, but I just wanted to touch on it some more. I definitely believe in the whole time I have been blogging that it has become a much more recognised thing to do, and that even people who don't blog themselves seem to actually know what it is now. Whereas I found when I first started that there were not that many around, maybe there were but because I was new to it myself I didn't see it? Anyway, because blogging has become such a huge community, and although there are a lot of us - there is no blogger out there which is identical to the next. In relation to blogger events and calming your nerves before hand, just think the person or company who invited you, chose you because they liked your blog and saw something in you as an individual which they liked. You always have the right to attend the event and enjoy it as much as possible, the blogger community is not closed and if you don't think you fit the typical criteria of people who would attend this particular event then just remember that there isn't a definition of a blogger, everyone is (or should be) individual and you are unique in your own way!! 

I really hope this blogpost has been of some use to you all and if it just makes your mind start to tick over thinking about your own individuality and working on those nerves, then I have achieved something! I don't for one minute think the tips I have provided will cure everybodies nerves completely because lets be honest, I am pretty sure the experts still get nervous for one reason or another. Whether it be that they don't know anybody else attending, meeting with a really exciting company etc etc, we all have our own reasons why we get nervous for these things. I know now though, that when I know I am attending an event, asking around to see who else is going helps my nerves so much!! This is definitely one of my top tips! Just remember to stay positive about the whole thing, and as much as you can - try not to talk yourself out of it!! Attending events does you, your blog, your blogger circle and mind the world of good! I love attending them and go to as many as I possibly can!!

Let me know if this post has been of some use to you & if you have any other tips to add then please leave them below for others to see!!

Much Love



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