Wednesday, 6 January 2016

WhatLaurenLovess - Back on Youtube!!

Yet again, another post which I have been planning for quite some time and finally I am ready to share with you all! My Youtube is back and I am extremely happy and excited about the prospect of it all! 

Youtube is a world which I have become extremely engrossed in and is definitely something I want to have my own little space on! So, as I continue to grow and develop my blogger identity I have decided that I want Youtube to be a part of it! I feel as though YT is a way of letting your viewers see a completely different side to you, allows people the opportunity to get to know you a little more personally and lets your enthusiasm and personality be shown! 

If any of you have followed me for a little while now then you may already know that I have already previously had a YT channel and did post videos quite regularly. This ended back in March 2015 because I decided that I wanted to focus on identifying myself via my blog and building up a good base of followers who would eventually want to watch my videos! 

I really want my Youtube to portray me as being the fun, bubbly, friendly person that I am! I want to share with you all my happy times, favourite things, favourite people and I want us to all grow together in the space that is Youtube. Although adding a YT channel on top of my already busy life may seem a little bit crackers, it is something I have wanted to do for so long and I am very prepared to dedicate the time and effort to make it happen!

The truth is... Lately I have been so happy and overwhelmed (in a good way) with the direction of my cyber life that I do not have a negative bone in my body about my decision to do this! I used to care far too much about what people thought about everything I did to the point where I would not do it, wear it etc. I am not that person anymore and I do not care for one second if someone has a negative opinion on my personal and positive (in my eyes) decisions that I decide to make!! 

Some people think that 23 is too old to start up a Youtube but I completely disagree, anyone can start it up at any point if its what they want to do. Look at all the really successful vloggers and youtubers such as Zoella, Inthefrow, Tanya Burr etc - they are all in their mid 20's, so there is absolutely nothing stopping me at 23! 

I am so excited to expand my creative side to this world and see what I can create! I want to have a play around with ideas and content and see how it goes! As it stands at the moment I will be uploading once every 2 weeks until I find my feet and know what I want to focus on or at least get some proper ideas behind me! You can expect my channel to consist of vlogs, lookbooks, advice, tag videos, beauty looks, nursing posts, favourites etc! I cant wait to delve into it all and I really hope you guys all enjoy watching my videos and subscribe so you can join me on this journey! 

Also, my first video will have gone live with this blog post and is a little montage all about a "Day in my life" - so although this was not made over one day, it shows you what I would typically do in a day & what kind of things/people/animals etc you can expect from my channel. I really would love you to leave me any other videos you have for me down in the comments and please dont forget to go ahead and subscribe to my channel so that you can stay up to date - I have linked it before for you, just to make it easy!! 

Thanks again for all of the ongoing support for every single thing I throw myself (and you guys) into.. you are all amazing!!!



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