Friday, 8 January 2016

What I got for Christmas 2015

I do love reading about the bits and pieces people got for Christmas, so therefore I thought why not do a mini post of some of the pieces I got this year! I have been extremely lucky this year and could not be more grateful to my Family, Boyfriend & Friends for all of the presents I got this year, and I cannot believe that everyone got everything SO right and knows exactly what I love! I wont go into huge amounts of detail about each product as I am 100% sure you will be seeing them all in lookbooks, future posts, make up tutorials, reviews etc, but basically I just wanted to show you a little snippet of some of the main pieces I got this year!! 

My main present from my Mum this year was this incredible Michael Kors Bedford Large Leather Cross Body Bag in this incredible Dusty Rose shade. This was the one present I asked for this year from my Mum so was super excited when I opened it up on Christmas morning! I am a huge Michael Kors fan and absolutely love my Purple tote, but I wanted something a little bit more versatile in terms of something I can quickly chuck things in, and is easy to carry around (Not that my tote isn't, because it is) but I just wanted something high end which was not your typical tote. I also am a firm believer that because my price range does not always extend to high end bags, I always want to get something which is a little bit different in terms of colour, something which is a little bit of a novelty and something which isn't everyday. Hopefully in the future as I have more money saved I would love to buy more versatile colours of high end bags, but for now I just love my more colourful and unique ones. 

My main present from Simon was this beautiful tan DKNY purse. I chose this one because I have not got a new purse for a couple of years now and wanted an upgrade from my lovely yet very bashed and scraped Ted Baker one which was now 2 years old. I chose this because I love the flap Design of the purse, I feel as though it keeps everything nice and snug inside the purse, and still adds a little bit of detailing to the purse. I love the leather tan design and the detailing of the logo also. It has plenty of room for all of my cards and bits and pieces I like to keep in my purse. I just love it! Buy similar here. 

Next I got this Elemis glow/bronze gift set from my Boyfriend's sister, Toni. I am super excited to give this a go. You will definitely be seeing a full blog post about this so I wont go into much detail.. just keep checking my blog to see when the review of this one comes up. I have not got any products which allow you to tan your face, which is why I think I am particularly excited to use this! Buy it here.. AND its currently on sale too!

Next is a new favourite scent of mine. The Tom Ford for Ladies, Velvet Orchid scent. I recently went to Manchester and took a little trip to my favourite department store, Selfridges. I dragged Simon around the beauty department and stumbled upon the Tom Ford counter which I had a little smell of this scent. I instantly fell in love with it and sprayed lots of it onto a tester strip to keep in my bag. That day I texted my brother about it and asked if I could have it for christmas. I feel SO lucky to have received this, it is officially my new favourite scent and has actually beaten what used to be my all time favourite scent, Chanel. Even if you do not buy it instantly.. I would recommend you all smell it as it is so incredible and if you have smelt it and are unsure of whether to buy it then I will tell you now that you will not regret it. Click here to buy and again, its on sale! 

I recently bought myself the black Calvin Klein's but had always desperately wanted the white set. Anyway, little did I know Simon obviously took this on board and when I opened my presents on Christmas day, the set was mine!! I cannot wait to chill around the house in this! I had a chill day in my black set the other day and it felt so comfortable yet so good at the same time. I'm on a mission to tone up a little bit so I cant wait to wear this a whole lot more in a few months! Grab yours here... Bra and Knickers

Finally, another main present I got was from my future in-laws, Simon's Mum & Dad. I am so so so happy that everybody understands now how much I love make up and how obsessed I am with it! I could not have been happier when I opened this present, and the reason is because when I saw the red Estee Lauder box I knew exactly what I was getting - this is because I bought my Mum exactly the same! When I bought my Mum it I was so impressed I had managed to get my handles on this amazing bundle, so obviously when I got it myself I had the biggest smile on my face ever. Its a giant make up box with everything you would want in terms of make up inside - palettes, bronzer, mascara, lipstick, lipgloss, purfume etc. Its amazing! I am so grateful for this incredible present!

I hope you guys all had a fabulous christmas yourselves and got everything you wished for! You can definitely expect plenty of other blog posts featuring these particular presents and others!! I would also like to say another huge thankyou to everyone who got me presents this year, I could not be happier and more grateful with everything I got and you are all amazing for knowing me so well and choosing the things I love!! Also thankyou everyone who wished me a Happy Christmas on instagram and twitter etc, you are all amazing and hope you had a lovely christmas yourselves!! 



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