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Skincare Saviours - Lush Face Masks Review

My love for skincare has increased leaps and bounds over the last few months, and since approximately September time my love for everything Lush seems to have sky rocketed. It was not until October that I purchased my first fresh face mask and since then, my collection just keeps on growing and growing. I now have a collection of 3 and seem to chop and change between them all depending on how my skin is feeling and what I feel I want the face mask to achieve. 

Now, Lush face masks are not exactly something that goes unspoken about in the blogging and Youtube world. In fact most bloggers I follow tend to have at least one that they go to because they love it so much. Therefore to some of you reading this it may not seem like such a useful post, however I just wanted to write this for all of you who have never had a fresh face mask from Lush & are looking for something to answer all your skincare problems. 

Now, my skin is neither dry or oily really.. its kind of in the middle. One day it may be extremely oily, one day it will be dry and then sometimes its a little bit of both - so basically yeah, its just extremely awkward! This however can be extremely useful for everybody because at least I can have an opinion on products which suit both types of skin and recommend to you all from the 3 faces masks I have tried, the ones for a specific skin type! 

Lush fresh face masks are usually around £6.00 (approximately), which I think is super good, considering how much product you get, how fresh the products are, and also the amount of times you can use the mask (I have been able to get about 5 masks out of each tub). Anyway, lets just get into a mini review of each face mask.... 

C u p c a k e Fresh Face Mask : Made of essentially chocolate and cocoa, peppermint and spearmint. Primarily for those with oily or teenage skin which is prone to spots and grease. This one, as you can imagine smells absolutely dreamy and literally like you have just smothered a melted chocolate bar all over your face. What I also love about this is it rather abrasive which to me is fantastic as I actually feel like its working when I am lathering it on my skin. In particular I like to use this face mask when my skin is not at its worst, particularly not when I am having a huge breakout.. this is just personal preference though as I have others which I prefer to use at this point. I like to use this one on a chilled out evening when I am having a bath and just enjoying relaxing. I would definitely recommend this for you all with oily skin - it really does what it says on the container and leaves my skin feeling incredible and oil free afterwards!! Love it! Grab it here

M a s k o f M a g n a m i n t y Face and Body Mask : This is the wondrous face mask designed for those breakout times, and to be quite honest is my little miracle in a tub! This product was one that I received from the Lush blogger event just before christmas and it has been in my pile of lush goodies to use since then! Anyway, since New year time I have been having serious skin breakout issues for both hormonal reasons, stress reasons and I have literally been poorly none stop since then so my skin has really suffered! I watched a youtube video that JustJodess popped on her channel about her favourite products from 2015, and she included this face mask saying that it was basically her life saver too for when her skin needs a little pick-me-up, so this is when I remembered I had it.. and gave it a little whirl! I kid you not, I have used this product once.. and I would recommend it to anyone! My skin smelt amazing whilst it was working its magic (peppermint scented), and lovely and fresh and ex-foliated due to it having a grainy texture! Then immediately after felt incredible... my skin felt clearer within the next 12-24 hours and dried any spots up that I had.. not to the extent that they disappeared but definitely the anger was taken out of them.. which is all I wanted to be honest!! If you suffer from breakouts which just feel un-defeatable then I would highly recommend grabbing yourselves a tub of this! It literally is going to be a lifetime repurchase for me because I know it actually works at drying up all of my horrendous angry spots when they appear! Grab yours here.

C a t a s t r o p h e C o s m e t i c Fresh Face Mask : This little pop of blueberry wonder is the one we actually got to make on our evening at Lush Sheffield Blogger event! Obviously we received a little bit of extra information about the goodness of blueberries on the skin on the evening of the event, which made me super excited to use it because it I love to give anything a go which is going to help my skin and clear it up on some way or form!! This product is really great on any kind of skin - dry, greasy or skin like mine which is a bit of both so I would highly recommend anybody to give it a whirl! Fruit definitely feels just as good on your skin as when you are eating it! Grab yours here. 

I really hope I have given you some incentive to buy one of these products and give them a little whirl. Like I say, I love them all dearly but my favourite by a long stretch is the mask of magnaminty and this is 100% going to be a product which I will continue to re-purchase! I would LOVE to hear of any other lush face masks or even just general products which you have found to totally transform your skin! So don't forget to leave those in the comments below with a link, as well as letting me know if I have persuaded any of you to go out and give these products a go!!


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