Friday, 15 January 2016

January Blues in Boutique of Molly Lace Ups

January is a pretty dull and confusing month in the grand scheme of things. Its that month which is just a complete anti climax after Christmas, and its just confusing because you don't really know how to adjust to not being all 'festive' and eating and drinking as much as you like. Therefore most people just go from one extreme to the next in January and diet, don't drink and just stay in to save money which is basically just the complete opposite of what is done in December. 

I seem to accumulated lots of beautiful pieces of clothing recently which are totally appropriate for indoors and just chilling around the house being all cosy. This track suit is definitely one of them. Being indoors, whether you are doing 'dry January' or just staying indoors to save money this month, doesn't mean that you have be a giant slob and not make an effort with anything. Obviously if you like to do that, then that's absolutely fine.. but for me I love to dress up any day and at least make some form of effort. I recently have stocked up on much more comfy clothes for lounging around in as I am sure you will have guessed by now that blogging entails sitting at my laptop for large stretches of time, and its not comfy to chill in jeans.. so I have opted for the more tracksuit bottoms/tracksuit attire. 

As you guys now, I have worked with the fashion retailer Boutique of Molly on several occasions now and absolutely love their pieces. Recently I got my hands on this lovely and simple two piece tracksuit from them and I love it! Perfect for lounging around in whilst still looking super stylish. Its no secret that I am crazy for lace up either, so that's what really made me jump for choosing this piece! I actually got lots of surprising compliments from my boyfriend when I wore this, which proves it is definitely flattering considering it is lounge wear. The details which make this tracksuit all the more special and different are the lace up sides, the low v neck to the top and the flared sleeves. It definitely adds that sense of being more dressy to what is essentially a very chilled out outfit. ALSO I have a code for you all for Boutique of Molly, which allows you to get 20% off everything they have online and that is 'LAURENSCODE'. I have been involved in some recent conversations with the lovely guys from Boutique of Molly and they asked for my opinions on some of their potential new items they are going to stock, I have to say that they are super beautiful so you definitely need to watch this space when it comes to their collection and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more of their bits!! 

Once again, don't forget to check out their website and this tracksuit.. I will link both below and use my 20% off discount code at the checkout which is 'LAURENSCODE'


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  1. I think this tracksuit looks so comfy for just lounging around the house in! I definitely need to get my hands on it sometime soon as I don't own enough comfy clothes at all x

    Ami | perksofbeingami

  2. This is so so perfect! It looks so comfy yet the lace ups give it such a pretty detail!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. Nice :-)
    It looks soooooo comfy <3

    Swantje from


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