Monday, 18 January 2016

I have entered the UK Blog Awards 2016!!

I'm guessing that if you have got to this post where you are reading what I am writing then you have seen the first image which quite clearly states that I have entered into the 2016 UK Blog Awards! The voting for the awards will be going on right up until the end of January, and is essentially just you guys (readers) voting for your favourite blog within seperate categories. It is pretty self explanatory and very obvious what goes on so I won't go into too much detail about it! 

Anyway, this year I have taken the plunge and decided now may be a very good time to enter and just see what happens, you've got to be in it to win it right? Now, this is in no way me saying I am good enough to win an award for my blog, but I just figured that there is absolutely no harm in entering something like this as I am after all a blogger and I have to say I do put 200% into everything to do with my blog. I feel as though I show my comittment to my blog every day because I play a very clever juggling act of many different aspects of my life, including my job as an intensive care nurse, my boyfriend, my blog, travelling around to see family and then just obviously doing normal life things like shopping, eating, sleeping & doing washing! I would say all in all, I do manage my list of commitments extremely well and still manage to get posts out to you all 4 times a week without fail, including now commencing my youtube channel which I am currently uploading on once a week! No, I am not blowing my own trumpet here but I do feel like I can justify entering my blog into these awards because I feel as though we have come so far together, and our journey is a little story in itself. I have learnt so much from my blog, and although I feel as though it is going to be forever a work in progress, I am SO proud of how far it has already brought me in my life! 

Although I do tend to blog about everything, I decided that I would primarily enter myself under the category of 'lifestyle' however I am also entered as a second category under 'beauty & fashion'. Therefore if you go onto the blog awards website you will be able to find me under both of these categories! It is entirely up to you which one you vote for me under (or if you even vote for me at all), as I am truly passionate about both & either way I will be eternally grateful for each and every single vote! If you could all just take a moment to head over to the blog awards website and check out my mini profile on it and read why I would love for you all to vote for me then I would really really appreciate it! 

All I can say with regards to my blog is that its only going to go in one direction from now, no going backwards.. I want things to keep going as they are and there is no way that any of my posts are going to slow down! I enjoy everything to do with my blog far too much, it is my biggest hobby & Whatlaurenlovess is now one of the loves of my life! I just hope all of you lovely readers understand that! 

Love you all again, and don't forget to click the link below to vote for me! 



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