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We all love someone to look up to, whether it be a super model like the Kendall Jenners of the world, a make up queen like the Kylie Jenners of the world, A Princess like Kate Middleton, we all have our reasons for admiring someone. Topshop have recently let us all know about their latest campaign girl Karlie Kloss, who I have been following on social media for sometime, and particularly in the last year have been loving all of her posts and involvement in particular things such as the Taylor Swift - Bad blood music video where she looks absolutely incredible (as always). So naturally when I found out that she was the Topshop Campaign girl for 2016 I was super excited! Karlie Kloss is definitely not a bad little role model at all, she is very fitness orientated and her health is a very high priority (and she looks amazing for it), she is also super successful in terms of having a youtube channel, a degree and being an incredible super model as well as being one of the famous Victoria's Secret models we all know and love! Not only is it great to look up to someone because of how insanely beautiful and fashionable they are, but also because they are very well rounded and focussed in all areas! 

I know I have the full intention of being more Karlie this year, and this is because elements of my own personality are very similar in that I like to juggle a lot of things such as my job in Intensive care as a Nurse and my blog & youtube channel whilst taking care of myself and eating reasonably well! This year has started off pretty well for me, and I seem very much on track with clean eating, focussing on my blog & youtube and really throwing myself into my job and giving it my all - therefore I definitely feel like I am 'being more Karlie' this year! Now I am going to explain to you how... 

I am in no means a healthy eating expert and I am definitely not someone to exercise regularly. However, lately I really have taken to buying healthy food, and making meals from scratch which I have really been enjoying! In fact, I have been making some incredible dishes which I will be sharing with you all really soon! The reason I have taken to eating healthy in the New year is because I just want to push myself that little bit further so I can be more toned up for the Summer and give myself a little bit of a confidence boost so that I feel I can wear some of the clothes I have felt less confident in at times! I have been buying some beautiful pieces lately such as Calvin Klein underwear, crop tops, dresses etc and I just feel I would be slightly happier wearing these pieces if I looked after my body that little bit more, by eating healthier! Like I say, I do lead a very busy life and exercise sometimes is not highest on my list of priorities therefore eating better makes me feel slightly better! This is in no way me saying I am lazy and lie on the sofa all day doing nothing, in fact I am always always always on my feet especially when I am at work! In average I walk about 6 miles a day when I am at work, and eating healthy has definitely helped me along my way to losing some weight recently! 

Another reason why I feel I am 'being more Karlie' this year is because I am definitely what you would call a 'workaholic' I always have my days and weeks planned out, blogposts and youtube videos planned and scheduled ready to upload and have check box lists at work of the jobs I need to do throughout the day! I sometimes believe that it is the OCD coming out in me, but I literally would not have it any other way and to me it works. It seems that Karlie is a little bit of a juggler, like myself, in that she seems to balance lots of different responsibilities such as her youtube channel, modelling, working with Topshop, her degree whilst saying fit and healthy - I definitely feel like this is a quality I also have personally and do a very good job of managing to balance everything appropriately - such as my job as an intensive care nurse, my blog, my youtube, eating well and also making time for a social life. 

I read a really relevant quote today 'working hard for something we dont care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion' - I defintitely feel as though this quote sums up why we make the choices we do, and choose to go down particular paths. I would not have chosen to go down the path of writing a blog on top of my Nursing job if I knew I wasn't going to love it. I feel as though we make choices because we are passionate about the places they can take us and the things we can learn, and I definitely feel like this something that Karlie Kloss would be able to relate to with her incredible range of projects and things in which she is involved in. 

Therefore in summary to this post, I am definitely feeling as though 'being more Karlie' involves just being focussed and knowing what your passions and desires are in life and that yes, you can be that workaholic organised person, but also look good by exercising and eating well as well as pushing yourself to get involved with as many different experiences as possible. I know I have no regrets about anything I choose to be involved in, because to me its all things I am passionate about, and I know I don't need to be involved in anything which won't fulfil my needs as a person.

What can you do to be more Karlie in 2016? 



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