Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Australian Skincare | T&HK Prestige Review

As you all know, I have become a massive fan of skincare products which has probably became apparent in the last year or so. Before that face wipes were my best friend, and my spots and blemishes used to get a quick wipe of freederm when they were really bad. I never used fancy moisturisers, never even used moisturisers for that matter, I never swayed away from my freederm and attempted to try anything else - I was basically just the worst girl in the world, lying in bed taking my make up off with a scratty face wipe. However, I have turned a corner which guided me into being the complete polar opposite and now I feel horrendous if I have to go without using 2 or 3 products before bed. 

I have always had problematic skin, which is why I cannot understand my previous laziness towards skincare. I always had acne as a teenager and took medication for it for a lot of years, and then when my skin was not oily and spotty it would be extremely dry in places - such as around my nose. When I eventually could stop taking my medication from the GP, I used to just get the odd spot every now and then which was angry and would ache on my face, therefore I found comfort in Freederm which has done and always will work for me - and because of this I definitely put it into my comfort zone and it never left & basically that's all I ever used. Therefore, when the lovely guys from T&HK approached me about reviewing the product I thought why not? I really ought to try out new things. 

So let me tell you about T&HK prestige. 
This product has been formulated to focus on those problematic areas that we all do occasionally have, such as spots, pimples, shaving cuts/rash and just general blemishes. The founders of the product know the kind of anxiety and lowering of self esteem facial blemishes and spots can bring to people and therefore wanted to create a product which actually worked, used the best ingredients and also was tested scientifically to prove its worth. So therefore this is what they did. Created a product using Purple Orchid which is known as a symbol of perfection, and created a product which was trialled and tested by 30 subjects. The findings of the trials showed in summary that '90% of the users had more confidence in their skin within 24 hours', A 'reduction in pain in 12 hours', 'easy to use and apply' and '100% of the users would recommend T&HK'. Therefore all in all the reviews were good and the product was rolled out. 

My experience with T&HK prestige.
Well, as I have mentioned - I am not really a person to sway away from what I know works for me. However, I have really enjoyed using this product and have also been asking my boyfriend to give it a go too as he also has extremely problematic skin. What I found is that this product works well for taking the redness and pain out of my spots which 9 times out of 10 is exactly what I need because the big angry blemishes are the worst! What I also really loved about this product is that it is very cooling on the skin, I found it just generally made my skin feel fresher because of this and that's exactly what I want when I am not feeling my best. The product is super easy to apply and I love how the consistency is paste like which makes it feel like you really are covering the problematic area thoroughly. My skin definitely felt better after using it, and Simon my boyfriend made comments the next morning saying his skin felt better also. 

If you are looking to try out a new product which has clearly been made with the true concerns of its users at heart then I would highly recommend giving it a go. As we all know, skincare products don't work as well for one person as they may for the next - but you literally never know unless you try. My experiences have been really good with it, so now I will leave you with a few links below. The product came all the way from Australia and the price is $50.00 which in GBP exchange is only half the price. I hope it works for you as well as it has with me and I would love to hear about your experiences below in the comments if you too have already given it a whirl! 



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